Time has always passed inadvertently, and has not had time to turn back. It has long gone far and far. It is another year of autumn. Whenever the season is changed, women always feel that there are a few trendy clothes in her wardrobe, want to wear elegant effects, and want to keep up with fashion. Choose a good -looking “soft glutinous, gentle wind” sweater, with your favorite pants or skirts, so that ourselves look beautiful every day, very energetic, so that we work and life are full of passion. Here are some common sweater matching methods for everyone. I hope there is such a temperament that conforms to your identity, and it is also in line with your age. Let’s take a look.

Sweater and skirt

Match (left): beige turtleneck sweater + gray plaid woolen skirt + black leather shoes

Match (medium): horizontal striped needle knit sweater + white net yarn skirt

Match (right): light coffee color knitted sweater + same color mesh skirt

Common sense tells us that only when clothes are worn on the body, they know whether it is in line with ourselves. For autumn sweaters, be sure to choose the kind of skin -friendly effect. After all, the clothes are still close. If the workmanship is rough, you will feel that the stabbing is very uncomfortable, and the woman should be right. If you buy a few more clothes, you have to choose a few comfortable, high -end clothes, so that you can make yourself look more tasteful. The sweater with a skirt is very typical. Keep warm and feminine.

Red knitwear sweater matching

Match (left): Red pullover sweater + gray pants + sneakers


Match (medium): red V -neck shirt + fishtail half skirt + pointed high heel shoes

Match (right): irregular red sweater + black half -body skirt


I believe that as long as it is a woman, there will be a few clothes that are red, and autumn clothes will be no exception. Red sweater, red sweaters, and random matching are better, but the most classic matching method is still black like black like a black image. This, the second method of matching is more feminine, which is more feminine, in line with mature female cardigan, V -neck design knitwear, with a fishtail skirt, and then stepping on a pair of elegant high heels, it is very beautiful.

Pink sweater matching

Match (left): pink sweater + stars skirt + black leather shoes

Match (medium): pink sweater + white nine -point pants + brown leather boots

Match (right): pink cashmere sweater + black skirt

If you ask me, what color clothes are gentle, pink, rice white, brick red, etc., are all gentle categories. Maybe every woman has a princess dream since childhood. Girls come into contact with various pink things, such as pink dolls, pink pencil boxes, or pink bicycles. Perhaps it is this kind of view that has been cultivated from an early age that makes many women have no resistance to pink. When we grow up, we find the style of dressing, and will be affected by some factors from time to time. For example, pink knitted sweater is so gentle, how can it not make people like it? Or with a skirt or white pants, they are so beautiful, feminine, and gentle.

Twist woven shredd

Match (left): Light blue twist woven jacket + V -neck dress

Match (medium): Red large lapel cardigan + black sweater + skirt


Match (right): beige cardigan + V -neck bottom shirt + half -body long skirt

Tomana woven sweater has given me the impression that it has been for a long time. It seems to be the product of the mother’s age. However, after the improved version of the twist weaving sweater, it can still adapt to the current trend. There is a lot of innovation in the version, suitable for the aesthetics of the current people. For example, a knitted gown, and the second feature is a large lapel, which is a good version, with a skirt, or a long skirt. grace.


Warm yellow loose sweater

Match (left): round neck rhombus sweater + white net yarn skirt

Match (right): Breda hat + warm yellow sweater + jeans

The warm yellow color is like the color of the feathers that the chicks and ducklings have just hatched. It is very soft. Of course, it is also very comfortable to wear on the body. Girls can also wear a beautiful effect. Such a woolen sweater is strange, because he doesn’t pick people, even if you don’t have a slender figure, you can wear a beautiful feeling to match your skirt or skirt or skirt or It is jeans, all of which are good choices. Easy to eat meat is thin and thin. In fact, let you feel the perfect experience of wearing.


White sweater matching


Match (left): White turtleneck sweater + lace -up skirt

Match (medium): diamond -knit sweater + white shirt + white pants

Match (right): rice white turtleneck sweater + brown long jacket + high waist wide -leg pants

Women who like to wear white or beige must be more clean. After all, such clothes are also more troublesome to clean. In gentle clothes, white is also more common, probably skirts or white pants. If If the weather is a bit colder, with a brown orange -yellow trench coat, it is very beautiful. Of course, wearing a beret, it is more perfect. A elegant woman, her temperament is emitted from the inside out. The inner mind is beautiful, the outside is not wearing it, and the temperament woman always gives people a very affinity and enviable.


Horizontal striped contrasting knit sweater

Match (left): yellow powder contrasting sweater + retro jeans

Match (medium): white, red and blue collision sweater + jeans + black leather shoes

Match (right): blue and white powder horizontal striped sweater + pink skirt


Parking a rainbow sweater, horizontal stripe design such a knitted sweater must be a girl’s favorite. Whether it is paired with jeans or skirts, it gives a sweet image of a sweet girl next door. There is a tips for color clothes. Try not to choose the highly saturated color contrast sweater. This seems not very gentle. You can choose this light matching style, which is very gentle.

Lace edge base knitwear

Match (left): hollow lace edge bottoming shirt + black skirt

Match (right): lace edge white bottoming shirt + jeans

On the bottoming shirt, adding a little lace element will become more “feminine”. Choosing such “micro lace” clothes can not only play an unexpected beauty, but also not so exaggerated. Give it to it. A very beautiful visual enjoyment. It can be paired with a skirt or jeans. It is a good choice.