Summer must have three treasures:

Air conditioning, watermelon, fertilizer water!

Especially the fertilizer is happy – Coca-Cola, many people treat it as the source of life. This is a refined feeling from the outside, who is using who knows.

Of course, this is so popular, and there are also a lot of clothing brands to take it on its havan, fire. This is not based on the long-awaited Anta to open a new joint column in 19 years!


On May 9, Anta joined in the US trend name Solestage in Sanlitun, Beijing, opened the first batch of commercial activities. When the sale is only 20 minutes, the cola shoes are sold out, and it also shows the best proof of its popularity.


The large-scale flying technology and integrated shoes have become the focus of this time, but the main thing is itself


Light quantization and drying


For the upcoming sultry summer, this breathable and comfortable ball shoe is also a good choice.


At the same time, there is also a co-branded beverage.


Flashlite Anta hydrogen technology

The whole has about 486 billion air bubbles, and the density is only 1/9 of paper. Someone calls it

A weight of only one pack of potato chips

See the lightness of the ball shoes.


Of course, the most popular should be “overbearing” leisure shoes. The overall shape is relatively rich, embroidered, decorated, high-hit, thick, but also gains controversy, feels too big in the foot, it looks too cumbersome! Subsequent series of products, but unintentionally attracted the attention of countless people.

So today, this series of joint shoes, but what kind of clothing do you plan to match your favorite packaging?

In order to cater to the shoe’s match, some people specially bought a co-satisfied costume. The red white color of the ball shoes is very suitable in any case. But this little brother, boldly selected a pink T-shirt with gray shorts, and added a denim jacket to highlight.

The pink T-shirt also printed a Coca-Cola logo logo in the chest, just right than the shoe. White T-shirts are also more suitable for daily wearing, and highlights layering.

“Enjoy it can Cold” is called Coke classic advertising words, gray sports shorts are also matching this slogan, but it is also the red and white stockings, just right to add embellishments for overall.

Of course, the red black color is also a good choice, the chest embroidered T-shirt, echo with the trousers of the black leopard, so that the shoes will not be too eye, and there is a sunny juvenile.

The star is also the powder of Anta.

Privately, the star wear also likes to wear Coca-Cola and Anta joint shoes to shape, Guan Xiaoyuan and Zong win will wear shoes very casual in the daily match. Whether it is white pants or black pants.


If you want to be a little, you may wish to learn Li Sister. The airport street is also very handsome and cool, gives more youthful vitality.

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