DIY dull handmade QQ rabbit, is there any cuteness? Next, I will teach you how to do it! Xiaobian original, full of personality! Like your relatives, a lot of support

1. Put the front of the fabric on the front to the reverse side and put the cut -on -chopped pattern.

2. Keep more when cutting, 0.5cm sewing, that is, 0.5cm is cut more than before cutting

3. Make your ears first, but use the needle to suture in the ear, leave the real line part of the bottom do not suture


4. After sewing, use the return mouth to turn back to the front, plug in cotton

5. Make the body part, put the cut 4 pieces of body as shown above the figure above

6. Sewing the red dotted line partly with the needleback method


7. After sewing, the expansion is the body


8. Use the same method to make the other body well, and then place these two parts relatively positive


9. Clip your ears in the corresponding position of the two fabrics, and suture a few shots to fix it

10. Swall for the two sides of the head of the ear along the surroundings.


11. After sewing, use the return mouth to turn back to the front

12. Stuffing cotton for rabbits from the return mouth

13. Put the bell in

14. Use the needle method to suture the return mouth


15. Draw a good expression on the face of the rabbit with water. The eyes are embroidered with grains. If the eyes are large, the eyes will be larger if you hit a few more times.

16. Blush is embroidered with a rebate method

17. Take out the cut round fabric and sew it with a flat needle along the surroundings

18. Put in an appropriate amount of cotton


19. Sewing the small ball -shaped tail on the back with the needle method

20. A cute QQ rabbit is done ~

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