Zhao Hongli, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Gynecologist, Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pan Hao, director of the orthopedics of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tang Jun, Director of the Health and Health Department of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

There is a kind of thinking forgetting the autumn water! There is a kind of cold call forgetting the trousers!

With the cold air, the whole country has been cooled by the wind! But keep warm! On November 1st, Beijing is even more cold, the lowest temperature is only -4 ° C in the morning! I wore a hot water in the autumn trousers, drinking hot water, don’t freeze!

Some people say: our fashion circles never wear the autumn trousers! Others say: This is a cold day without wearing the trousers. Who listened? A beautiful young people caught in a deep thinking …

Many people say 0 ° C to wear the autumn trousers. In view of the cooling of the north, it is often accompanied by the wind, and the body feels in the cold effect at 5 ° C. China’s weather network fell to 5 ° C below 5 ° C, and found that the autumn pants have already appeared in the northern part of our country!

Autumn trousers to wear or wear? Doctors give such answers!

Some people wore autumn pants as early as

Autumn and winter cold winds, there are many dysmenorrhea, women who have delayed menstruation, clear summer is good, how do you get sick?

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this kind of person belongs to the yang deficiency. It is cold in the winter, and it is not warm after it is in the evening. If you don’t wear the autumn pants, it is equivalent to the snow. The Chinese medicine has a sentence called “cold is the yin, the next first”. Once the cold is hit, people will feel that they are cold, and the legs begin to fight.


In the cold weather, if there is a throat, it is tight, and the feet are very difficult to sleep at night, it is recommended to wear the autumn pants early to prevent disease.

Two types of people key protection

General women are 40 years old, and men will begin there will be joint degenerative changes, which is the joint aging. It is mainly manifested as the pain, even swollen, but has a young trend in recent years. In addition to the long-lasting movement of modern people, they are also associated with their young when they are young.

This season, the knee warming is very important,

Especially the old ages over 60 years old, the knee is hurt

And it was originally related to the disease. And the warm goods such as knee pads, waist, warm baby can only be partially warm, and the role is limited.

Three special periods must protect


Many people will feel that as long as they are warm, the feet are naturally warm. However, in fact, the human body has many acupoints and meridians. They are connected, and one place is cold, warm and uneven, and the blood operation is blocked, and it will be sick. Like cold, asthma, rhinitis, etc.

Cold, female menstrual period, pregnancy period, these three special period must wear the trousers, even if you wear pantyhose is also good.


In these three periods, the human body resistance is relatively weak. If you don’t pay attention to the next body keep warm, once it is affected, it will not only aggravate the condition, but it is also easy to induce other diseases. If you don’t pay attention to keep warm during menstrual period, you may induce dysmenorrhea, as well as gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis.

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Autumn trousers is too frost.

Tight-year-old trousers may increase local temperatures, if they are not breathable, then it is easy to increase the risk of gynecologic infections, and if choosing the kind of socks that prevent intravenous songs, they are more troublesome. Because the kind of socks are tight, they will cause blood circulation, the blood circulation of the limbs and skin is slower, and people will only be more cold, and it is more likely to be frozen.

Pure cotton trousers is king

The best choice of autumn trousers is still cotton. Cotton-autumn trousers sweat, breathable, so high comfort; not too moist after sweating, reduce comfort or cause skin problems.

In addition, there is also a type of autumn pants containing cashmere ingredients, suitable for winter use, also welcome to middle-aged and elderly people. But some people will worry about whether it will cause mites or allergies. In fact, as long as the autumn pants are washed regularly, they will not be worn directly after a long time. If you don’t worry about the problem of mites; however, some people are allergic to wool. For such people, it is best not to choose a cashmere ingredient.

The best warm water in autumn pants


When washing the autumn trousers, you can choose to wash with warm water in 40-45 ° C, because the autumn clothes is a close-fitting clothing, more likely to contaminate the body’s oil and fat clay and the skin residue of the new metabolism, and it is easier to remove these dirt, water with warm water. It is not easy to decontaminate too cool, and the water is too hot to cause damage to the clothes.

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