The gentle and comfortable mask is your indispensable. Its intimate hydration makes you feel very enjoyable. In healthy materials, it belongs to your best choice. It is gentle and comfortable. Many small troubles are a must -have for urban people. It can be described as full of quality, and the hydration and moisturizing of the mask make you feel happy. It belongs to your daily preferred choice. It is just 30 yuan. 59.9 yuan.

This mask is extracted by extracting natural tea polyphenols, gently nourishing, moisturizing and moisturizing, deeply penetrating the bottom of the muscle. It also adds ingredients such as cumulative grass, hyaluronic acid, etc., so that your skin is moisturized. The feeling, it is not ordinary thin, it brings a comfortable and breathable feeling, and the mask does not contain mineral oil and hormone -free, and does not contain preservatives. Through the help of this mask, it brings intimate enjoyment. It is your must -have for your first choice, which is full of quality.

The skin counterattacks, let you become a fairy’s mask in seconds. Its moist and tender bombs, effectively dilute fine lines, stunning anti -aging, make the skin firm and full, and the grass has the effect of diluting fine lines. Supplementing nutrition, it makes you a small fairy in seconds. The mild and comfortable and intimate sense of the mask is full of confidence, with nourishing and white comfort and gentleness. The good partner of the crowd, through this mask, let you enjoy it and must be daily.

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Seven -point makeup Hyaluronic acid silk mask repair dense hydration, moisturizing, bright skin color shrink pores genuine men and women

¥ 89.9