The types of sheets are varied, and the functions representing the materials are different. Compared with the material, the material, fiber, etc. Characteristics, let’s take a look at it.

First, how is the old rough cloth?

老粗布床单怎么样 老粗布床单的优点

Old coarse cloth is a non-polluting home textile product, and the material is not harmful to the human body. Since it is 100% cotton products, coupled with unique processes, making it breathable and sweat-absorbent capacity, and is soft, can’t stand static. At the time of cleaning, the old rough cloth sheets have very good elastic, so they don’t have a roll, starting, etc. The old coarse cloth sheet is used as a product that is directly in contact with our human skin, which is not irritating, and itching. At the same time, the old coarse cloth sheets itself also has a good ability to mite. The old coarse cloth sheet pH is weakly acidic, and it is possible to comprehensively synthesize our human sweat, and because of the cause of the texture, it will not paste on our skin.

Weaving uses pure plant stains, with hand-woven hand spinning and vintage pedal floral, with cotton yarn, natural color cotton as raw materials, through continuous adjustment of materials, color, variety, pursue ecology, environmental protection , Natural, health, gradually formed a series of home products including bedding, apparel, pendant, fabric. Combined with the traditional woven culture background with the modern woven process, the development of cotton handmade series new products, small, beautiful and atmospheric crafts, 100% cotton, unique color, elegant, thick, beautiful, no fading, no fading, Winter is warm and summer cool, good water absorption, breathability, etc.! Natural environmental protection is its particularly significant characteristic.

The old coarse fabric woven from the cotton woven woven woven fabric, and it is necessary to have a large small 72 process, mainly spinning, dyed line, 扽 扽, warp,, brush,, hangers, weaving Cloth 9 main steps. There are many sub-steps in each main process, all of which use pure manual processes. The woven tool is almost all wooden, and the structure is simple. With the continuous innovation of textile technology, the civil woven bins will be developed from the first shuttle, and the two shuttle are developed to 13 shuttle. Process development is very beautiful.

Second, the advantages of old rough cloth sheets

The quality of the coarse cloth has a great advantage, the coarse cloth has no pollution, sweat, breathable, elastic, soft and comfortable, winter warm, summer cool, can’t stand static, regulate metabolism, effectively defense UV, radiation, skin affiliency, etc. It is characterized by the thickness of the line, the coarse cloth is 100% cotton, and even the lines for the wondering fabric are also made of cotton, and the coarse cloth sheets and skin contact feels coarse fabric better than other cotton. It is a quality option for the sheet material.

Old coarse cloth sheets environmental protection. Since the old coarse cloth uses cotton yarn as raw materials, all processes use pure handmade, is real green, environmentally friendly, natural products, without any industrial pollution. Today, today, today, the old coarse cloth is thick, the skin is very thick, the skin is comfortable, the winter is cool, the breathable sweat, anti-static, and it has become a hot spot that people chase fashion, become now honored parents, gifts relatives and friends The best gift. Don’t miss it.

After reading this article, there is a comprehensive understanding of this breathable, environmentally friendly, and dry bed. Modern bed orders are often shameless, and there is hidden risks to the health of the human body. Especially in the hot summer, it is recommended to choose a coarse cloth bed single cover.