Last week, Samsung’s official website published an article entitled “Setting A New Standard for Smartphones in Our Changing World”.

It is mentioned that Samsung will introduce its new S series equipment at the release event in February 2022. At present, there is an exact official response about the specific time of this release event.

Today, Samsung Galaxy officially announced, “Are you ready to challenge the night? Samsung Galaxy’s new product launch conference, February 9, 2022, stay tuned.”

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

According to the official information, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series will officially come next month.

Regarding this generation of new flagships, Samsung’s previous spoiler mentioned that the next generation of Galaxy S series will integrate the best experience of Samsung Galaxy products into a device.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

The official information shows that the Galaxy Note series should have a large possibility that will not launch new products in the next, but its experience in efficiency support and support for S PEN will bring S Pen’s support in the new Galaxy S series Integration.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

At the same time, with the formal confirmation of the release time of the new machine, the Samsung Galaxy S22 full -series product appearance rendering was also exposed on the Internet.

From the perspective of rendering, although the actual positioning is different, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22+two versions of the product design is basically the same.

On the front screen part, the new machines of the two versions may apply the design of the straight screen, which is different from the product design ideas of some high -end flagship positioning. At the same time, it continues to use the consistent mid -punch design, with the width and narrow bezels of the four sides.

Related news shows that the screen size of the new Galaxy S22 is 6.06 inches, AMOLED material, the width of the fuselage is less than 71mm. In terms of size, this seems to be a small screen flagship.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

On the back of the fuselage, the new Galaxy S22 continues the solution of last year’s Galaxy S21. The three -camera combination is arranged vertically. The camera module extends and covers the frame of the machine. The flash component is placed outside the camera module.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

The shell material of the fuselage has not been exposed for the time being, but the corresponding rendering shows that it will bring more body color, and it has already appeared in black, green, pink, white and other solutions.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

In terms of specific specifications, the standard version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will use a 6.06 -inch AMOLED screen with a built -in 3700mAh battery and supports 25W wired charging.

The Galaxy S22+built-in 4500 mAh battery with a slightly higher positioning is equipped with a USB Type-C charging interface and supports 45W fast charging.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

Judging from the information displayed in the existing news, these two versions of the S series new machines are close, but they will be differentiated on the parameter specifications.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

At the same time, the latest news also shows a set of Galaxy S22 Ultra’s appearance rendering, which shows a completely different design scheme that is completely different from the other two models in the series.

Based on rendering pictures, the overall design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra did not continue the style of the previous generation product, but was close to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra idea.

三星Galaxy新品发布会官宣:Galaxy S22系列渲染图、规格全曝光

Judging from the pictures, the overall style of the “oversized cup” version is relatively tough, and the module behind the fuselage also adopts a new solution.

It did not set the overall rear camera module, but each lens component was placed separately above the side of the fuselage. In terms of color matching, it is expected to provide purple, white, green, black and other options.

In terms of specific specifications, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be equipped with a 6.8 -inch WQHD+ curved AMOLED display to support the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate; it is also expected to bring support for S PEN, and it may provide the internal resettlement area of ​​the fuselage for the handwriting pen. The dustproof level is IP68; the built -in 5000mAh battery supports 45W fast charging.

In addition, with the approaching time of the new machine release, there have been news that the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series pricing may be higher. However, the actual new machine specifications and pricing need to be verified in the release event next month.