Injecting the flourishing genes of luxury goods, the high-pricing of the secondary market has made many consumers. Recently, the high-end designer brand has begun to pre-sale, but the product has not yet been issued, but the secondary market has started selling, limited one “baby” on the secondary market. It’s hard to find, but the source of the yellow cattle is continuous. The industry pointed out that if the play brand cannot hatch and give the product super value-added concept, the effect is limited, and it will not really be hot, but is just a fire.

Assault is a “baby” hard to find

Recently, the bubble mart and designer brands have launched three joint limited edition playing gift boxes, which are scheduled for sale at 10 am on September 6. However, many consumers have found that 18:12 on September 4th, these gift boxes have been purchased.

“This assault is sold, and ordinary consumers can’t grab it. Unless it is good, it is just in the time. In contrast, there is a robot to buy the yellow cattle who has a gift of the goods.” Tide play Xiao Yong (pseudonym) is said.

The reporter saw on the idle fish. September 5 has started to sell the above gift box on September 5, and all the screenshots have been filled with the official flagship store, including the seller’s marking: “Bubble Mart Dimoo up and down the limit, the official website raid, can change the address, non-standard. “

Subsequently, it is aimed at the presence of the phenomenon in advance, and the upper and lower official responded is that the system debugging technology fault, orders and receiving functions are not warned due to the preparation preparation work. “At present, the company has closed this feature, and the above order has been canceled in the system background. Please contact the company within 3 days. The original activity will be held at 10 o’clock on September 6th. “

Bubble Mart Small Red Book Official Account is also placing a top review in the promotion of the product released, and the product released in advance “has all been canceled”, but this comment has been deleted on September 6.

The reporter noted that the sale of 10 o’clock on September 6nd was changed to the first deposit, and the end of the end of the end of September and 15th, and shipped within 3 days after payment.

However, it is still a “baby” that is still a “baby” in accordance with the agreed time. The reporter saw in the social platform and the game communication group, many consumers said that they could not be found, and the sellers selling the above products on the second-handed sales platform have about 30.

The line is “monopolized” in the line, and the situation underline is also small. “In June this year, I was in Tianjin ‘Earth Daughter 400’, and the number of friends was one night, and it was certainly bought. As a result, the orange pulled a dozen people to line up, leading us that we can’t buy it.” Consumption Sisi (pseudonym) said, “But the bubble martial artist does not care, just talk about itself.”

The reporter contacted the bubble Mart brand side for the problem of controlling control of the yellow cattle and the orders sold in advance, the reporter contacted the bubble Mart brand, but as of the press release.


In the secondary market, Molly “Earth Daughter” is priced as above 48,000 yuan.

The price is doubled, such as “cutting meat”

The official flagship store did not assume the act of the bubble Marted joint gift box as an agreement, which triggered the complaints of many consumers: “There is a market, there is a yellow cattle, before the fire is now fried” “Huang Niu exclusive benefits” … consumption The dissatisfaction is at this time.

If you want to buy a favorite, the increase in the price seems to have become a choice. Mr. Zhang, playing, playing, from 2018, starting into the bracelet, and is also the “true love powder” of the bubble mart. However, recently, the emergence of limited essays has caused hot snapped up. Every pre-sale of the bubble Mart official has never grabbed it. The price of the secondary market is too high, “starting” like “cutting meat” .

When the tide was played in the yellow cattle, the price appeared twice growth, and the bigwa had the characteristics of “less, more expensive, more difficult to grab”, and the price of the secondary market is also high.

The reporter discovered that the up and down of the upper and lower × bubble mart of September 6th, one of the “clouds of the clouds” gift box in the official website of 1999, but the high price of 3,000 yuan is already called on the second-hand platform of idle fish; The series of “Dream Tea Travel” gift box is 8999 yuan, and the price of idle fish is $ 12,000 to 230,000 yuan. There is a seller also said: “It is like a limited edition, it is very likely to rise later.”

However, even if it has doubled premium, the consumer can be smoothly traded. Although the idle fish seller said that the address can be changed to the buyer’s hand, but according to the tide play field Senior player is a small courage: “The seller changed the address again to make changes again. Because the goods are just released, the final premium is still unstable, if the product Market price, the seller is likely to cancel the transaction, there is a risk of buying still existence. “

In addition, the bubble mart launched a collection of Spacemolly 1000%. The earliest “Earth daughter” in this series of this series is 4,999 yuan, but in the secondary market, even if the seller marks “no boxless gun hand and the gun body “, The price is still as high as 48,000 yuan, and on the platform platform, this bigwa is out of stock; bubble Mart brand new unboured box MEGA Collection series 400% Spacemolly regression series original price 899 yuan, secondary market price It doesn’t wait for a 3,400 yuan to 4,000 yuan.

Luxury joint premiums do not match


In the face of consumer’s original purchase, the arrest of Huang Niu sells home delivery, many consumers point the spear to the brand. “The brand should control the yellow cattle, but in fact, there is a tacit understanding of the two sides, that is, the yellow cattle is responsible for the high price, and the brand has obtained more sustainable development kinetic energy. The result is under this ‘cooperation’, The power of the lack of control is said. “Zhang Shule, a family commentary.

The Executive Dean of the Digital Economic Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law believes that for the problem of the yellow cattle, the salesman’s fight is very difficult because there is no law enforcement power. “But you can bind the players as the same name, and the yellow cattle will be difficult to fry high because the identity binding restrictions will be difficult to fry, and the brand side should also minimize the possibility of the Bull participation during the sale. “

It is understood that the upper and lower of the bubble mart is the brand that is jointly created by the designer Qiong Ear and French Hermes Group. The injection of luxury brand genes is also a factor in the high premium of joint products. “The premium is originally based on luxury, the company is jointly to obtain high premiums through scarcity. This sales model is not fresh, but the sales group before playing, this is a target sales group positioning Change. But currently, this model will not be a mainstream. “Dish and Lin said.

The disk and forests further pointed out that the blind box is actually returning to the tide for some time. “The current blind box vendor is expanding sales group, such as expanding high-end guest groups through luxury goods, through cartoon IP, all expansion is an attempt, but the mainstream of the game has always been young. Tide play The high fee is an exploration, but this may not be suitable for the target group playing. “

Zhang Shule also believes: “The core consumer circle of the blind box is actually the secondary powder in the Z generation, and its economic strength is generally difficult to achieve this high-end consumption.”


“In the field of playing sellers, they value the super premium under hype, such a population volume is large and messy, and repeatedly switches and swims in the field of all kinds of collection, lack of loyalty, and value interests Get. “Pan and Lin said that if the play brand cannot hatch and give its product super value-added concept, its effect is very limited, and it will not really be hot, but only blush. (Zhao Dazi Yu Yuzhen Internship reporter Liu Jun Group) Data magazine synthesis