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With the increasing demand for energy consumption in economy and life, fossil fuels can no longer meet people’s needs for energy, and the urgent demand for new energy has made solar buildings photovoltaic power generation the best choice for our future clean energy. While vigorously developing the technology of building photovoltaic power generation systems worldwide, many problems are involved. Especially in the reconstruction and expansion projects, it is necessary to have a good connection with the original main structure to ensure the force performance and waterproof seal performance of the photovoltaic power generation system. Essence

Metal roof photovoltaic power generation system

The metal roof system includes: upright lock -up aluminum -magnesium manganese metal roof system, stand -up bite system, flat lock -type roof wall surface system, secondary roof system, horizontal roof system, and dark buckle roof system. There are various metal roofs, and the installation methods of photovoltaic arrays are also diverse.

The photovoltaic system should be installed on the metal roof, and the metal roof solar photovoltaic bracket system is mainly connected to the roof through various connectors. Under normal circumstances, for upright lock -up aluminum -magnesium manganese metal roof system, stand -up bite system, and horizontal roof system, as long as the waterproof layer of the metal roof is not destroyed, pay attention to the construction of the photovoltaic arrays, take sufficient protection measures, and waterproof the roof Architectural functions will not be destroyed. For solving such waterproof seals, it is to solve the waterproof problem of metal roof.

Engineering instance:

Through the inspection of the scene and communicating with the owner, after fully understanding the situation of the roof on the scene, the main reasons for summing up the water leakage of the roof are mainly the following:

1. The original roof panel connection position;

2. There is no fixed maintenance passage on the roof.

3. The waterproof treatment of the original lighting sunroof was not done well, and the local leakage was serious;

For the above reasons for leakage, the following channels can be used to solve:

1. Treatment of the rust position

1) Pre -processing:

Before the construction of the metal roof, carefully and thoroughly check the leakage of the entire roof, pre -process it to ensure that the metal roof is firm, clean, rusty, no debris, and dust.

A. Replace the rust firmware and increase the firmware at the appropriate position;

B. Use rust sandpaper to polish the rusty area until the metal color is present, and then apply a layer of grass -roots coatings;

C. Remove debris, dust and other dirt;

2) Waterproofing of the rust of the roof, and select waterproof coatings for spraying.

Metal roof overlap:

Apply a layer of grass -roots coatings at the metal roof match. When it is still moist, the 15-20 cm wide sewing polyester cloth is embedded in it, and then the sewing polyester cloth is fully infiltrated with the grassroots coatings from the top, and even all over the whole. Dry.

Construction and maintenance walkway:

After solving the roof leakage, make a special maintenance channel to avoid destruction of various maintenance work in the later period.

Specifically, the maintenance channel is fixed on the ribs of protruding the metal roof panel, and a channel of the maintenance personnel is provided by setting a metal grille. Avoid the destruction of the roof at will.

2. Treatment of the surrounding objects around the roof

1) Progressive objects of metal roofs (such as chimneys, pores, fan ports, etc.): cutting polyester cloth with a decomposable size, suitable shape, and cutting in accordance with technical requirements, apply a layer of grass -roots coatings around the protruding objects The good sewing polyester cloth is spread on it, and then uses the grassroots coatings to fully infiltrate the sewing polyester cloth with the grassroots coatings to ensure that it cannot be foaming or wrinkled.

Figure 1 The combination of metal roof and lighting top

2) Metal roof firmware: Use 10㎝ × 10㎝ to woven polyester cloth and deal with the same method as mentioned above.

Figure 2 The original metal roof lightning protection zone

3) Metal roof Tiaolou: Tiaolou with seams, falling into the water mouth and other places to do a local waterproof treatment of metal roof, and then apply a layer of coating in a larger waterproof range. Then use the slurry to fully infiltrate the sewing polyester cloth to even dry. After at least 12 hours, finally apply another layer of slurry.

Figure 3 Binding of metal roof and drainage ditch

3. The installation method of photovoltaic component bracket

The metal roof is the metal roof of the stitching structure. As shown in the figure below, the support point of the roof support is on the ribs of the roof panel. Pole, and can make the roof panel bite more firmly, it can solve the problem of leakage caused by looseness due to the bite of the roof panel.

Figure 4 Atlas of metal roof


Figure 6 three -dimensional chart on metal roof installation method

Photovoltaic lighting top

The photovoltaic lighting top is a manifestation of the integration of photovoltaic architecture, that is, the top of the lighting function made of double -glass photovoltaic components, which has power generation and building functions. The photovoltaic component of the photovoltaic lighting top transmits the various loads itself to pass to the aluminum alloy sub -frame through the structure of the silicone, and then pass the load of the line load of the sub -frame to the beams and columns through the pressure block and the self -drilling self -attack nail. At the same time, the structural glue of silicone has also played a sealing role. Therefore, the correct selection of silicone structural glue, reasonable node design, and control of construction quality are the key to ensuring the safety of photovoltaic lighting top structure. The gas tightness and water tightness of the lighting top mainly depends on silicone sealing gums to ensure that silicone structures are comparable to human teeth, while silicone sealing glue is compared with human lips and cold lips.

Installation of photovoltaic optical top:

1. Measted and put the line. According to the axis, elevation height of the main construction unit, and the construction record of the grid ball node construction records, determine whether the net frame node is applicable, and the comprehensive measurement of the lighting top layout is made to determine the lighting top Install the axis elevation, and timely organize the measurement data to submit the measurement data to the owners and other relevant parties to confirm, and the designer feedback the designer of the deviation data of the embedded parts, propose to report the opinions to the owner, etc.

2. Clear the ointment on the ball node and install the support on the ball node;

3. Installation of the beam;

4. The installation of the glass surface layer includes the installation, cleaning, and glue of the surface layer.

This lighting top is a single slope lighting top with a drainage slope of 3%. First, place the double -glass photovoltaic components in the design location. The double -off -glass components are fixed and stuck on the aluminum rail through bilateral pressure blocks and self -drilling self -attack nails. The gap between the goblin component surface layer is a foam rod and a weather -resistant sealing glue to form a decorative surface layer. After the installation of the surface layer is completed, it can be arranged. The glue first pastes the protective tape on both sides of the rubber seam, and then fills the foam strip evenly in the gel crack. The surface of the foam strip should be controlled between 5-7mm from the surface of the surface to ensure the sealing of the sealing. Thickness, clean the tough surface with clearing the liquid liquid, and then use a rubber gun to uniformly inject the seal into the gel seam with the same direction, and immediately scrape it with a rubber tube or gray knife to remove the protective paper to avoid forming pollution for too long for a long time. Essence The glue is an important part of testing whether the installation is successful. Pay attention to the weather conditions when playing glue, prevent rainy days, and avoid operations below 5 degrees at high temperature and low temperature to ensure the quality of the glue, and ensure that the rubber seam is thick and uniform, and the surface is beautiful and smooth. The installation of the opening site must be carefully, water -stop rubber pads, support, etc. to ensure that the design requirements and the flexibility of opening and closing.

5. After the cleaning and inspection installation of the surface layer is completed, it is cleaned in time in time, and submits the application for the application for acceptance to the relevant parties and other relevant parties. After the project is completed, the cleaning work before the acceptance must be organized.

Figure 7 Silent diagram of hidden frame lighting top cross section node


Optical curtain wall

Considering the processing restrictions of blocking and photovoltaic components, the current photoelectric curtain wall is mainly the mainstream. In the hidden frame curtain wall project, whether it is the structural assembly of the surface layer, or the realization of the building function of the curtain wall gas and water density, it mainly depends on silicone gum. Optical curtain wall with silicone structure glue bonds photovoltaic components on the support structure. Silicone structural glue is designed for the assembly of the building curtain wall structure. It can be easily squeezed out under normal climate conditions. The structural glue of silicone is high, can withstand large loads, and has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance. The material of silicone sealant has the characteristics of high -temperature resistance, ultraviolet irradiation, rain resistance, and not aging. It is the longest sealing glue, so it is called weather resistance. Therefore, reasonable design and use of silicone structure glue and silicone sealing glue become particularly important.

Figure 9 Silent diagram of the hidden frame curtain wall horizontal section node

Figure 10 Hidden frame curtain wall vertical section node schematic diagram


According to the introduction of a new energy company: The combination of photovoltaic arrays and architecture is different, the integration of photovoltaic buildings can be divided into two categories: one is the combination of photovoltaic arrays and buildings, such as on concrete roofs and metal roofs. Install the photovoltaic system. The other is the integration of photovoltaic array and architecture. Such as photoelectric tile roof, photoelectric curtain wall, and photoelectric lighting top.

Most of the photovoltaic power generation projects under construction are installed on the built -up buildings, so urgently need to study the newly added photovoltaic system support structure and the original structure of the original structure. The current commonly used waterproof sealing method of concentrated photovoltaic systems in this article discusses with everyone. For how to solve the problem of waterproof sealing in the building photovoltaic power generation system, we focus on the protection and repair of the original building while solving the waterproof sealing treatment between the original building.

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