Ai, moxibustion, moxibustion seat, moxibustion pillow …

The temperature drop, moxibustion is constantly rising,

Many people received the advertisement “bombing” from the micro business.

Declaring moxibustion products to improve a variety of diseases.

At present, there is a five-flowers in moxibustion products on the market. Is there a moxibustion effect? Is it safe and healthy at home? Experts remind, moxibustion needs to syndromidize the treatment, and then find the corresponding acupoints in the future, so that the treatment effect can be achieved, claiming that many diseases can generally be less reliable, self-moxibustion requires paying attention to anti-iron injury, fire, smoke.

Temperature drop moxibustion temperature rise

Some product monthly sales tens of thousands

“Innovative seat type, three major hot ports, while caught multiple acupuncture points, often to improve the palace cold, dysmenorrhea, prevent uterine tumors, ovarian cyst, improve gastric cold, stomach pain, improve gout, backache, kidney deficiency, etc., enhance immunity Forces … “Recently, Ms. Chen often brushed the moxibustion chair advertisement in the WeChat circle of friends, and detailed the moxibustion effect in detail, claiming that it often improves a variety of diseases.

The reporter queried online platform learned that all kinds of moxibustion products are hot, some of the monthly sales of tens of thousands, moxibustion products, five flowers, common there is a wave, moxibustion, moxibustion, moxibustion seat, Moxibustion Pu Group, moxibustion bed, etc., the price from a few cents to 10,000 yuan.

Mr. Zhou recently bought a box of Ai pillars on the Internet, and plans to have a moxibustion in the online moxibustion. “At that time, there were activities, about 9.9 yuan a small box, I used it twice, every time my moxibustion Very nose, and the taste of the moxibustion burn used before the moxibustion is very different, and it feels that this time has no effect, and then there is no use. “

Online shop, moxibustion is also popular. The reporter saw in a number of pharmacies, there are a variety of Ai to sell, the price ranges from more than 20 to more than 60 yuan. Some pharmacies staff are not very clear for adaptive crops and precautions for moxibustion. There are also pharmacies staff, generally can be used, follow the product manual, do not burn.

In a moxic hall in Shanghai, from time to time, there is also a moxibustion from time to time, and there are all kinds of moxibustion methods and indications on the store. According to the price list in the store, the general moxibustion is 10 times for a course of treatment, and the price ranges from 1900 yuan to nearly 4,000 yuan. According to the staff in the store, it is currently coming to moxibustion, the moxibustion is about four or five people, compared to self-employed moxibustion, we will cooperate with meridians, and the moxibustion effect is better.

Declaring that various diseases may not be reliable

Will the five-flowered moxibustion product on the market is effective?

Ding Bang, director of the Acupuncture Department of Yueyang, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said:

“At present, moxibustion is mainly divided into two major categories. One type is traditional, there is a certain technical operation requirement, some moxibustion methods of the hospital need medical staff or professional operation, otherwise it is easy to scald; the other is the market Commercial transformed moxibustion products, main ingredients or Ai Ye, just after some utensils. In contrast, the latter uses more convenient, such as common smokeless moxibustion, add some burn ingredients, Ai The ingredient will decrease, from the efficacy, there is a certain effect, but the effect will be somewhat. “

He said that in fact, various combustments have corresponding effects on acupuncture points, the reason for moxibustion, is the best in therapeutic effects through a large number of clinical studies. There are two main points in moxibustion, one is the burn of the skin, and one is an acupuncture point. As for the smell, I have a role in Wen Ya, sleeping the leaf pillow, etc., there is no related medical research.

“Treatment and health care is different, claiming that many diseases can be treated, generally less reliable. Moxibustion is one of the important contents of TCM, which is needed to distinguish, and then find the corresponding acupoints after treatment, so that it can achieve treatment effect.”


You should pay attention to these points yourself!

Is it safe and healthy at home?

Ding Bangyou introduction:


Moxibustion has a cold, passing through the active, improving immunity, in general, is safe, side effects are small, even if the acupuncture points are not allowed to have no effect, but there is no harm. The most common problem of self-employment moxibustion is burns, and a few people will be emotion, which may be a psychological effect, or may have an allergic reaction to the smoke; some people will have blood pressure, heart rate and other changes, discomfort, etc. For most people, they can be at home moxibustion, need to pay attention to the qualified product to be approved by relevant departments. The unsuitable population is mainly for seniors that are critically ill patients, diabetes, and physical fitness. “

Moxibustion can be in the past four seasons, and winter and summer are particularly suitable. The main effect of moxibustion is Wenjing cold, and for some people who are in a crowd, such as the cold, it is very suitable for moxibustion in winter.

He reminded that it takes special attention to three points ↓ ↓ ↓ 家 家

First, prevent burns. There is no effect on the body after moxibustion. There is also a scar moxibustion in moxibustion, which is blisters after the moxibustion, stimulating immunity. There is also a familiar three volts containing foaming preparations such as white mustard, causing minor skin damage to the corresponding therapeutic effect.


In general, mild blisters can treat wounds themselves, they can be self-healing; if the burns are serious, they need to go to the hospital to find a doctor for treatment. It should be noted that older people who are scar physique, diabetes, and poor body can have a coma, and these people are immunized, and they are not sensitive to temperature, easy to burn or even have more serious consequences.

Second, pay attention to fire prevention. There may be inner fire after the emulsion, it is easy to return.

Third, pay attention to smoke. It is best to make moxibustion in the place where there are smoke exhaust equipment such as the kitchen, or in a ventilated place, while keep warm.

Comprehensive: Zhou Yao Shanghai, News Morning News

Source: Guangzhou Daily