russian volume lashes

Jan 01,2022

Accentuate the look of eyes with Russian volume lashes found on Fake lashes can be easily stuck onto eyelids to give lashes a thicker and bolder appearance. Find different lengths and styles of Russian mega volume lashes to wear for special occasions or everyday use. 

Sets on can be ideal for personal use or for salons to keep on hand for inventory. The Russian mega volume lashes may have different appearances from 3D to 5D effects. Most are made with real or faux fur for a realistic and comfortable feel. This includes designs made from items such as synthetic hair or mink. The 3D Russian volume lashes have a cotton band on the back for softness as well as flexibility.

Lengths of the Russian volume lashes can be customized for a natural or elongated appearance. These lengths can range from 6mm to 18mm. For quality, the Russian black eyelashes are 100 percent or semi-handmade. Lashes may be glued in place, although some come with taped backing making them quicker to apply. Each set is created with lightweight materials to be worn comfortably all day long. Most come in a natural black coloring but some can be customized into multicolored options. 

Finding the right set of Russian volume lashes is made easy with The sets are made to be one size fits most but lashes can be cut and adjusted to fit all needs. Wear this Russian volume eye accessory as is or pair it with mascara for increased intensity for a bold look.