The new Tiggo 7 real car road test spy photos have just been exposed. Recently, the real car spy photos are taken again. The difference from the previous one is that the actual car taken this time is basically disguised. Many details can be said to be at a glance , It is also completely consistent with the vaguely visible front face in the PPT chart at the PPT map (of course, the current directory declaration diagram is also there, and the details are clearer). Obtained from the frequency of the real car densely appearing, it is obvious that Chery hopes to be in the year in the year. Just push to the market.

This time the real car changes are quite clear. The headlights are coincided with the new front bumper. Still, the headlights may be used in use, but the headlight contour is completely universal and the Tiggo 7 of the current selling model is completely universal. At the same time, at the same time, at the same time Note that the grille part is used for long hexagonal design. The frame is almost a right -angle transition. The more resolute thinking is the wide chrome edge, but the front bumper is a molding part at one time. The purpose is to play the corresponding test effect, so it is completely dark visually. If you really need to mass production, the chrome edge has been added, and the visual effect will be completely different. Is it the “Audi” mouth?

At the same time, pay attention to the fog light frame. You can directly refer to the directory declaration diagram. It is divided into two layers of the inner and outer frame. The size of the frame is large and the lines are strong. Obviously, the muscle feeling is protruding. Obviously, the LED lamp source in the declaration diagram is reserved, and the horizontal part is actually the fog light position.


The tail is quite unexpected. The reason is that since there is camouflage processing on the side of the latter frame, theoretically it should be that the entire rear bumper will be changed. As a result, there is no sticker paper on one side. The Tiger 7 is exactly the same, how many people are like a fog. At the beginning, I personally prefer the formal post -production bumper to change. As a result, the directory diagram really has not changed. Other changes include rear tail lights. The rear tail wing will make corresponding changes, but this time the road test car failed to be reflected.


It is also not reflected in the hidden luggage rack, because one of the priorities disclosed in the PPT diagram is the appearance of the luggage rack (but the directory declaration diagram itself does not see whether it is a light -emitting luggage rack). According to the situation, the focus of this test is concentrated in the front part. Because other parts are fine -tuning, they are not rushed to replace immediately.

In terms of interior, the PPT diagram mentioned that it is a dual -screen design. When I look at it, I murmured this matter. Seeing the interior of the car, it is unpleasant (the interior of the real car is not clear, so I will show it directly with the interior of the Tiggo 8Plus here. The author’s eyes are close to this height. But the rush is basically the same), it is really the replica of the Tiggo 8Plus, including the same instrument packets, which are the same, and the universal rate is quite obvious.


The power matching plan is no longer a mystery. The 1.5T+48V micro -hybrid system that was speculated before really appeared. At the same time, the 1.6TGDI version was also retained. The other doubt may be that everyone saw it from the beginning. The word of Tiggo 7Plus is because the directory declaration is still declared in accordance with the name of Tiggo 7. As of now, it is still more secure when the official hammer is officially named, and the official name released by the official later period is subject to it.