“All those who died with the wind belonged to yesterday, and all the storms stayed for the future.”

–“With the wind”


The towering buildings, wide and fast roads, and huge shopping malls are where they are invading the place where we live in our lives, often making people feel a feeling of “indifferent”. How far is we from a livable space?

I feel that the apartment in the old house in Gothenburg has made time stand still. Its area is not large, only 69㎡, and the layout is very irregular, and various corners. But the indoor atmosphere is so warm and comfortable. There is a small loft space, and there is a living room with a kitchen. Life in this home must be very comfortable!



Living room: both retro years of texture and comfortable living

▲ An old fireplace, blooming wallpaper, retro top carved details, classic paper lamps, water pipe lights and modern sofas, glass coffee table decorations … It feels in the living room of this old house, which can make time stand down.

▲ The snake -shaped staircase of the white+wooden classic combination, plus the wooden floor in the space, simple dwarf frame, etc. The combination makes the room vivid but not forced, and it looks very comfortable and livable.

▲ The mood of life needs to be influenced. The retro feeling of the old house itself has a sense of retro. Furniture can be modern, which can increase the comfort and convenience of daily life. Here, retro cabinets are well integrated with modern coffee table chairs.

▲ In the corner of the living room, a foldable desk saving space is used with practicality and face value. It comes with a retro aura. The temperature of the wood has a honey -like texture. Modern mushroom lamps, as well as landscapes and plants outside the window, quietly allows people to sit in the afternoon.


Kitchen: The exquisite ceremony of three meals a day

▲ The classic and fashionable NO.14 Tot chair, the black curved wood beef noodles, with the round table with the color tone, the pink curtain lights, it is really gentle and generous, looking at the refreshing refreshing.

▲ If you want enough dining ceremony, dining tables and chairs are necessary, and windows that can see the scenery are also necessary. This chair, which is always prepared by the Nordic people, is embellished with green plants and hanging paintings, which is too stylish.

▲ Use the corner in the irregular apartment to make a L -shaped cooking area. The white+log tone of the wood is neat and clean, for the old house, it looks like a new color.



Bedroom: Stability and comfort in the small attic


▲ The disadvantages of lack of layer height can be made up with windows. Without everyone to block natural light, the overall gray and white adjustment appears more spacious, and the comfortable and relaxed tone looks just right.


▲ There is no large bed back, and the bed without bed will make the loft space full of surplus. The refreshing wall and bedding reveals the simple and comfortable pursuit of the life of the people.

▲ Black metal bed, the table lamp of the retro lamps of the white lampshade, the drunk wood in the black vase, the white -frame dressing mirror, and the blue cloth of natural bamboo.


Bathroom: enjoy one side cool


▲ Sometimes you do n’t need to be oppressed by the thick decorative style. It is enough to embellish some old -fashioned items. For example, small white bricks in the bathroom, elegant curtain knots, nostalgic design allows you to find the reliance of the soul in the bathroom. Essence


▲ A little green can make the hard part of the mood softened, and make the small bathroom space atmosphere stable and calm.


The family provides people with the best way to be alone. From these homes, we can understand the happiness of home life, and we can see the modern and retro feelings in the design of the old house transformation. If you like this home too, like the collection and share it.