There are a lot of cool items welcomed by girls in summer. The first is the skirt. The phrase “no skirt is not summer” is used in these fashionable and beautiful girls. But they can’t wear skirts every day, so many girls will prepare other cool items. For example, shorts are very suitable for cooling and fashionable items that are very suitable for summer, especially denim shorts, and they have become a must -have for everyone.

Short pants are a very convenient costume, and the versatile effect is very good. Wearing shorts in summer can use the tips to improve the waistline. Even small girls can easily wear long legs. Especially for small girls with less than 56 meters, the effect is particularly good. Therefore, the phantom of this issue will talk to you about the choice and matching skills of shorts, so that the young girls will not be confused when they are matched with shorts.


Short pants selection skills

tips①: How to choose fabrics

There are many fabrics in shorts. The most common are denim fabrics, followed by cotton, cotton, chiffon, chiffon, etc. These materials are suitable for summer wearing, especially chiffon fabric shorts. The cooling effect is very good. So many fabric shorts, or denim shorts are the most popular, because the practicality and versatile effect of denim shorts can be said to be the highest. You can match any style of tops and shoes. This is what other materials cannot be done. Therefore, wearing shorts in summer, the first choice of denim shorts.


TIPS ②: How to choose low waist, middle waist and high waist?

The shorts are relatively simple in style. If you follow the height of the pants waist, you can be divided into low waist, middle and high waist. How to choose three shorts with different waist lengths? First of all, we must figure out the characteristics of the waist of three pants. Low waist shorts are suitable for girls with long legs and short waist. If they are small children, or girls with particularly long waist, do not choose low waist shorts, because wearing low -waist shorts will make your waist longer, The legs look particularly short.


Mid waist shorts are more common, suitable for tall girls to wear. If you are a small girl or a girl with a long waist, it is strongly recommended to choose high waist shorts. Because the high -waisted design can play a role in improving the waistline, it plays a role in increasing and thinning for small children. For girls with longer waist, the waistline can be shortened, the proportion of the body is more coordinated, and the effect of wearing long legs.

The matching technique of shorts


Tips ①: With short tops, easily create high waistlines

In order to better improve the effects of the waistline, in addition to choosing high waist shorts, it is best to match short tops. This can maximize the effect of improving the effect of the waistline, thereby obtaining the effect of re -dividing the body proportion. There are many choices of short tops. Basic T -shirts, slings, collar collars, etc. are all good choices. Summer is the season for the protagonist of the suspender to sing. Choose a short suspender shirt and high -waist denim shorts. It can wear a good figure and cool effect, but also improve the sexy temperament.

Tips ②: It is better to match high heels with high heels

Girls with tall legs wearing shorts will look good even with flat shoes. For small girls wearing shorts, if you want to wear a high and thin effect, it is best to match high -heeled shoes. High -heeled shoes are simply the gospel of small children. Step on a pair of 10 cm high heels under your feet, 1 meter 56 small girls, you can Immediately transformed into 1.66 meters, or even higher. Summer high -heeled shoes must be the first choice of sandals, with fine heels of sandals to make the posture more elegant, crystal high -heeled sandals are full of coolness, and you can even choose high heels Mueller shoes. Full, and there are very high fashion effects.


In summer, wearing shorts and using the tips to improve the waistline can easily wear long legs, especially suitable for small children. The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.