Everyone remembers that more than ten years ago, representing the urban white collar



? Although it was crazy from the consumers who were awake in these years, rarely listened to this brand, I thought it would hide this, but I dare to find recently, the “luxury goods” in our eyes are still strong! Even in the counterattack.

Red is very like Ai Lianfeng


30, 40 years old, no matter how much don’t want to admit, you have been crazy when you are young. It was very high-end at the time. In the early days of 2000, Ayilian’s coat sold 300 pieces, and the price of a knitted sweater can also be up to one or two hundred pieces, dare to do not say anything, you must know in a small 20 years. Before, Ayilian is the brand of “high climbing” in the party’s party.


Because of the popularity, its sales exceeded 3 billion, turned into a strong brand at that time, only in recent years, Ayilian was killed as “China’s first village guring” brand.

If I didn’t remember the wrong, after the “Meteor Garden”, the price of the big s continued to soar. At that time, Ayilian did not hesitate to go to the big s endorsement, and the subsequent clothes sold more hot, the price is also reduced. Later, I found a small S of the world’s popularity, and the two people were marketing for their “pink storm”, opened the era of Ai Lianfi.


Ai Lian is designed to be shallow, white, light blue, and has a yellow-yellow yellow. There must be more elements of 5 or more little girls like: lace, lotus leaf, reflective material, slim version, layer-laminated flowers. This whole body stacking women’s style, in order to be called now, but at the time, it is Kawaii

(The fashion vocabulary in the same year)


Symbolism, in the high school girls, many of them are excellent examples …

It may be that Ai Lian’s painting is simply spicy, but it is really a good grade in the class, and the family conditions are good, and the usual welcoming girl is worth having clothes.

Later, it became a group of objects …


Later Ai Lian did not care about the trend, still insisted on the route of “rural small princess”, the price of the price is always high, and finally the consumer DISS that is unveiled, turned into


. As long as the female star attended the event, we will find that the trend in the day is the “a sense of a woman wearing a Ai Lian” “a must-have a million big name into Ai Lianfeng”.


Although Ayilian is the city’s young female market, it is no longer approved by young girls. Obviously this women’s brand that is supported by 70, 80 in three or four tours, has lost the largest group with the initial fans into the priest. Therefore, it is easy to fight the world.


In the same year, the scenery was unlimited, and Ayilian, who opened more than 3,000 lines. In recent years, the positive attacks of the e-commerce storm and the rapid rise of similar brands, and all kinds of media and group laminated, it is really getting up, The original starry lady image, in the back of the newly-rising consumption army 90, 95, also became “native wind”. There is no change in market environment and consumer groups, so Ai Lian has left the young market in product positioning and style, which ultimately leads to sales, and returning …

What is the transformation of Ai Lian by Wannian?

At present, the store’s only store store is mainly concentrated in the origin of the brand.

Guangdong Province, there are southern regions

After all, the thin camel is bigger than the horse. If you understand this, you can see a strong resonance.

In order to die, Ayilian made a lot of means, one is

Celebrate aesthetics, design upgrade

. Its current positioning is still a worker group who is just working, it is more cautious than the previous sweet powder, injects more fresh and literary elements. The original pleats and lace are used very cautious now, I can’t see it. A piece of shallow powder and light blue isometric.


Designer also

Made in China



Korean designer Jin Meixian

Designed for it, regardless of the display of the store or the overall style of the clothes, there is a significant change.

The second is to stick to the concept and continue to make surprises.


However, the change is not equal to the change of the brand, Ai Lian still retains the original DNA of the brand, insists on the use of naked pink, butterflies and other elements. Only the original rutary butterfly has become a simple geometric element design, more simple and clear.

Ai Lian’s new store image is also from the original 18th year of the city, which has become the level of the mall. Although there is a big gap with the big brand, Ayilian has suffered from the perserate, giving up the super-saturated rustic barbic powder. .

There are also decisive closes most shops.


Transfer to offline marketing

It also greatly reduces operational costs, and accumulate strength for Ai Lian. Now Ayilian is no longer the village flower of the girl’s house style, but

[祜 祜 · 风 翻 ·]]



High cost-effective single product recommendation

Although Ayilian is almost identified as the clothes that Xiaofang, the village will wear, but the quality has never disappointed, especially after the transformation, although there is no anti-sky, it is very elegant in the daily match, the fabric is also The real name is certified, which is indeed better than a lot of miscellaneous cards, and the cost performance is still very high.

In the right price, the price of Ayulian dress is between ¥ 200-300, the price of coat in autumn and winter is priced between ¥ 300-500, dare to dare


Still not suggesting


. However, the discount price is more beautiful, spring and summer models don’t wait for tens to one or two hundred hundred hundreds, there is no trace of a treasure explosion, the key quality is guaranteed, wearing a few seasons are no problem.


Shoulder dress

Plattefada wind dress

Slim long dress

There are still a lot of printing chiffon, cotton top, and carefully, it is completely around 100 yuan.




One-shoulder stripe shirt


Short slim locomotive leather ¥ 199

I don’t know if my sisters have experienced the Dingsheng period of Ayilian. It is the best to make a good idea to open the store “squatting”, although I don’t understand what I am thinking about it now …

Do you have any shopping actions that Ayilian regretted in Ayia?