The kitchen refrigerator is also called kitchen cold cabinet. It is a low -temperature storage equipment used to store ingredients in the catering industry. Because the use environment of the kitchen refrigerator is back kitchen, and it is necessary to contact food and raw materials, it has the characteristics of good thermal insulation, bump resistance, acid alkali resistance, fire prevention, anti -bacterial, easy cleaning and other characteristics. Therefore It also uses stainless steel foam.

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Structures and doors are generally divided into: vertical single -door, vertical double door, vertical double door, vertical four doors, vertical six doors, vertical big six doors, etc., choose the kitchen refrigerator box door, you can Choose according to the type of storage items. Different items can be accessed in different box doors, which can reduce the mutual interference of storage items, and reduce air -conditioning leakage when switching the box door.

商用制冷设备 四门冰柜都有哪些特点?如何选择?

According to the cooling temperature, it can be divided into: stand -alone single temperature, dual -machine single temperature, dual -machine dual temperature, and refrigerated cabinets are mostly glass doors.

Single -machine single temperature: As the name suggests, the entire refrigerator is cool by a compressed machine, and there is only one temperature in the box. Because frozen and refrigerated temperature controllers are different, manufacturers generally default to freezing when they leave the factory. When choosing, the customer must inform the seller’s own use, whether to refrigerate the refrigerator or the refrigerator.

Double -machine single temperature: The entire refrigerator is refrigerated by two compressed machines, but the manufacturer’s default room is full of freezing temperature. The advantage of this is that although they are frozen, the temperature in the two boxes can be different; the refrigeration speed is faster; Another failure of the compressor can still be used normally.

Double -machine and dual temperature: The entire refrigerator is refrigerated by two compressed machines, which are both freezer and refrigerated rooms. They cannot be used for each other. The function is fixed, and its design temperature is obviously different.

There are two ways to refrigerate commercial refrigerator: straight cold and cold cold

Straight refrigerator: It is to use the compressor to compress the refrigerant of the liquid to a high -temperature and high -pressure gaseous refrigerant, and then send it to the condenser to heat the heat after it is dissipated and become a low -temperature and high -pressure liquid refrigerant, so the condenser is blowing the hot air. Then go to the throwing device (generally a capillary) to reduce the voltage and enter the evaporator. Because the space suddenly increases the space after the refrigerant reaches the evaporator from the capillary, and the pressure is reduced. Refrigerant, so as to absorb a large amount of heat, the evaporator will become cold, and use direct cold or cold to achieve cooling in the cabinet.

Features: Slow cooling, uneven temperature, easy frosty, and unable to defrost, you need to remove the frost. However, low price, small power consumption, small noise, good food preservation effect.

商用制冷设备 四门冰柜都有哪些特点?如何选择?

Wind -cold refrigerator: When air is used for refrigeration, high -temperature air flows through the built -in evaporator (separated from the inner wall of the refrigerator), due to the high air temperature and the low evaporator temperature, the heat exchange between the two, the temperature of the air will decrease. At the same time, air -conditioning was blown into the refrigerator. The cold refrigerator is to reduce the temperature of the refrigerator through this constant cycle.

Features: fast refrigeration, uniform temperature, automatic defrost. However, the price is high, the power consumption is large, the noise is large, and the food preservation effect is not good. Commonly used for foods that need to be frozen. For example: frozen dumplings, quick -frozen dough, etc.