In autumn, you also need deep care for your hands and feet

As the autumn weather is getting cooler, not only the face needs care, but also needs careful care for hands and feet, especially during the summer, most of the hands and feet are exposed. As the weather suddenly turns cold, the skin and foot will dry out the skin. So deep moisturizing is essential.

Rough feet are soaked with white vinegar or black tea

After a summer “torture”, the injuries to the feet are probably more damage than any other parts. Not only do you need to accept the sunlight, but also the heels and toes are often friction due to nakedness. Not only that, summer sandals and high heels in summer Although it looks good, but there are many shoes, because of the grinding feet, leaving scars on the feet. These problems are left to autumn to repair.

Liu Pei Liu Pei, a beauty salon of Baoji High -tech Zone, said: “There are many people who have been doing foot care recently. The most common problem is that the skin around the heels and toes is very dry, and there are even deep fine lines. There are pieces of peeling. Many people do not pay much attention to their feet maintenance, and the sun exposure in summer has caused serious water shortage of the feet. . Therefore, remove the dead skin before nursing the feet. “

Some beautiful women use dead skin cream and scrub can also be used to remove dead skin on the feet, but do not apply the entire foot, only apply it to the heels and toes, but this should not be used frequently. In daily care, a better way is to mix white vinegar and water according to 1: 3, or add some black tea when soaking your feet, and often soak your feet at night. To the role of sterilization. After soaking your feet, apply a moisturizing cream on your feet, you can apply it thicker, and use the plastic wrap for half an hour to allow the feet to fully absorb it, which can play a better nourishing role.

In addition, the feet will inevitably be sunny in summer. Use lemon or citrus to break some yogurt and egg white. Applying it on the feet can also play a whitening and hydrating role.

Fast -expired mask can be used as a hand film

In winter, most people can take care of their hands, but in the summer, because the hand cream itself has more fat, people are easy to sweat, and many people are unwilling to use hand cream. This causes it. The problems of the ministry emerged one by one.

Liu Pei introduced that the first problem in the autumn is the parts around the nails. The weather conditions are still in good weather, and the problem is not particularly obvious, but after the weather is cold, the phenomenon of inverted and peeling around the nails will be very very likely. many. Of course, the care hand does not mean that the hand cream must be applied after every time I wash my hands, but the hand cream of the hand cream 3 times in the morning, middle, and evening must be applied. The hand cream must be replaced with the season. Stay in winter and choose a hydrating hand cream in autumn. Two times in the morning and evening, apply the skin around nourish oil to prevent the emergence of piercing and peeling. If the hand, especially the palm of the hand, is very dry, you can apply it thickly on your hand with a moisturizing cream, wrap it with plastic wrap, and then disassemble and wash it after half an hour. The effect is also very obvious.

In addition, Liu Pei particularly recommended that some masks that beauties purchased in the summer are not suitable for the season in autumn, or the mask is about to expire, and can also be used as a hand film, which can also bring some moisturizing the hands.

Finally, it is also recommended that beauties do at least once a month to protect the skin of the hands and feet in addition to the usual care.

Edit: Zhao Shuman

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Hand and Foot Care Series, hope it can help you.