A new type of textile bedding fabric, colorful colors, good coverage, and shown coral -like. This fabric is not only delicate in texture, but also is also very soft and comfortable, a must -have artifact for winter.

A set of coral velvet four -piece set brings you the tenderness that you can’t refuse your skin to touch the experience, so that you can also enjoy the beauty of naked sleep in the cold winter.

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In this cold winter, a set of coral velvet four -piece set can easily help you throw away the trouble of just entering the quilt, so that you are very warm from the moment you lie on the bed. The feeling of velvet hugs your skin warmly.

Single coral velvet four -piece set


The unique dual version of the design, one side of the cotton side with velvet, allows you to be available in all seasons. Cotton noodles are selected from high -quality cotton, soft fibers, thick fabrics, which are not easy to get the ball, making the color more beautiful. Add the thick coral velvet with the fluffy surface, and the plump and fine velvet, so that you can experience a soft touch.


Simple and thickened coral velvet four -piece suit

Simple design style, combined with the soft touch of coral velvet, bring a romantic and warm atmosphere to the entire bedroom. The design of envelope pillowcases and dual zippers makes it more convenient for washing. The design of the rounded sheets hooks the freshness and elegance of the product.

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You must choose comfortable things. Coral velvet gives you the comfort you want, accompany you to spend a warm winter, the warm texture makes you sleep sweetly, and let you say goodbye to cold and insomnia.


Pure color thick coral velvet four -piece suit


Selected high -quality fabrics, cold -proof and warmth, breathable and humidifying, giving you the experience of entering the nest and warmth. Sewed by one stitch and one line, let you enjoy a comfortable life. The exquisite spherical pendant is surrounded by the beauty of the shape. Use exquisite zipper to give you a smooth experience, making you more convenient to use.

Simple solid color coral velvet four -piece suit


The fabric is implanted with conductive wires, with anti -static effects, delicate plush texture of the fabric, soft and elastic, not easy to drop hair, no irritation to the skin, warm and soft care for your skin

A four -piece coral velvet with a set of temperature easily helps you lock the warmth of winter, adding a warmth and warmth to your home life.