Friends who often visit a small number must often see the authors of the authors get their own good desktops. Many readers often curious, how small the authors are all arranged, they all bought which desktops What is the best? So, we found 5 authors that were active in a minority home, please share your own table with your own experience, desktop.

@ 潼: Upgrade transformation is also worth recording

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Since post-employment, I have more time to organize my desktop. But it is not particularly satisfactory, mainly there are many details and on the basis of things, such as the table is not big enough, and some products or use experiences have not been expected. Therefore, what you see here is actually the version I am in upgrading the transformation. After the future, all aspects have basically reached the effect of my satisfaction, then write an article and share it.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Productivity kit

The desktop is essential is the computer, the display and the four major parts of the production force.

Since my daily work is more than the character type, there is also a need for Windows virtual machine playing games (the ancient RTS game, not high of the configuration requirements), so the computer is still the old Mac Mini 2018, did not upgrade to M1. This MAC Mini purchase is the lowest 8GB of memory. I upgrade myself to 32GB. It is still very smooth now, and there is no problem of explosion memory.

The display is a display of my own DIY, the panel is the same as the LG 32UL950, 4K resolution, NANO IPS technology, and the color gamut reaches 98% Display P3. At the same time, I also use a base similar to the Pro Stand style, which looks great from the front. However, I have not been very satisfied with the back shell and driver board of the monitor. In the future, it will be upgraded to these two parts. It is mainly replaced by the lightning 3 driver board of the original display, and then customizes a flat anodized aluminum backplane. The appearance of the whole aluminum alloy is finally achieved.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Mouse and Molar I choose Logitech MX set – MX Keys and MX Master 3. This piece of mouse does not have to say more, with Logi Options + to implement all the operations on the touchpad, and the grip is also very good. The keyboard is replaced in the near future, because the previously used a mechanical keyboard is crazy after I updated Macos Monterey, so I changed to MX Keys that supported Promenan Technology. I have experienced it is so amazing, but it is really used to use the best film keyboard. I don’t know why, I don’t seem to have a small number of digital bloggers, and it will look more PRO after using it.

This is the ultimate that MX Keys is definitely replaced, and the final destination may be a minority setup keyboard.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

In this productive equipment, I occasionally need to do some 4K HDR video clips or plane design projects, so the 256G solid-state hard drive from the original machine is definitely short. So I also added two solid-state hard drives and a mechanical hard drive, plus NAS space, and store these items without pressure.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

However, you have to connect the above-mentioned equipment and a trouble, not only more interfaces, but also high enough agreements. Fortunately, Caldigit launched a Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub Dock that supports the latest lightning 4 protocol. I only use a thunder-wire cable to connect to the Mac Mini lightning interface, you can transfer 3 full-speed 40Gbps lightning downlink interface and 4 A 10Gbps USB-A interface connects 3 hard drives and 1 4K HDR display and the keyboard receiver to the computer.

Support Thunder 4 protocols means that I can directly compatibility after I replace the Apple chip’s computer, get faster connection speed and higher security.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

peripheral equipment

In addition to the four productive equipment above, there are many peripheral products on the desktop to facilitate usage. The display left side below is two wireless charging bases, and a two-bit wireless charging board charges to me two AirPods, the other is Apple’s official Apple Watch charging base. Next to these two wireless charging bases, there is a button and NFC tag card, linkage shortcut, smart home, to quickly switch the state of work / entertainment / goal.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The right side of the display is the controller and small love touch screen speaker of the BenQ Screenbar Plus, which is the ontology of the screen hanging lamp, and the supervision otter from a small number white. ScreenBar Plus does not have to say more, from Xiaomi to Yeelight and change to the BenQ, I have to say “expensive is good” is still very reasonable. The little love touch screen speaker is mainly used to watch time and call Xiai Ai classmates. After all, sometimes Siri’s Chinese directive is simply mentally disabled …

In addition, there is always a pen on the table, which is convenient for it to take a notebook record or sign some files directly from the bookshelf on the right. This pen is a hero 100 gold tip. It usually writes a lot of feelings.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

It seems that a box of bin buying hero 616 is a cool feeling of one box when practicing calligraphy.


In order to maximize desktop space, these devices and displays I have used a display to increase the bracket. This increased bracket is my own DIY, all are solid wood. Since the price of directly buying the finished product is a bit high, Ling Machi wants to look at my DIY, the price is cheaper. Hundreds. In this bracket, I also surrounded a lap, and you can brighten the bracket and on both sides.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The sound on both sides of the desktop is the speaker R1080BT, which is used to be a computer’s external flapping. I still like it very much, although the sound quality is purely listening to the level, but I can’t get the value of it is relatively high, and it can be combined with other equipment and other equipment. Perfect. However, it is not necessary to demand it too much. After all, there is a pair of two-channel great homepod, and it is not known to where the Bose SoundLink Mini II used before. On the right channel of the speaker, I also put a beautiful fan, and I can open it feel cool at any time when I feel hot. Of course, because it is winter, the fan is temporarily received in the cabinet.

Previous desktop

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The table is originally used by a small number of delivery, but because of the lack of space after the increase in increase, I bought a slightly small cortical table. I chose pink, put it in the desktop and room of warm yellow lights. It is very integrated. However, light-colored tables also have a serious shortcoming – do not dirty, so it is necessary to use wet tissue to wipe it with a wet paper towel every month.

In addition, there are some and digital-independent things, such as the left side of the display bracket is a debris storage box, and the right side is a small books. The storage box is some small items that are not classified (nail knives, tweezers and comb.) And the medicine to eat every day, the bookshelf put some books and one mirror used to speed. In addition, I also bought a big kettle on the table, wake up every morning, I filled with 2 liters of water. Because its size is too big, it is very conspicuous, and it has achieved a good job of supervising me drinking water …

Table and wire

To carrying out all things is a lifting table, usually take tired, you can let yourself stand up. At the same time, the heavy responsibility of the wire is also handed over to the table. I use a cabinet socket and wire frame to put all the cables and external solid-state drives. Although my line law is still more traditional “I can get in it, I will not go to this place after all, so I don’t hurt the elegance. Just I am really curious, there are not many equipment on the desktop, how can I put the entire cabinet socket?

In addition, the lower part of the desktop is also posted on the Yeelight light strip, you can use HOMEKIT and Mijia to control, with the entire room to create a different atmosphere.

@ Mr. Rabbit: A comfortable work learning space

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

I like people who like to toss the desktop, but this may be my simplest desktop, because I hope there is a region that can make me easily stay at home.

Regional utilization, limit

As you can see, the wooden board under the monitor seems uncommon, along with the wooden racks on both sides you want to make a rack, after buying, found that if the monitor still uses the bracket, you will stay if the monitor still uses the bracket. After the lack of space, the table is only 60 cm width, and there is still no left to the area left to use.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Under the trade-off or as a ornament pad is below, the sorcereous walnut wood is still good, and it is also an unexpected harvest. The width of the wooden mat plus the width of the speaker is just equal to the table, so that the table is separated into the sequential area and the use area, the boundary is very good.

Work, you have a bar, long-awaited

At the desktop core two parts: the choice of the monitor and speaker, in addition to the budget spending in performance, I also care about the performance of their appearance, because it is large to determine if your desktop is good enough.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The display is a DIY screen for the LM315WR2 SSA1, which is the original screen of the LG UL950, 32 inch 4K NANO IPS HDR600, except for the partition backlight, there is no more picky place. In addition to the parameters, the four-sided narrow border is the reason why it is deeply my heart, and there is no extra brand logo on the front. It is far from the feeling of prodisplay xdr. The interface is also very complete, and the DIY driver board also has a reverse wireless charging of the C port 60W, a good partner of the MAC series.

My appeal to the desktop speaker is as small as possible, so it is not so violated by other devices. Sports A2 + is just a representative of the small tag, very balanced sound performance, good voices and not too bass, the overall cost is quite high. Especially in design, it is also very low, white small boxes, no more eye-catching colors and elements, is a qualified desktop ornament.

Aplex, comfortable atmosphere

Obviously the illuminance of the desktop is not enough to support long-term office, so on the selection of the display launched light, I use Benq ScreenBar Plus, which has a better performance in color development performance. The controller below is simple enough, click the rotation to achieve adjustment, which is much more reliable than the virtual button on some brand stamp lights.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

I also installed the LED light strip on the back of the wooden board. Please don’t misunderstand. I am not a young RGB warrior. I only stay in the lamp strip only open a warm light as a background, and it is dotted to a little decorative atmosphere. effect.

There are not many peripherals, it is good enough.

I have only left the peripherals that must exist on the table to meet the basic needs.

I put the MAC Mini M1 on the back of the table, so facing the Dell Type-C Topline, which is placed in Dell, which can be inserted directly when reading the hard disk. Usually, Logitech’s mouse and keyboard is also inserted above to alleviate the problem of unstable connection caused by Bluetooth conflict. It is indeed a bit big on the head, but it is good to be good in the overall stability.

The keyboard and mouse are Logitech’s MX Master 3 and MX Key. The typing experience of this film keyboard is really comfortable, suitable for people who are often codeword. MX Master is also my old partner, and the only mouse that can be perfectly replaced by the touchpad, the horizontal roller matching can be customizable.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The part of the charger is a third-party three-in-one charger and a normal vertical wireless charger, usually used primarily for full watches and headphones. However, I don’t have much endurance anxiety, and I rarely charge it in this area, more time to charge in bed.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Positioning: a comfortable work learning space

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

This is my fifth desktop, and it is also the easiest way to say the simplest desktop. When you have younger, now I don’t like to put more decorative objects on the table, often rubbing ash is a piece Troubled things, the easiest way to take care is still as small as possible.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

My positioning of this desktop is mainly biased to work and study. In addition to handling some emergency things in non-working hours, I will also put a pot of good tea in front of the computer in the evening or weekend. Knowledge, or toss some software and new features. Entertainment is still handed over to the living room, after all, this configuration is not too supporting a good entertainment experience.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

I think this is a more satisfying desktop in my mind, refreshing and no burden, ready to go.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

@ 小 蜗 shell CEDRIC: “stationed” on the desk

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

For some reason, I moved back home from the school bedroom for some time, and I plan to live in the last time. According to my personal habits, I can’t use my emergency bag in a place for more than two weeks (this emergency package provides some basic supplies that can be carried out at any time), but need to build A desk-based storage system, I call it “stationed”.

Fortunately, I originally designed the desktop arrangement of the school bedroom. When choosing the equipment, I fully take into account the demand for mobile, handling (ie “Modularity”, the desktop set by the display, the peripheral device can increase and decrease at will increase by free to different sizes. Desktop, in addition to the size of the equipment adapt to the standard specification of the SFC box), so almost all the equipment in this new desktop arrangement is moved from the school bedroom, but only the position adjustment. With regard to how to quickly and secure packaging, I will write an article for a few months, I will write an article to everyone.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

I didn’t belong to my own room, so I found two idle tables (a big one small, and the drawer did not return to me) started my desktop layout.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

overall plan

In order to achieve a relatively unified and harmonious visual effect, all the principles of all my personal items are “non-black, white” (no color), although it looks tones, but will not have color matching. However, this is extremely extremely extremely extremely extreme (a large number of dark solid wood furniture and warm color lamps), so I redealted a black cortical table pad cover the whole wood desktop, and the display is launched and the lamp The color is as cold as possible.

After completing the initial unity, the next step is to divide the desktop area, and there is no drawer to store some uncommon things. I put the small table on the left side of the big table as a debris area, considering these uncommon usage Items need to be done: I will not appear in my horizons but when I need it, I will not stand up and take it. I will divide my main work area 8th in the left side of the big table. .

In addition, since the position of the display launched lamp is left and is not enough to provide the lighting of the entire table, I placed a foldable table lamp on the right, and can also fold up when it is usually not used. This way to close the wall light at night, you can illuminate the entire desktop, which is very helpful for me to write paintings on the paper or look at the entity.

Debris desktop

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The largest equipment on the debris desktop is an ancient printer at home. It provides some emergency print services for the whole family. Fortunately, it supports the APPLRINT, so I use a network cable to connect it to the upper router to ensure more stable. connect.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Speaking of the router, I returned home to upgrade the network environment of the family. In addition to updating the long-awaited Wi-Fi 6 router, I also placed a router on the debris table and put some need to stabilize. Network connection or force to connect to a network cable connection to reduce the probability of “strike”. However, this router is a radio component as a secondary router and another remote main router. Therefore, the speed of the network speed can only be ran to 10MB / s, and there is no problem in daily 4K online video, but for downloading big files. It is still a little nervous, so I still in the wall (I feel a little strange, but it is true to put another router that directly connects the external network cable. I will connect to it when I use the device idle time to download. The actual use speed is up to 30MB / s.

Others have nothing, INCASE storage bag with daily stationery (this package is originally designed to install GOPRO), two Caesar’s A4 paper (horizontal lines and grid) and magical polished cloth.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Home desktop

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置


Mac is the core of the entire desktop function, I have used him to study, work, and entertain almost all day. My MAC can say that it is 49 years to enter the national army, and the heat-powered power is given to me. It is good to connect the display in reverse supply of the display, and the fan is set by ISTAT MENUS always maintain 20% speed. In order to prevent sudden fever, it will no longer entangle a variety of weird blame.

Because it is usually connected to the monitor, I chose the cover and put him up. Although the use of the cover will affect the MAC through the keyboard, it can also reduce a built-in display can also alleviate some burden. After some entanglement, I still give up the usage scheme of opening the display display. The vertical bracket selection Twelve South’s Bookarc deep-shaped, hidden behind the display, can save space, and make the best-looking A, in front of me.

In addition to connecting the display, MAC usually connects a 5T mobile hard disk. This mobile hard disk is used as a film database, stores some movies and TV series I have collected, considering future trends, these film and television works are the version of 4K bluray HDR. Regrettably, the current display is not well supported.

Display area

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The display is I have used more than a year of Dell U2720QM, because there is no more research display technology when I purchased, so the overall use feel is not very satisfied (where can I think of my demand becomes more and more many).

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

When connecting Mac, the default display setting is very bad. I once thought that I bought a product, but unfortunately, the word of this monitor was existing in the online reputation, so I couldn’t find debug settings. Refer to the article, helpless I have a test display setting and color file in the Mac, after a toss, reach the ideal display effect. If you have the same trouble, try my setting: 100% brightness, contrast, preset mode color space, input color format RGB, definition 50, smart HDR, USB-C priority high resolution, Mac Color Profile Display P3.

In addition to the display effect, rich interface is still very satisfactory. The full-featured interface of Type-C supports the reverse charging of 90 W, so that the MAC connection display can only be completed. The spare HDMI 2.0 interface is connected to Xbox Series x. In addition, there are two USB-A interfaces on the back, and there is a USB-C and a USB-A interface, which can be convenient to connect the display launker and emergency charging.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The bracket below the display is iQUNIX Spider, the color of the titanium ash is very similar to the darkness of the Mac, and I have a deep heart. The bottom storage space is relatively abundant, and I will put an Anker’s 100 W Four charger on the right side, which is mainly responsible for charging the equipment that does not support wireless charging. The above is the Apple Watch silica gel charging bracket for imac g5 styling and a MAGIC Mouse paired with Mac.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The display launched light is Benq ScreenBar Plus, which is a cute otter that is white. The display launched light in I seem to be a very creative design, solving the problem of the screen reflective, and does not occupy space, using the knob with your hand, can be extremely accurately controlled. I haven’t seen such a perfect design for a long time.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The NAS of the display of the display is placed, and the DS220J is an extremely entry model. In fact, I have no need for NAS, the school’s network environment is also extremely unfriend of NAS, so this is why I choose to use a 2T mobile hard disk backup data and three 5T mobile hard drives as a film database. Since this NAS is sent by a friend, I will use the time of the home to experience the automatic backup under the local area.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Mouse and mouse

The keyboard is Magic TrackPad 2, Magic Keyboard 2, MX Master 2S, which are previous generation products, but it is still very smooth, so I have not updated them. Magic TRACKPAD is responsible for global gesture operation, MX Master 2S is responsible for accurate click, and the one of them can be said to be seamless, if Mac is a little bit of interference to Bluetooth connection, it can be called perfect. Regarding Magic Keyboard, I have to say that there is a row of F keys to be too cool. If you don’t have to raise your hand, you can cut songs, and the feeling of adjusting the volume is that the Touch Bar is not coming. Although I used to use the Keychron K2 and the legendary keyboard K380, I finally returned to Magic Keyboard, perhaps this kind of “噼 啪” feels will make me feel happy. The mouse pad comes from a minority, and the color selection is still deeply, though … is also white.

A small MAGIC series can also be very convenient to hovering under the display bracket, you can open the “dry rice mode” one button.

Maybe you noticed, I put the magsafe charger in the left hand, so it can be convenient to the iPhone, and you can pick it up, let go, will follow the gravity of the charging line, no There will be a phenomenon that the line does not go back on the table. This is an interesting method that I accidentally discovered when I was arranged on the desktop.

Audio and video entertainment equipment

My daily than the biggest entertainment is listening to songs. I almost all listening to songs, but considering the collective life of the bedroom, I gave up the scenarius of the audio, and I chose several headphones to meet different scenes. Listening to song demand (although I like homepod). The small incoming ear headset relies towards NAS, and the headset is placed in front of the Mac. In these headphones, the most AirPods Max used, he has the best sound quality in all my headphones, the best battery life, but also has the greatest weight, but listen to a three or four hours. Movie or finishing one thing is still acceptable.

In addition to listening to the song watching movies, I will still lay the game. The game plan for MacOS users is also two: a PC or a host, in order to the largest economic benefits I have chosen Xbox, Xbox Series X Fang Zheng’s appearance makes me look very comfortable, not like PS5 A huge monster (mainly still no budget). Xbox’s handle I usually put on the charging bracket, the charging bracket is IMPOI, the economical affordable, very convenient, like the mouse pad and otters, you can buy it in a minority store.


I believe you can also see that there are still many shortcomings in this desktop. For example, it is limited to this only a space I have been looking for, so I can’t create a very good atmosphere. The angle of lighting is also very strange; or I don’t have hidden storage space, so I have to put almost all things on the table, It seems that it is not streamlined; or some equipment does not meet the existing needs. I look forward to my desktop to better support HDR10 + and DDP5.1 audio-visual experience, there can be a better wireless layout, you can have more comfortable and more ergonomic tables and chairs, you can don’t have to put what you have Table …

Therefore, in the future, I will continue to optimize, enhance the comprehensive experience, always on the road, and share between this, such as interesting experience, and share it in time.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

@Zachal: The style of the style

I am thinking before the pen, I have to share something about the desktop.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

From graduation, I have a small world to start until now, and frequently moving, I have already updated four or five times; even if I started to move to the current residence, it is probably the second iteration version, and is going The third iteration is advanced. This also means that the current desktop construction is actually not satisfied.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

So compare the “What is my desk now?”

Use the light to become a strange

Due to the double function of the office + game, the style of the desktop is actually in the state of crossover. For example, in addition to a parallel office style, it is still like this:

Although not special “E-sports”, all kinds of RGB lights are added together, and this is not an office desk with anyway.

But even in such dimming, you can still see the tendency when I choose the product itself: I don’t have the shape of the electric competition, and mostly, it is like a simple name and other products.

There are two main reasons why this choice is that I really don’t have a cold for the design style of the Zhang tooth dance. It feels difficult to integrate into the home environment; another reason is that only through the lighting + wallpaper adjustment, I can make the desktop Realize a relatively foundation and fast-style transition, such as the following picture is the comparison of the style before the fish screen:

Like this, through the light can actually create more topics, and by accessing the lamp strip and other devices to homekit I can quickly switch through the speech instruction to the current scene style.

For example, using the elegant lighting of Enji sign, supplemented with green embellishment, you can get the chassis of “primary machine theme”:

For example, unify the lights as ice blue, which will create some quiet atmosphere:

For example, this orange light actually wants to create the theme of “Mars”, so there will be a lot of space elements, such as the day-honored one theme keyboard, Dimoo’s space travel series hand:

Keep the desktop neat method is to pile the debris to another desktop.

In the past desktop sharing, I can often see some less friendly questioning, for example: “It’s just to take pictures, it’s a clean,” this questioning, there will be euphemism there in another part of friendly netizens. The statement, probably similar “How do you guarantee that the table is clean, I can’t do it.

During the university period, because of the limited personal space, I have also caught similar misunderstandings, such as buying a variety of storage products to try to make the desktop look clean. But later I realized that the best solution for this problem is actually very original, that is, I will take all things that don’t belong to the desktop.

For example, add a side table.

This 1600mm × 300mm narrow desktop is separated from my home desktop. The original intention of this is limited by the lifting table’s single motor load, so I hope to add a side table to put a relatively heavy computer host, and extend to Some other items such as peripherals, cameras and lenses are placed on the right hand.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

And the latest ideas are to buy a narrow pot, higher green plant, on the end, one side I hope he is high enough, the leaves can be bent down, enrich the visual effect of the side table and even the whole room (side table Positive to the room), on the other hand, the sun in the south window is also suitable for the growth of plants.

At the side of the side, I placed two IKEA Lennart chests to add all kinds of possibilities that may be used, but they don’t want to put things on the desktop, such as mobile phone case, various audio lines, microphones, Large and small screwdriver, tape, mobile power, etc.

Everything for wireless

Wireless is the principle I follow from the university bedroom, and more and more wireless devices have also made the arrangement of the wireless desktop in recent years. There are two ways to achieve a complete wireless need to focus on: one is the radio of the desktop peripheral connection, one is the radio of various devices.

The first question is better to solve, that is, buy a variety of wireless peripheral products. Taking the mouse as an example, now the brand’s flagship products are basically uniform, and the price is also from two or three hundred to thousands of thousands of inequality, and the purchase of their usage habits can be purchased.

I have been using habits of big hands +, which recently compares the most comfortable ROG blade 3 wireless and return rate of 2000 Hz SABRE wireless version.

In the keyboard, as a customary newbie, I usually change more frequently, but there will be two keyboards that compare the “positioning” to deal with difficulty.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

For example, the office scene such as codewords, I prefer a minority custom KEYCHRON K3, and the pure white appearance of the pure white appearance + personalized font is also what I like.

Please move to / small fans if needed. I love you.

In addition, there are now a variety of compact, all kinds of custom keyboards, these I will not introduce them; but I still think at least one standard 104, classic cherry shaft, at least. The quantity of the three-mode connection is, for example, I choose this Amolo “Lie”. This is the most attractive me to the keyboard, which is the key cap character design, is a very mysterious sci-fi topic.

Of course, if a piece of peripherals makes you satisfied, but there is no wireless version without a wireless version (such as “lie.” I really want to try the electrostatic axis version, but unfortunately only single mode is optional), how to manage?

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The best solution is to choose a wire with a high value, so that the wire has become part of the table. For example, for a wireless charging tablet that must be inserted, you can use a short-term short-term:

For example, some custom-made custom keyboard kits can be selected to replace ordinary data cables in order to choose from.

For wireless charging, it is very important that the charging bit must be more enough, in order to successfully develop the habit of wireless charging, completely abandon the wired charging. For example, Xiaomi 79 yuan vertical wireless charge me to buy three, Oryke’s five-coil charging board has two, and so on.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Of course, so many wireless charging equipment will make the desktop are a bit unregistered, so come back to me to change their ideas and begin to think about how to make wireless charging and desktop better integration.

The first idea is to replace some more integrated and elegant wireless charging devices, especially after the iPhone supports Magsafe, such as the Belkin three-in-one one-time resolving the Apple three-piece charging problem.

The second way is to combine wireless charging with some of the original devices on the desktop. For example, Pitaka’s iPad bracket, there is a magnetic potential in the bottom, I usually take the headset (the charging position under the Belkin three-in-one is too difficult) or the standby machine charging:

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

For example, the Cybermat combined with the four wireless charging bits with the table pad, as a variable phase replaces the rude solution to the tank wireless charging coil under the table.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Of course, most of the keyboards and mice on the market do not support wireless charging, so we need to make simple transformations. If the mouse, you can choose a specific model of Logitech and cooperate with a module that supports wireless charging. This type of module currently sells direct sales:

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The keyboard is not moving at any time because it is not necessary to move like a mouse, so there is no need for a special module to access the ordinary wireless charging coil. Of course, the most elegant approach is to open the keyboard to hide the coil into the interior. The following picture is just the functionality that I do with Amyllo “Lie”:

It should be noted that only Wireless keyboards can be operated as such because the wired keyboard does not have a built-in battery and needs to be connected via a data cable. Aluminum housing keyboards need to be aware that the coil is hide into the interior because the metal housing will affect wireless charging.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

Even if you can’t see it, you will be blocked in your heart.

Although the previous part just talked to the pursuit of wireless exploration, some wires were still unable to avoid it, so the last part was the sharing of line experience.

This part is naturally some kind of easy-to-use small things recommended, you can go to the e-commerce platform to search for the following keywords: bag tube, taverboard, table underwater storage basket, etc., these are more common wire equipment .

Although it looks still not neat, the picture below is the result I am currently more satisfactory. There are a total of 12 plugs to the desktop, and the audio lines that are inserted back and forth, video lines, I can only extend as much as possible under the existing three tabbits and 1 storage basket. The line is uniformly accommodated with a package tube, while the plug is still not so neat. In addition, because of the left right, it is also slightly messy even if the package tube is used.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

So, I bought a new ribbon equipped: a 16-bit PDU plug-in, which can make the plug together look clearer; stick to the chain tube under the table, it is used to replace it before Traditional gadgets; and new semi-closed storage baskets, which are used to accommodate too long latts and display transformers like block bricks.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

By rowing a row of plugs through the regulatory torque, then use the storage basket to store some excess wires, and integrate a bunch of wires to the PDU, and the effect map of my mind should be integrated. It will be better than the current solution.

@Jijiaali: fixed desktop forming memory

As a player, my desktop’s utilization is the evening and weekend. After all, I still have to go to work during the day. For its positioning, it is mainly daily reading, using computer processing documents and images.

I am not a person who likes to toss the desktop. Once the desktop is fixed, I usually don’t replace it frequently. After a long time, this layout will form muscle memory and improve the efficiency of finding related items. Almost close your eyes can find what you want.

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Desktop default configuration, next to black objects are a row of steel bookshelf

Display and pen electricity

On the monitor, I am currently using the AOC LUVIA (Loire). This purchase of a display of two eleventh last year has been used in more than one year. In the whole, I am more satisfied with this display. In addition to serving as a 4K display, Loire offers 65W refrigeration and a relatively rich external interface. When the BUG SIR has not upgraded in Apple, its reverse feature can save a MacBook Pro interface.

Loire provides a relatively rich external interface: 2 HDMI 2.0 interfaces, a DP1.4 interface, a Type-C interface, two USB 3.2 interface, a USB uplink interface, an audio output interface. I am using it in daily use as a small outlet. Mac Bluetooth mouse is often broken, in order to solve this problem, I insert the prosthetic mouse on the display; at the same time, another USB port I inserted a microSD card to expand capacity. At the same time, from the display “pumping” out of two lines to connect the notebook. It’s just a little less than that, if the Loire output audio is used, the computer has no way to adjust the volume size.

The display interface plug is not too convenient, and the subsequent version is adjusted. With a small mirror, the plug is more calm

Connected to Loire is a MacBook Pro and a ThinkPad T14, and there is nothing worth more. Because MacBook Pro (Intel Version) is warm and pleasant, I have a small fan with him. Under ThinkPad, I used Lego blocks to slightly, and it formed a angle between it and the MacBook Pro, which can be dissipated simultaneously to the two machines while using a small fan.

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Essential cooling fan

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Promote air circulation with highlights

I chose the Spider of the Aluminum Factory. In fact, the height of the monitor itself can be adjusted, but use the spider display to make a small space, I use to store the keyboard and quasi-paper, so you can clean the desktop space to write or read it when you don’t have to read.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

After the withdrawal is removed, you can maximize your desktop.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置


Mouse and Molar I use Logitech K380 with M590. Both can connect multiple devices. With them, I can freely switch between two computers. In fact, it is, and the Logite M590 mouse is installed in these two, and the mouse can be operated across the screen and can be copied across the screen and can be copied. Although it has already placed a small number of customized K3 but still is still in a state of being out so far.

For those who often use a computer at night, the screen lantern seems to be a just needed. I chose the hanging light of the next man. It uses wireless switch lights to adjust the brightness. This is very good. In combination with a smart socket, you can realize timing open, timed off. One thing is, I named this smart socket “screen hanging”. When I want to turn on, I will talk directly to Xiai’an classmates, and then I get it. The screen hang the light switch is an annaline version of the Android robot. Also use the smart socket for controlling the cooling fans mentioned above.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

I am still more satisfied with the wireless switch of the screen hanging light, which is more conducive to the desktop neat than a card.

After reading the author’s sharing, what kind of desktop do you have been planted? Or, do you have anything to share? Welcome to discuss with us in the comment area.

来分享 5 位作者好看又高效的桌面布置

The question map is from @zachal.