Australia: Each villa is equipped with at least 3.8-5 KW photovoltaic power stations, 10 KWH battery energy storage

Recently, Australian Renewable Energy (ARENA) announced that it provides a $ 784,000 government funds to the real estate giant Mirvac Victoria for testing its “zero energy consumption” residential project in northern Altona North.

With Arena’s support, each of the villas in this total value of $ 2 million will be designed as the lowest seven -star energy level.

Mirvac’s overall community planning includes two -bedroom, three -room, and four -bedroom town villas, as well as the middle and high -rise apartments that will be completed in the future.

Each town villa will be equipped with at least 3.8-5 kW roof solar cell array, 10 kWh home battery energy storage, real-time smart home energy monitoring, upgraded walls and roof insulation, double glass windows and energy-saving appliances, heating, cooling, cooling, cooling , Lighting and hot water system.

These row villas will also prepare heating and cooling equipment to respond to demand so that they can talk to the grid. In addition, the government will provide a 32A power socket for electric car owners in the garage.

Arena’s CEO Miller said the project will show us the benefits of consumer energy technology and energy -saving technology to new houses. “Through this project, Mirvac can help buyers reduce energy use, save energy bills, and reduce emissions from the beginning.”

The project will also provide Arena with 24 months of energy data to evaluate the impact of family operations.

It is understood that MirvAC is expected to start the construction of the region in the second half of 2020.

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