Stainless steel water pipe origin introduction

In the development of the water pipeline pipeline in my country, the plastic pipes of copper tube stainless steel pipes have been experienced from galvanized steel pipe ➠ plastic pipes. We took out the more important and typical pipelines and said that galvanized steel pipes occupied the main position of the market for a long time before 2000. It is also because the galvanized steel pipe meets the level of production capacity and technical level at that time, which is also given to the time at the time. Infrastructure provides an important contribution, contributing, but the disadvantages of galvanized pipelines are also very obvious.

Galvanized steel pipes are not resistant to corrosion, which will cause secondary pollution of water quality. A series of problems such as rust and yellow water will seriously affect people’s water health.

Due to the impact of rust, galvanized steel pipes are generally used for 8-12 years, so at the end of 1999, the four ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Housing and Construction of my country, including the four ministries and commissions of China, jointly issued the use of the use on the water pipeline from June 1, 2000.

Galvanized steel

Since the galvanized steel pipe is gradually disabled for the water pipeline, the state does not clearly specify alternative products, and then restricted by the national economy at that time. Plastic pipes blocked the entire water supply market at the time. The PPR pipes had the advantages of corrosion resistance, environmental protection, and long use of the PPR pipes. Therefore, it has developed rapidly for a period of time, and it also played a huge role at that time.

However, the shortcomings that the plastic pipe itself cannot avoid, and it is gradually exposed during use. The main reason is that it is heated deformation, frozen cracks, and aging.

Due to the inadequate market development of our country, the investment threshold of plastic pipe pipes ranges from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of yuan, and manufacturers are flooding. There are tens of thousands of manufacturers in the country, which are serious in order to reduce production. Cost, seize the market, cut corners during the production process, use some returns or inferior materials, flood in the market, affected by this, PPR pipes have been greatly restricted in further promotion, but it is undeniable that the mainstream home improvement pipelines on the market at present the market on the market Still PPR tube.

PPR plastic tube

The coil pipe is a transitional product on the stage of the pipeline history. At the beginning of the design, I want to combine the respective advantages of metal and plastic. The so -called composite tube is the composite of metal and plastic. Essence Two materials are pasted together, because the nature of the two materials is different,

The line expansion coefficient of plastic is more than 4 times that of metal. Therefore, during the use, due to temperature changes, plastic and metal dehydration layers have been produced.

, Thus the leakage and disconnection of the pipeline. Therefore, as soon as the average flowers launch, the mainstream market of the pipeline has been exited.

Composite tube

Copper tube has many advantages, and copper has super antibacterial and bacteriostatic performance. However, if the raw material manufacturing process is not too high, there may be the corrosive bitterness of the blue -green water caused by excessive copper problems and corrosive blue -green water, as well as scaling.

Copper tubes are easily corrosion and produce copper green, which has the effects of convergence, stimulation and corrosion of the mucosa in the human body. Causes reflective vomiting and has a strong stimulating effect on the intestine

Essence Modern medical research shows that drinking water with too much copper (whether or not the degree of blue and green water) is greatly harmful to health, especially the elderly or children in the family. Due to the low immunity, the harm is greater. Secondly, the price of copper pipes is high, the value of economic use is low, and it does not meet the needs of the public.

Copper tube

In summary, in the water supply and drainage pipe system in my country, the world’s four major problems, pipeline leakage, short service life, secondary pollution of water quality, and inconvenient test work. However, with the development of my country’s economy, people’s living standards and decoration concepts increase, more and more new types of hygiene and environmental protection, safe and healthy pipelines appear. Under this condition, stainless steel water pipes are in line with people in line with people’s various types The new type of demand is born of the water pipeline.

Stainless steel water pipe: hygiene and environmental protection. As a recognized material that can be implanted in the human body, there is no secondary pollution, the inner wall is smooth, the water flow is small, it is not easy to accumulate; safe and reliable, high corrosion resistance, and a layer of tough and dense passivation film ( CR2O3), and has strong seismic resistance and impact resistance, simple construction, fast and reliable, luxurious appearance and beautiful appearance; economical applicable, cost -effectiveness has exceeded any existing water materials.

Once launched, it has been widely valued by the industry. The thin -walled stainless steel water pipe must be the protagonist of the water pipe stage in the future. However, the current problem is the ideology of the market. The preserved price is considered to be high, so a large amount of use in public projects at this stage, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, government agencies, etc., have high water requirements for water requirements. In recent years In terms of the pipeline and the old layer, the popularization of stainless steel water pipes has been promoted, and it has initially achieved good use effects and praise from the user. Advance

Stainless steel water pipe

High -quality quality and market needs are necessary. Once the public has accepted his market positioning in ideology, his market will have leaps development. Thin -wall stainless steel water pipes are the concept of modern scientific development. Relative to other types The pipeline, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and hygiene, is safe and durable, and is a withdrawal of the progress of the times.

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