Where is the organic silicon leather in the market cheap? 2022 organic silicon leather manufacturers price “latest recommendation”

Organic silicon leather in the market is cheap. Leather is a very commonly used material for people. It can be seen in various aspects, such as sofas, seats, etc. in the family, or the protective cover of some electronic supplies. The interior of the travel tools such as yachts. Organic silicon leather is a very good type of leather materials. Today, I will take you to understand which leather types are in the market. Let’s take a look.

Organic silicon leather (semi -silicon)

Most of the semi -silicon products appearing on the market are coated with a thin layer of organic silicon layer on the surface of the solvent -free PU leather. In the strict sense, the PU leather, but after coating the silicon layer, the easy cleaning and waterproof of the leather leather and waterproofing Sexual enhancement is greatly enhanced, and the others are the characteristics of PU.

Organic silicon leather (whole silicon)

Organic silicon leather is a synthetic leather product that looks like leather and can replace it. It is usually made of fabric as a base, coated with 100%organic silicon polymer. There are two main categories: silicon resin synthetic leather and silicone rubber synthesis leather. Organic silicon leather has no odor, hydrolysis, weather resistance, environmental protection, easy to clean, high and low temperature, acid and alkali, light resistance, heat -resistant aging, yellow -resistant, twists and turns, which can be available. The advantages of disinfection, strong color fastness. It can be applied to outdoor private, yacht ship, soft bag decoration, car interior, public facilities, sports supplies, medical equipment and other fields.

Genuine Leather

The dermis is made of a layer of polyurethane (PU) or acrylic resin using the skin surface of the animal. It is compared to the artificial leather made from artificial use of chemical fiber materials. The leather mentioned in the market is generally one of the three types of head, two -layer leather, and synthetic skin, mainly cowhide. The main features are breathable, comfortable feel, strong toughness; large odor, easy to change color, difficulty in nursing, and easy hydrolysis.

PVC leather

PVC leather is also called polyvinyl chloride artificial leather. It is made of pads made of PVC, plasticizer, stabilizer and other additives on the fabric, or then combined with a layer of PVC film, and then processed by a certain process process processing process processing process. Essence The main feature is easy processing, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, cheap; poor breathability, low temperature, hardness and brittleness, high temperature becomes sticky, a large amount of plasticizers harm the human body and have severe pollution, and the odor is large, so it is gradually abandoned by people.

PU leather

PU leather is also called polyurethane synthetic leather, which is made of PU resin processing on the fabric. The main feature is that the feel is comfortable, close to the dermis, large mechanical strength, many colorful colors, and wide application range; not abrasion, almost immersed, easy to be detached, high and low temperature and cracking surface, the production process pollution environment, etc.

Super fiber leather

The primer of the super fiber leather is ultra -fine fiber, and the surface coating components are mainly polyurethane (PU) or acrylic resin. His characteristics are good feel, good settings, strong toughness, good abrasion resistance, good uniformity, good fold resistance; easy damage, not environmental protection, imperfect air, poor comfort.

Technology cloth

The main component of the technology cloth is Polyester. He looks like a leather, but it feels a cloth feel. It is characterized by good texture, color and breathability of leather

Guangzhou Silicon Bo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has a wealth of experience in studying silicon materials for 35 years. In 2003, the establishment of organic silicon raw materials production plant was established. From the synthesis of silicon raw materials to the independent R & D and production industry chain of silicon leather fabrics, it has become the world’s leading development and manufacturer of organic silicon leather. Our products have been used in multiple fields such as navigation, outdoor, medical care, car, hotel catering, children’s supplies, and children.

We can see that there are many leather materials on the market, and there are two types of organic silicon leather. It can be seen from the characteristics that the performance of organic silicon leather is better.

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