Speaking of Bodhi bracelets, the first thing everyone thinks must be “Wenwan Bodhi Old: Vajrayana, Xingyue, Phoenix Eye”. In fact, there are many types of Bodhi. Are they cheap (a little rare)? But they are not sought after by players, but they also have play and cultural value. I have carefully sorted it out for everyone today

【Five Bodhi bracelets】

Let everyone refer to it. If you have fate, remember to collect such a string of two strings!


White Jade Bodhi: The renderings of half a year of playing

1》 White Bodhigen Bracelet

The roots of white and Bodhicitta are not the root of the tree. In fact, it is a seed -brown seed, what about the surface? The rough pattern, the outside looks like a seed. After peeling the skin, it looks like a chocolate pattern. The meat is white. After a long -term game, the color of the slurry is yellow -brown, like the color after playing with a fierce ivory!

2》 White Jade Bodhi Bracelet


The white jade Bodhi is a little represented, you may have heard or seen, the appearance is black, the inner flesh is as white as Hetian jade. This tree flowers and growth is extremely slow. It takes decades to flow and bear the results of decades, which is also precious!


3》 Tiantai Bodhi bracelet

Tiantai Bodhi is also called “five -line Bodhi”. For the Tiantai Muimen Bodhi, it presents white or pale yellow, is

Practice the indispensable Buddhist rosary. Historical materials are recorded in addition to “no suffering”. The only thing in my country is known as “Bodhi” is the Tiantai Bodhi. In strict sense, Tiantai Bodhi can be regarded as “real Bodhi seeds.”

If you are a strong patriotic player, it is recommended to play the Tiantai Bodhi bracelet or rosary!


4》 Tianyi Bodhi bracelet


If you are a senior Buddhist believer, you should know that the “God of God” in the Buddhist scriptures is rotated with the will of God, which can meet the wishes of the public, especially the believer. Essence The surface of the God -will Bodhi is hard and the shape is flat. It is a very beautiful meaning of Bodhi, which is particularly suitable for

Buddhist youth!

5 “Tongtian Eye Bodhi Bracelet


Everyone must be more strange! It also belongs to rare fruit seeds, with dark gray, characterized by irregular dot protrusions on the particles. Each grain has a circular pores, so it is named “Tongtian Eye Bodhi”. It is said that it can absorb the toxins of the wearer, enhance the body of the wearer, and eliminate fatigue!



These five bodhi bracelets,


Although not sought after, it does not mean that they have no value. In fact, some are very rare, some are very Buddhist and meaning, and some have special history and local culture. Let us know more about literary knowledge together, and better choose the text that we like or have special meaning!

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