Three meals a day, food is important, put food in food


of equal importance.

Elegant tableware, like food clothes

Not only can it be self -made, but also the taste of the food from the mouth to the eyes, bringing a full sense of happiness.


In the movie “Little Forest”, the heroine always gives each meal with appropriate and exquisite tableware.

Careful cooking food, put in the dining plate where the design sense is just right,

The warm and comfortable dining atmosphere was immediately available.


Although it is a simple meal, it feels full of healing.

This reminds me of a Japanese aestheticist Liu Zongyue and said something:

The utensils are beautiful because they are used, and the beauty is loved. People use more frequently because of their love. They warm each other and love each other, and they crosses each day together.


Look at the tableware used in our own home:

Either the design is too exaggerated and the people are dazzling; either too simple and less delicate; or the material is unhealthy and not environmentally friendly …

In short, people feel that you have not paid attention to “life” at a glance!

So -called

“Beautiful things”

The tableware is the carrier of food, and it has also become a very healing item. So, don’t let it go!


Today, I recommend one to you

Self -use or getting off

It’s a suitable tableware set.

The use of food with them not only increases the delicateness of life, but also makes the monotonous and boring days full of ritual.

Japanese -style and windy glaze color tableware set (16 pieces)

Su Ya Lan Tune 2 style optional


Porcelain feel thick, stable, delicate, smooth, healthy and environmentally friendly

This set of tableware is the first to touch people. Dark blue and white match,

Su Yajou


, Texture and atmospheric, full of Japanese style and charm.

The two styles are optional:

Chiba and Oracle


The former is simple and simple, and the latter is deep and restrained.

Each set is included:

4 daily bowls (4.5 inches)+4 Japanese -style discs (7 inches)+4 pairs of chopsticks+4 spoons, a total of 16 pieces.


But the two styles are not fancy and complicated, the glaze and patterns are highlighted, quiet and elegant,

It’s really beautiful to return to you.

Put on the dining table, and then the ordinary meal is the taste of “want to eat”. Standing in the cabinet, as pleasing to the eye like art, quiet and powerful.

It can be adapted one by one whether it is delicious or radish and pickles.

After all, the tableware is sincere. It not only passes the beauty of four o’clock, but also tolerate the difficulty of years.

Porcelain is thick, stable, delicate and smooth


1 Under glaze craftsmanship high temperature 彩 does not fade

Safe and environmental protection easy cleaning


This set of Japanese -style tableware is particularly popular at the moment

“Underglaze Craft”

It is made of high temperature and each trace is given a distinctive personality and style of the dishes.

The underglaze color is made of high temperature (1200-1400 ° C) at a time.

The surface is bright and soft, smooth and not protruding, and it is particularly clear and translucent.


Tableware fired with this process,

Not easy to wear, not easy to fade, lead non -toxic and non -toxic


, Healthy and harmful, safe and environmentally friendly.


🔼The test report


At the same time, after the high temperature is burned, the glazed surface becomes very dense.

Bacteria cannot be immersed, and it is not easy to attach;

All inorganic molecules of tableware are integrated, closely connected, and there is no gap.

Not easy to hide dirt

, So dishes are easy to clean.

2 can be steamed, baked, microwave


Buy a full set of dozens of dollars, super cheap ~

Dinner plates and rice bowls


The three -dimensional sense of the outer edge also increased, and the grade was immediately improved.


Porcelain thick and stable


The feel is delicate and smooth, or the end or holding, all feel comfortable.


The height of the bowl bottom insulation and anti -scalding,

The elderly at home are also very convenient to use, and it is relatively safe for the end of it.

In addition, heating is also convenient,

Steamed, baked, microwave.


It is suitable for a variety of home appliances such as microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc., saving time, no need for a long time ~

Like the online or supermarkets, the better bowls or disks, only twenty or thirty pieces of each, but they are always dismissed by the price.

This set of appearance and practicality has both,

The price must be very expensive, right?

Do not! You guess! This set of Japanese and windy 16 -piece tableware combination, as long as

39.9 yuan

, Take it directly!

Couples or little couples are more than enough.


There are many people in the family,

You can buy two sets directly, mix and match

, Can “collide” on the table to “collide” different surprises ~

One vegetable and one meal, packed in the plate, is soaked in love. Don’t ignore the three meals, don’t just like the food utensil, let alone love ~




1. This product is ceramic products. There are small bumps, uneven glaze, small bubbles or small black spots in the local area.


2. It is normal for manual measurement to measure the dimension;

3. Within 24 hours of signing, if it is damaged, please contact the customer service to take pictures in time, and you can pay in proportion;


4. Do not use metal steel wire balls to wash this product to avoid scraping.

Through this bad rainy season, I recommend a model for everyone.


FAFA’s recommendation reason



Both rain and rain, thickened black steel eight -bone umbrella racks, without fear of heavy storms. The sun protection index is 50+, and it is easy to prevent the sun/rain.


One -handed switch is easy to operate with one hand.


Morandi macaron is soft, simple Nike, multi -color optional.

This one is actually not lost from quality and face value, but there is no brand premium, and the natural price is more affordable ~ Original price 99 yuan/handle, the New Year limited time special offer


8 Bone Automatic Standard Model: 39 yuan/handle

10 bone plus large doubles: 49 yuan/handle


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Japanese -style and windy glaze color tableware set (16 pieces)

Japanese -style and windy glaze color tableware set (16 pieces)

Su Ya Lan Tune 2 style optional