The details of the wedding cannot be ignored.

If there is a French sentence that is the same as English, “Art de la Table”, the translation means “art on the table”.

In the context of Britain and France, all tableware on the table, tall cups, knives and forks, decorations, and the environment and atmosphere of eating can be called “Art de La Table”.

In the eyes of Westerners, it is important, but pays more attention to the art of sensory.

This is especially true for weddings. The carefully designed wedding scene must control every detail at the wedding. Today we will take a look at the dining plate decorations that make people look bright at the wedding.

Name card

If it is just a pure card, the cost should be the lowest. But if you find a unique and high -value and high -value card, the effect is not inferior. Platinum paper, DIY is very good, but the color and style must be matched with the wedding theme.

Flower leaf

If you want a simple style, you can be equipped with a flower or leaf next to the card, fresh and natural, simple and generous.


The soft ribbon and tough cardboard are perfect partners, and different colors and ribbons of different materials bring different feelings. If you want to achieve what you expect, you might as well make it yourself! The punching help ribbon seems simple, and it takes a lot of energy and time.


Small planes, small cute pets, or small sailboats can help you present the theme. There can be a variety of forms. If the guests come with the baby, they will definitely like it very much.

Small texture

This kind of wedding suitable for the number of tables, leaves, stones, shells, agate tablets, and leather are all good choices. I believe your guests will like it too


If you want to stand up, you will be indispensable for auxiliary props, stakes, red wine bottle plugs, or small clips. Some interesting handwork is also very creative. It is super suitable for outdoor weddings.

Fruit dessert

Unexpectedly, you can also combine it with the guest name card! Macaron, apple, lemon and even chocolate. The small dessert you like can be a prop.

If you want a perfect wedding banquet, don’t ignore the details of the dinner plate.

In fact, even if you don’t need to spend heavy money to arrange the overall dining table, you only need to spend a little bit of thought on the decoration of the plate. Such a small detail can make your wedding very brilliant, and you can also impress the guests!

I am “Uncle Bei said the wedding”, please remember to follow me ~

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