When the new house in Hefei, the daughter -in -law should not set up a coffee table in the living room. It feels that it is super chicken ribs and it is easy to get ashes. It is difficult to clean! But I think the coffee table has become the “standard” of the living room, and it doesn’t think it looks like the living room. The master can’t stand it, and directly recommends: make a multi -functional lifting coffee table!

The master told me that the coffee table could be promoted and closed, and it could be used as a ordinary coffee table. When it raised it, it could be used as a desk. The bottom drawer can also be used for storage, with many functions. In the end, the daughter -in -law was shaken when she heard it. I don’t know how to make such a multi -functional area of ​​tea?

The master prepared tools and materials:

Screw knives, saws, hard wood boards, wood gums, nuts, drawers slids, screws, varnish, etc.


Make and assemble the bottom seat of the coffee table

Use a saw to see a rectangular hole on 2 hard wood boards, and then use screws to assemble the four hard wood plates to assemble the growth square cabinet. Leave empty at the bottom, add 2 wooden blocks in the middle to further ensure the coffee table surrounded by the hard wood board. The stability of the base, the bottom wooden block, is used as a wall frame for drawers.


Start installing lifting brackets

Select the hard wood bracket, install the hinge on the bottom seat of the coffee table, and then connect the hard wood bracket with the hinge on the other side to fix it with a nut.


Install the pallet support


Because there is no panel up and down the overall base, the supporting rack of the hardwood can not support the lift platform installed behind, so add a tray wooden board to the top surface of the base, and use the screw to fix it.

Make a lifting platform

According to the size of the need, the sawing of the required lift table is used.


Install drawer sliding rail and paint paint


First fix the production of the production lift platform with the lifting support rack, and then install the drawer sliding rail on the wooden block. Just put the drawer in the later stage.

Paint the entire lifting coffee table and wait for drying.

Such a lifting multifunctional coffee table is completed. The daughter -in -law watched the super favorite. What do you think?