One go to winter, all kinds of leggings have already debuted! There is always a lot of leggings in the wardrobe of the woman, and these leggings seem to be as long as the eyes of men. In fact, they are very different.

Plus velvet, no velvet, socks, pedicure, pressure, small pressure

Wait, wait …, not only men are dazzling, but also for ladies, choose the legs that suits them. It is also very difficult.

Nowadays, the leggings on the market will be a thousand articles, the spring and summer sells stress, the autumn and winter sells stress, but in fact

The effect is almost

I have no new idea. Until recently,

Shark pants

The air is born, there is both leggings


Body effect

And can be visually visually

More thin

Most importantly, shark pants

Better fabrics


Life is longer than leggings

I can wear for many years.

No need to buy the same use as a standby

First, learn about shark pants

1 fabric

The fabric of shark pants is just

Putting the structure of shark skin

Moreover, it is not the material of the shark skin. Its material is actually

Nylon yarn

It looks a bit like a diving suit.

Quick-drying fabric

And in the nylon yarn

superfine fiber

Can guarantee it

Will not draw, up, stick, and deformation

, So the dress will be longer than leggings, and the visual effect will also

More smoothly smooth

. Shark pants

Plus velvet


, Than nylon yarn

More skin-friendly

Some, at the same time

Keep warm

Although the shark pants will be very tight, its pressure is not big, just

Micro-pressure design

Do not have a strong sense of compression, but it will be like a second layer of skin.

Bare experience

. And, shark pants

Very good elasticity

, Actually light, at the same time

Inclusiveness is also larger


80 catties to 140 pounds

It can be easily put on, unlike some pressure-old leggings, the requirements of weight are so high.

2 version

Since the fabric of shark pants is a nylon yarn,

Three-dimensional feeling is strong than leggings


Before you have no upper body

Straight version

However, this material is not suitable for making socks, so shark pants

Only trousers this type of trousers

of. Generally, the length of shark pants is

High waist + nine pants

The form of the package is large. In the part of the trousers, shark pants use

Design of the port

It can highlight the thin wrist, at the same time

Will not have a long-lasting feet partial partial roll

Micro-pressure design of shark pants will make

The curve of the waist and the crotch is more obvious

It is therefore true that the upper body to the lower body is too smooth. At the same time, the high waist portion can put all the fat on the belly.

Push it to hide


Parallel belly

This is very attractive for people with small belly. Powerful



360 degree package sensation

, This is why Shark Pants will

Instead of yoga pants to become the best choice for fitness people

After all, wear enough clothes when fitness can be reached.

Fatness effect

But at the same time, to ensure the costume

Have a good elasticity

Shark pants still have an alias –

Hip pants

! Many people choose shark pants, in fact, it is to look at its hips. We said that the material of shark pants is thick, so the three-dimensional sense is better. Careful observation will find that

The position of the hip is still in the design of the arc

After the upper body will appear


Effect, this

Arc is smaller

So it looks


More natural

It will not be too deliberate. For those who are relatively flat, shark pants is a question, can solve

Curve is not obvious enough

The fundamental problem.

Second, shark pants suitable leg type

Although the shark pants have very good

Svenous shaping effect

However, there is still a need for leg types. For those who are thin and straight, the existence of shark pants is indeed

Add flowers on the brown

Not only let

Leg proportion is better

And can also be in the waist, ankle and hips

Enhanced curve

. But for the legs are not straight, there is a bit thick person, shark pants are likely to expose these short boards.

The difference between the thickness is more obvious


Muscle will become a fat

Vision, this curve will not want anyone.

Especially for girls who are relatively large for calves, shark pants are not only

No way to shape

And even more defects in the legs! Originally a straight pants can hide the meat on the leg, put on the shark pants directly into it.

Gourd leg

. In addition, the nylon material itself will have some

Reflective effect

, Familiar with this material knows,

The reflectance will be widened to the object

, Such as the first place on the blacklist of the girl

Leather pants

This is this effect. Therefore, for those who are not fine enough, shark pants don’t have a way to shape it for you.

Will only make you fat

Third, the matching skills of shark pants

Although the shark pants and ordinary black tights are similar, it is the design of leggings after all, so, except for fitness pants,

Direct wear is not realistic

, Recommended to choose

Cover the jacket of your hips


,for example

Sweater, long T, jacket

Wait. If you want to highlight the waistline, you can choose

Square to the top of the dress

, Clothes in both sides and buttocks

Create a pleats to cover your hips


The suture of the buttocks is definitely not exposed

. Finally, you can use a pair

Gaosh mesh shoes


Building a level


If you think

Top + shark pants

Such a match is too monotonous, there is nothing highlight, or you can add a longer than the outer current.

Solid colored bottom T-shirt

, Suggestion

White not wrong

. But pay attention to, bottoming

Wear is too long



Expat 1 to 2cm

It is enough, it will be a bit awkward. If you choose to increase the superimposition of the clothes,


Do not recommend back with 高 袜

Like this

There is too little part of the legs in the line of sight.

It is easy to

Appearance of legs


Directly exposed ankle


We previously proposed in other clothes.

The same color or smoothness is the best

, But this is on shark pants

Not suitable


. Shark pants are mostly

Black or dark gray


Style, if you match the same color jacket or jacket, it will make the upper body and the lower body

Boundary is too blurred


Losing the waistline is equal to the loss of the leg

. At the same time, more

You can’t choose long and long

The jacket will not see it completely

Boundary line

It is easy to have

Up to now

The communication.

If it is itself, it has chosen that is a black-fitting method. The part of the socks also chose the same color line, which will appear.

Catastrophic effect

, Visually let the calf part

Divided into two

It seems like it is

No ankle

Like, look

Legs are short and thick

Brought by shark

Slim and slender feelings

. At the same time, if such a match, other highlights wearing it are not easy to be noticed, suggestions

The length is only selected to cover the hips.

Top, and shark pants

Great tops of color and ganto

So, shark pants


Can you still match the long coat?

? In fact, it is not. same with

Use color to play differential


The truth, want to wear long jackets to ensure first

Jackets and shark pants are not the same color


You can choose bright colors

, Choose one and shark pants

Short section of color difference

,if only

Guaranteed the color of the inner and jackets to harmonious

Yes. Part of the footwear

It is recommended to expose an ankle

If this situation wears 高 高, the legs will also be

Visually divided into two

It’s almost almost all of our demonstrations we look.


Shark pants + ball shoes

Fixed match, but in fact,

Shark pants and boots can also match


Color choice is important

! Black shark pants

Don’t match black boots

I can’t see it.

Position of the boots

, Far from the dark pants wearing a stupid black leather shoes, except

Brown, gray

Don’t wear them, suggestions

Bright boots

, Want to keep a little


Shark pants although the form and leggings don’t have much difference, but

The effect of creating is the difference

While the matching method of shark pants is also equipped with leggings

totally different

, Leggings suitable

Woman tasteful costume

, Created style

Comparative sexy

, But shark pants

Neutral, or some of the sports and casual costumes

, Created style

More cool

Everyone 10 million

Don’t confuse the application of these two pants