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At the same time in the winter, the temperature in the air also decreased sharply in the air, especially after the heating is open, the humidity of the family is very common between 10% -20%, and the healthy humidity environment is 45% ~ 65 %, More obvious than the gap between health and humidity. Therefore, the situation in winter is cracking, molty, and sick is very obvious due to dry skin.

In order to alleviate the dry conditions in the winter, many people will use the desktop humidifier in the office. The advantage of this humidifier is

Does not occupying, the price is cheap, dozens of dollars can buy

One. But the user who is slightly understanding of the humidification principle will have such questions. Is such a large office environment, a small humidifier for a dozens of dollars in the district really actually function? Today, we bought 6 different desktop humidifiers, and there is a few tens of yuan to test, this cheap desktop product is useless!

These six products are

Delma DEM-F600, Yadu SC-L041, Bear JSQ-A50U1, US SC-3E40, Beijing Tokyo creates JZ-JS1, august JB07-BBT,

Six products have no more than 100 yuan, and it is basically a very entry product.

Appearance style: professional brand more traditional Internet brands more fashionable

Since it is a product posing on the desktop, then the floor area, the process, the design model is natural is also the point of attention, no one wants to buy an ugly humidifier on the desk.

6 products participating in the test

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

To be honest, it is a product of dozens of yuan. Several products in materials are not to see too much gap, which can only be considered by thousands of yuan.

Four products with large volume

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Style design,

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Delma, Yadu, Bear

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

The design is biased towards the traditional design style.

Beautiful, Beijing Tokyo

Then be in modern minimalist wind,


别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Since it belongs to a humidity, the overall feeling is also the primary style.

Two products portable

If you don’t understand the product performance, the author will choose the product as a young man, you will choose the product of the simple style, after all, and the office environment is also more matching. Of course, the radish cabbage has loved, and the product is more suitable for yourself, everyone can choose freely.

Humidity test of open environment: mainly relying on instantaneous humidification to overall environmental humidity improvement

The main reason for non-use of desktop humidifiers is because the office is mostly open environment, nothing to say in the open space of hundreds of square meters or even thousands of square meters, and the general industrial humidifier can no role. So in the real use, can the edge humidifier have a desired demand? Try together!

Humidity Tester 10cm from humidifier 50cm Observing humidifier maximum gear

Test environment and method:

In the corporate office environment, the damper is opened in the office station, the tester is 50 cm distance from the humidifier, and the change in air humidity in half an hour is measured, and the moisture is determined according to the humidifier.

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

According to the measured results of 6 products, in an open office environment, the data tested by the test instrument has indeed improved the environmental humidity under the humidifier, but after careful research, the instrument is shown in the humidifier of the instrument. It is only an improvement in the local area, not the overall improvement, and the main reason for improving humidity is because the humidifier is floating into the instantaneous humidity caused by the sensor of the tester, not a true overall humidification effect of realization in a closed environment. .

Overhead of the office with a humidifier is only a plus a humidification effect

Subsequently, we tested the humidity of the position of the humidifier 100cm. According to the test results, it was 31.2%, and the data was not much different from product testing. This also confirmed our guess, humidifier did not in the open environment Realizing the real air humidification, the humidification effect is determined by the fog instantaneous drift range.

Therefore, try to choose a large humidified product in the process of purchasing the office desk with humidifier, should not be less than 200ml / h, and the humidifier should not exceed 50cm from the human body, otherwise your humidifier may not have any actual effect. , That is, the legendary payment tax.

Real humidity test: Distance to the official calibration gap is uneven user purchase needs to be cautious

Whether it is a humidifier or other home appliances, or even the car, the test parameters of the merchandise is usually a certain gap with the actual use, then these six desktop products are actually humidified in the most common northern use environment. How big is the amount of humidification amount given by the amount and the official?

Test the water consumption of the humidifier for 1 hour, you can know the actual humidification amount of the humidifier.

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

In the company’s office environment, the humidifier is opened in 6 stations for 1 hour, and the water consumption within 1 hour is recorded, and the determination is compared to the official humidity.

Because the test environment has a certain gap with the actual humidification amount and the official humidity, it can see the gap from each product, and the more product measured value can reach the official label value of more than 85%. The worst Jingdong Jing is only 15.38%, the beauty and a numerous product manifestations of official marks.

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Therefore, through the above test results can be reflected, any humidifier cannot reach the official calibration value under normal scenes. It is recommended that you can try the official marking by 0.8. Humidification.

And from humidification effect, traditional small household appliances is not fashionable, but in terms of humidification effect, consider

Practical users, try to choose these traditional small appliance brands as much as possible


别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Other features: Other functions and anti-dry burning

In addition to the core humidification, the other functions of the humidifier also affect the user experience, such as gear

Adjustment, fog, sterilization, aromatherapy, anti-dry burning

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Wait, we also finished according to the official parameters of the product, and the results are as follows.

From the contrast of several products, the most comprehensive function is

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用


Product, followed by

Yadu, Delma, US

Product, final

Pest and Jingdong

The product.

Only the bear product is standard with silver ion antibacterial devices

This contrast is basically able to see that the humidifier must have a certain volume to maintain functional integrity, and

Like Beijing Tokyo, it is relatively small and weak.

. For the user, the author also recommends ignoring the small shape, try to purchase normal size, multi-functional products.

Summary: Office humidifier does not choose mini type to open the effect

Through the above test, we also confirmed a fact that in the office environment, the effect of desktop humidifiers on environmental humidity is very limited, so everyone chooses a humidifier in the office environment, and the first is to choose a large humidification amount. The second is to do so far as possible, do not surpass the humidifier, no more than 50cm (also avoiding the humidifier port directly).

Concerned the humidity of e-commerce page products is the most critical element of purchasing

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

From the product side, the 6 entry-level products are also very characteristic, but only from the angle of humidity, the mini humidifier of Jingdong Jing and the nutrients is basically not recommended. After all, the humidity is too small, The effect of environmental humidity can be said to be not said. If you want to choose the product of the entry-level humidifier, you can consider the other four products or other humidification amounts of more than 250ml / h. After all, the desktop humidifier relies on an instantaneous humidification effect. If the humidity is not enough, the humid smoke Floating your skin, actually equivalent to no humidification effect.

In the process of purchasing a humidifier, it is recommended to buy.

High humidity, support bacteriobacteria

Products, this is more important for users’ health. I suggest you add in everyday use.

Tap water

Water tank to do

别再交智商税了 6款桌面加湿器测完都没啥用

Regular cleaning

Avoid breeding bacteria, in addition

Spray ports should be kept at a distance and the user’s head

Avoid fog to inhale into the nose, causing relevant respiratory disease problems.


Test environment and method: