Iceland Mat Bar Bar Design

The Mat Bar bar is located in Rakekjavik, the capital of Iceland. It is a very localized bar (and restaurant integration). It is designed by HAF Studio. Its designer HAFSTEINN Júlíusson is subject to a local cafe during the local experience.Inspired with the bar.

Localized design has maintained coherents in interior design with other local cafes, restaurants, and bars, and maintained architecture and design in the 1960s, from forks to lamps, from menu graphics to materials and fixed devices, all aspects of each linkEverything is made by local craftsmen.It is very practical and can maximize the utilization rate per square meter.

The Mat Bar bar fuses Nordic and Italian cuisine, bright pattern interior and minimalist furniture, green walls are made of tanned leather interior, brown marble counter, Italian oak table and golden decoration embellishment reflect the perfect combination of vitality and practicality.

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