Mobile office has become a daily, face-to-change space environment, how to keep decent efficient?


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Laptop bracket

Lightweight and convenient, it can easily become a computer bracket to help you achieve a comfortable office attitude anytime, anywhere.

For a long-term face for a computer, the computer bracket is as important as the key is unlocked.

1. It allows you to sit forward posture, relieve cervical pain

2. Let your hand easily play on the keyboard

3. It can also achieve the role of natural heat dissipation and improve the performance of the computer.

In addition to these advantages, this “laptop bracket package”, there is an integrated innovative structure design, protective cover + bracket, two in combination, in line with the simple life concept of contemporary urban white-collar workers.


The deformed organ hides the front of the package, flip the self-contracted magazine function.

Folding a solid triangular “computer bracket” in 1 second.

The triangular structure is the most stable structure that the physics is recognized, while the stack is inspired by this.

Even if you type hard, the computer is stable.


Bring your computer, it can be a laptop bracket.


Put the bracket down and become a strong and light computer bag and put your computer away.

Raising computer is just a small step, but it is a big step to protect your own cervical spine.

When you go to work, it is your cervical spine saver, raising the computer and protects our teammates.

When you get off work, it can not only “Carry” computer, the outer layer adopts high-quality PU leather, but also waterproof and scratch, go home and rain, you are not afraid of computer water.

These materials are selected, but also to ensure multiple folds, the structure will not be damaged.


Durable, for a long time, as new, to ensure that it is durable while durability.

As a storage bag, it is not easy to take a rogue.

The bodies are very thin, so that a file bag is so big, it is easy to make and put in the package.

Soft microfibers do the internal object to protect the internal object.

Fragile laptops, in the bag to get the most gentle asylum.


Supporting the computer is not only good for cervical vertebra, but also has benefits to computers.

Computer and desktops have a suspended distance that improves the air convection of the laptop itself, extending the service life of the computer.

In order to protect the cervical vertebrae and convenient heat dissipation, Vokamo helps you support your computer.

Have black, brown, blue, yellow four colors optional, colorful color, selection.

Whether it is at home overtime, meeting room, or more you can’t think of, just take out it, you can support your computer.

There is no hard object internally, the computer is directly placed in no pressure.

The computer is hit into the bag, and the magnetic surface “” will take away.

Whether in the office area, or a lounge, or in a convenience store, it can let you enter a comfortable office environment, which can be praised!


Creating a simplest and healthier lifestyle starting now!

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