Liangshan News Network (Wu Lina) Just entered the first floor of the Zhaojue County Hospital, there was a special kind of fragrant flavor, and the root causes, the original is an Ai salt package in the obstetrics and gynecological treatment. the taste of.

Since November, the premature launch of the Qixian Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Guanyuan Point, which is airy-free, and the medical care suitable for the lack of maternal urine retention and postpartum lack of pain, after a few days, the doctor and nurses in the ward received it. The feedback on the patient – “Doctor, this package is warm and comfortable?” “Doctor, this package is not hurting” “doctor, can I give me another one more again.” ……

Ai Salt Hot Compression Guanyuan Point Chinese Medicine Nursing Appropriate Technology is that Yuyao People’s Hospital Nursing Person, this technology has been implemented in the obstetrics of Yuyao People’s Hospital for 3 years, and the maternal praise is received. This mature technology is in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Zhaojue County People’s Hospital, hoping to bring the gospel for the vast number of Zhaojue County.

Since the party’s 18th National Congress, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the inheritance of China’s outstanding traditional medical culture. Traditional medicine Theory believes that “Guanyuan” is the Yuan Yinyuan Yangguan Tibet, which is the main point of the strong body, and has the strength of the Yangmaster Pei. Guanyuan is an important acupuncture point of the rejuvenation of the Renmin and Foot Sanyin, attending urinary system diseases, in order to treat various causes. The moisture salt has a dampness, the muscles, and the warmth of the cold; the wax smell is aromatic, bitter, can be qi blood, warmth, cold and wet, stopper pain. It has been reported that the bladder area is hot compress as a physical therapy, no traumatic, warmly stimulating the bladder area, can adjust the three focuses, warmth, expand local blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, relieve and relax urethral hrainy muscles, Bladder and urethra swelling, enhanced bladder gasification function, and helps uterine contraction to recover, so that the blood is excreted in the blood in the uterus. Thus, Tongyang Lili, Warm Palace, relieves the role of uterine pain.

In the future, I hope that more TCM nursing technology can be vigorously carried out in Zhaojue County People’s Hospital, and better serve the patients in Zhaojue County People’s Hospital.