1. Nice の self -made


Average price: 25 yuan

What? A bag of only one cup of milk tea? correct! This Yun Duo bag saddle bag handbag is the price of the underarm bag!

I am too i! Must -have to wear small skirts!

Senma’s bipy women’s bag

Keywords: wild contrasting embroidery

Price: ¥ 77

The bags of the Senma family are relatively cheap, and the texture is also very good, which is very suitable for students’ daily backs.

Its style is also very diverse. Friends who have seen my answers should know that I am a loyal fan of its family. Every time I visit it, I can’t bear it for a long time.

This small square bag is worth having every girl, and it is a relatively simple style.

Morima Large Capacity Shoulder Bag

Keywords: elegant and simple Japanese system

Price: ¥ 59


This is the real versatile bag! With the common nice, casual back, all are full of high -level sense.

This Totbag is from the Senma family. It can be memorized all year round, and the classic black and white and khaki are selected.

I feel that this bag is particularly simple design, but with different clothes, it can memorize a different feeling.

Urban Revivo Ridge Wandering Bag


The large capacity is very large, you can put down an iPad!

The trumpet looks more elegant than the large size, and the self -weight of the bag is very light, mainly the weight of the chain ~

The trumpet is also sufficient. Usually it is lipstick, mobile phone, charging treasure, small bottle perfume, and paper towels. The space is still sufficient.


This kind of rhombus stray bag, I have a large ones, only took the second bai to win the ocean! It’s so fragrant ~

This bag is affordable, practical and beautiful, and the little brother’s girlfriend should also like this kind of bag


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