Tang Yan was so big after marriage. She wearing 2600 yuan oversized crystal anchor ear ring, netizens: Don’t you panic?

There are more and more stars in the entertainment industry. Tang Yan and Luo Jin ended for many years and finally got married last year. The wedding of the two was held low -key, but the wedding was very dreamy and romantic. Luo Jiang fulfilled Tang Yan’s “Princess Dream”. Since Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s wedding last year, there have been a lot of news about Tang Yan’s pregnancy. As long as the stars end the single, they will be urged to get married, I am doting, and the second child. The netizens are more concerned than the star himself, haha! After the marriage, Tang Yan quickly devoted himself to work, and everyone’s eyes were also on her stomach. The bright stars in front of the camera, the private life would be amplified and would be distressed.

Either she was wearing a skirt in the event, or she became fat. Although the stars made a lot of money, a little subtle actions were enlarged infinitely. Essence Looking at the two photos below, many people say that her stomach is obvious. When she sits, the stomach will be slightly larger. Isn’t it normal? Everyone may be too urgent to cry on the love of the two. If you really want to be pregnant, the official will announce the good news. There is no need to put it on her belly all the time, bringing pressure on the two.

Recently, the TV series “Time Know” starring Tang Yan and Dou Xiao is about to be launched, and it has also received the strong support and publicity of Luo Jin, and he has a wave of dog food virtually. Tang Yan, who appeared at the press conference, was no different from before. She did not see the appearance of Futufu’s pregnant belly. The slender figure was focused on the black bud skirt, like a dark flower fairy, elegant and agile.

Tang Yan’s black skirt is a new autumn series of early autumn series. Unlike other styles of skirts. The design of this skirt is more three -dimensional and stylish. Petal -like skirts and pouring Ustes, vividly show the unique beauty of this skirt. The upper body is a cross -shaped collar, and the tight style is more slim on the body.

The skirt uses velvet fabrics, which can highlight the elegant and calm temperament. Although black is the most common color, it is different in different versions of skirts. Tang Yan’s temperament is sweet and fresh, and the black bud skirt is a combination of girls and calm. The combination of the two is mutually integrated, and it collides with different beauty.

At this press conference, in addition to her skirt attractive, there was also a large earrings on her ears. The shape was bright and bright, and made from crystal texture. Several pieces of crystal form an anchor shape, hanging on the ears. After the marriage, Tang Yan was so brave, and she was more and more annoyed to challenge himself. Many netizens were worried that this large earrings looked at the size of the face, “I was so panicked on the ears. “”? It can feel pain across the screen. Of course, the price of this earrings is not cheap, 2600 yuan, which is nothing to the stars.

The price of this pair of black loafers on Tang Yan’s feet is 7600, and a black line is exactly matched, and the crystal necklace can play a finishing touch and enrich the whole shape. The length of the bud skirt is a little bit on the knee. She is very implicitly showing her legs. Tang Yan’s limbs are slender, but her face is very fleshy, and the meat is too long. What do you think she looks like today? Welcome to leave a message to discuss

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