The Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission reminds the majority of their families to pay attention to the following points when buying schoolbag products:

1. First of all, you must check whether the logo is complete. You must choose a bookbag with a complete purchase logo. Pay attention to check whether the trademark, name, specification model, execution standards, manufacturers or dealers’ names and address labeling of the schoolbag materials are complete. At the same time, focus on the appearance and workmanship of the backpack.

2. In terms of workmanship, one is to pay attention to whether the support site on the back of the schoolbag has a soft and elastic buffer treatment, and the convex point (edge) part of the pressure concentration should not occur; Whether to fill in the pouring material, whether the strap can be adjusted and continuously continuously; the third is that the schoolbag belt must be wide enough. The wider shoulder strap can reduce the pressure caused by the schoolbag to the shoulder, and the weight of the schoolbag on average; the fourth is to mention the handle. Can it hold it easily and comfortably. Try to choose a schoolbag with a soft buffer processing support on the back, and the library of the schoolbag is wider and fills with a buffer. Such a schoolbag is more comfortable to carry the back and there is no tenderness point.

3. In terms of appearance, one is to carefully look at the appearance of the schoolbag. The appearance should be full, the arc is natural, paste the flat service, and clean and clean; The phenomenon of rust remnants, no burrs, and no rising skin; fourth, the material samples of the product attached to the product should be exactly the same as the main material of the bag; the fifth is to try whether the zipper is smooth, no misplaced, no teeth; six is ​​the accessories; Whether it is flat and firm.

4. In terms of fabrics, the materials should be light. In order to avoid the increase of the load of students, the schoolbag should try to choose the light material as much as possible. The weight of the schoolbag is not more than 1 kg, and the total weight does not exceed 10%of the child’s weight. Although some schoolbags on the market are good -looking, all kinds of synthetic materials are really bad for the body. For health, you should choose the fabric. Then the fabric should be durable. Although the schoolbags of canvas fabrics are healthy and environmentally friendly, they are more durable. In addition, the standard has clear requirements for the harmful substances of the schoolbag accessories. If the newly purchased schoolbags have a pungent smell, it is likely that the harmful substances of the schoolbag will exceed the standard, which will pose a great threat to the child’s health.

5. The size of the schoolbag is very important. When buying, try not to choose a schoolbag that is wider than the child’s shoulder. You should choose a schoolbag that can install the appropriate size of books and stationery. Children at different ages are suitable for schoolbags of different sizes. It is best not to exceed 3/4 of the area of ​​the child’s back to prevent “bags not called”. In addition, there should be more compartments in the schoolbag. If the schoolbag can achieve a lot of compositions, it is undoubtedly a good guidance for children. There are many partitions and good categories. Let children develop a good habit of storage from an early age and bid farewell to losing three or four.

6. Children are in a period of physical development. If the back of the schoolbag is not thick enough and the design is not scientific, the entire weight of the schoolbag will be compressed to the spine, affecting the child’s growth and development. When you buy a schoolbag, you must choose a backpack, and the shoulder bag shoulders are unevenly stressed, which will cause spine distortion. There are certain hidden dangers in terms of safety in the lever schoolbag, and it will affect spine bending such as humpback and waist. Good schoolbags should increase the area of ​​the shoulders according to the principle of ergonomic non -pressure backplanes, and reduce the burden on the shoulder. At the same time, the spine is designed in hollowing on the spine to allow the air to circulate and heat the heat, so that the children will be truly comfortable and healthy. There is also a schoolbag with a ring buckle design, because this can balance the weight of the schoolbag to all parts of the body and reduce the burden on earthquake resistance.

7. As long as a simple reflective zone is needed, the child’s safety will be guaranteed. Now, safe anti -light strips have been listed as one of the essential items on the country’s schoolbags. When the child carrys this kind of schoolbag, whether it is early morning or cloudy, the fog is filled, and it can be red. A clear reflection of light is made, which has attracted high attention from drivers and pedestrians, making children travel safer!

8. The schoolbag is easy to become dirty. The clean and clean schoolbag will also protect the health of the child. Therefore, the schoolbag can not only reduce the burden on the parents, but also a love for the child!

9. In addition, after purchasing, you should ask for invoices and retain shopping vouchers in order to effectively safeguard your legitimate rights and interests when quality problems.

Transfer from: Jiangsu Province Consumer Protection Commission

Source: China