Lead: Winter is too cold, baby sleeps do not wear socks? Do the following, baby sleeps unsatisfactory

The weather is getting colder, I don’t feel enough to wear cotton coat. For the baby is not sick, the parents will give the baby three layers of clothes in the three-storey outside, but at night, the parents will start to worry, I can’t do not for the baby. It’s cool without taking clothes, so that the baby will sleep very uncomfortable, affect the quality of sleep, will also delay the body development.


So some parents will do this, wear socks when the baby is sleeping, thinking to wear socks to sleep and sleep, do not have to worry about the feet out of the cold problem, don’t know if you do?

First of all, do you want to know what the baby is easy to be cold? Is it just because the room temperature is low? Of course, not, observe the baby carefully, sometimes the arm is in front of it, and I have never seen it, but it is strict, and the chance of baby is getting bigger.

When you have a baby’s body bag in the quilt, how long does it take? The baby will feel hot. When it is hot, it will bring a great temperature difference, if it is the arm or the legs. Because it is too hot, it is easy to get ridiculous disease when it is too hot.

So, as long as the baby is warm and comfortable in the quilt, it must not be hot, even heat sweating, otherwise it is easy to catch cold.

So want your baby not to heat sweat, you can’t wear socks, or wear socks will increase the chance of baby quilt. When you get cold, it is a minute, and because wearing socks are too hot, the baby is moving, Let the baby sleep uncondition, my mother will always go to the gates, who can’t sleep well, and I am still sick.

Second, we must know that wearing socks are sleeping, it is easy to hinder the blood circulation, so that the baby’s body is unfavorable, so get off the socks, let the feet relax, promote blood circulation, so that the baby will make your baby Sleeping more comfortable, warm and faster.

In addition, don’t give your baby socks, once he is the quilt?


This is the most headache of parents. I don’t know how to solve it. I can’t sleep in the evening, I have been keeping my baby, it is unrealistic. If the baby is not very honest, check the baby is too hot or too cold, with a warm hand to touch the baby’s back neck, this part is sweating, explaining the baby very hot, then To check if there is too much or the cover is too thick, if you touch it, it means that the baby is very cold, then you have to cover your baby, and increase heat.

To solve the problem of baby quilt, the parents can try the sleeping bag. After using the sleeping bag, the baby is not afraid, and the feet have been warm, and it is not worried about the cold.

What should you pay attention to in sleeping a sleeping bag?

If you wear a sleeping bag, you can’t give your baby socks. If you are particularly cold, you can cover your baby blanket.

After using your sleeping bag, some parents don’t know if you want to cover your baby? What to do in the end?


In fact, if you use the sleeping bag, do you want to cover the quilt, or look at the specific situation of your baby, if you warm, if you have a little cold, if you want to change your sleeping bag, judge the cold and hot method and the quilt, you can pass it. After the neck is judged. Don’t give your baby too much with your sleeping bag, you don’t have to wear the hair or laminated autumn clothes, you can give your baby cotton long sleeve, so we will make your baby more comfortable.

Do more than the above, the weather is not afraid, the baby sleeps unsatisfactory, don’t you know that you are doing?


Winter is too cold, baby sleeps don’t wear socks? Do the following, baby sleeps unsatisfactory