By the end, many mothers will be busy preparing new clothes, a beautiful princess dress or handsome small suit, always let the mother can’t let go, but the child’s clothes can not only focus on beautiful, safety is the most important.

Give you this child’s clothing to buy guidelines, collect it!

How to choose baby underwear

Soft and comfortable is preferred

The baby’s skin is very delicate, and it may be a mark that is slightly frustrated, and the underwear is directly touching the baby’s personal clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a soft, such as cotton, silk (summer), such as cotton, silk (summer).

Note that modal cotton is not cotton, but a pure artificial fiber, but the same as the cotton is the same as cellulose fibers, and the mother will not be mixed. There is also a choice of clothes. It should not be small. If you buy a set of underwear, you need to pay attention to whether the material around the neck is elastic, soft, so as not to pull the clothes.


Choose light colored clothing

Various non-ferrous dyes may affect the health of the child, and the color of the white underwear may add a fluorescent agent, and it is not suitable for the baby to be worn.

Underwear is as good as possible, it can avoid the visual nerves of the baby because of the color of too gorge, but also find some of the abnormalities in the baby, such as wrestling, or nails are too sharp to scratch your skin.

Clothes work must be fine

Try to choose label in underwear outside, because tag rubbing and stimulating baby’s skin. Nowadays, the popular boneless licking can also effectively avoid rough sutures to the baby’s skin, especially the armpit, wrist, etc., because the baby’s activities are more, it is easier to draw blood marks.

Choose A-class clothing

Infant underwear under the age of 3, “Infant Products” (Class A) must be marked, and the infant clothing Class A standard requires that the formaldehyde content is less than or equal to 20 mg / kg, the safety is strong, but must be indicated “non-dry cleaning” or round Fork pattern.

How to choose baby jacket

Be better to wear and take off

The baby is gentle, and I don’t know how to take the initiative to dress, if some postures may affect the baby’s growth and development. So try to avoid buying those who look very cute, but wearing a very difficult dress, such as the number of buttons, too much or the neckline is too tight.

Note Check whether there is a compartment between the zipper and the skin of the skin, but whether the button or zipper is sharp, it will not cause damage to the baby inadvertently.

The print on the clothes touched smoothly.

Some baby’s clothing is very bright, but touch sticky, this may be used in the printing process that contains plasticizer-containing coatings, not recommended to purchase.

Which clothes can’t wear? Be

Safety risk

1 tapered clothing. The neck’s rope may wrap around the baby’s neck when the baby is wearing or playing. It has certain security risks. This type of clothing does not recommend buying. If you have already bought it, you can draw or lose the rope;

2 There are many small accessories. The button on the baby’s clothes, cartoon decorative accessories If the sewing is not strong, it may fall off or withdrawn by the baby. If the baby can cause suffocation if the baby can cause suffocation.

Open trousers

Every summer, many parents like to exchange their children to open trousers, which is convenient for the baby to go to the toilet, and save urine and not wet money. It can be described as two.

But the open trousers will bring a lot of damage to the baby:

1 It is easy to cause bacterial infection: the child is lively, open trousers will lead to direct exposure to the private parts of the baby, contact with all kinds of pathogens in the process of touching all kinds of pathogen, resulting in private parts of bacterial infection;


2 It is easy to lead to private parts, mosquito bites: Baby’s new metabolism is fast, body temperature will be higher than adults, and it is more prone to sweating. It is also easy to suffer from the skin outside. If some mosquitoes are more poisonous, the baby is to be Sin;


3 It is easy to lead to private parts accidental injuries: bare private parts are easy to fall in the baby, hit, touch, smashed into the injury, etc. Retrieved consequences.

All new baby clothes are suggested that parents are cleaned, remove residual formaldehyde on clothing, avoiding stimulation for their baby’s skin and respiratory tract, and even trigger allergic reactions.