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Today, I will share with you the fast function of the flashlight on our smartphone, which will be used, which can bring a lot of convenience to our lives. Many people don’t know. If you don’t know, you want to know, don’t draw it. Patient look down

Everyone knows that most smart phones will have its own flashlight function, so everyone will not be unfamiliar with this. How do you usually turn on and turn off when you use a flashlight?


Is it necessary to unlock the phone screen first

, Then pull from top to down, call out the control center, find the flashlight here in the fast -changing function bar, click on it to turn on


Essence Then you don’t need to close it. It is also unlocked first, then dropped out of the control center, found the flashlight, ordered the icon, and then closed it. Is it a bit tedious step? You must first unlock before you can open it.

In fact, we can turn on a faster shortcut key in our mobile phones. You can quickly turn on the flashlight without unlocking, so that you can turn on 2 seconds when you need to use a flashlight. The friend can collect it first, facilitating the inquiries at any time in the later period, and then experience the vivo mobile phone and Huawei mobile phone with me and Huawei mobile phone without unlocking. Because I use Huawei and vivo mobile phones myself, I will share with you these two mobile phones.

Let’s use vivo mobile phone to actually experience it

Let’s find the settings on the phone desktop first, click to enter

Search for fast in the search bar, and there will be fast -related options. Then we find fast start from it, click to enter, and then enter the fast setting interface. We will start quickly


It is to make the next button turned blue, and then we can see that we can choose some fast -enabled functions below, including the fast -opening of the flashlight. We click on the flashlight. That’s it.

After starting quickly, there is a small line of small characters, which shows that after the opening, in the breath screen state, long press the volume to reduce the amount, but you can quickly open it, but it cannot be used during music playback. Let’s see the effect.

Similarly, the flashlight is also long and press the volume to reduce the volume in the breath screen. Then click the blue flashlight icon. When the flashlight icon becomes gray, it will be closed


Then let’s practice the operation method of the Huawei mobile phone flashlight quickly

In fact, the function of Huawei’s mobile phone quickly brought up the flashlight is built, but many people may not know that they all use the public methods, unlock, call out the control center, and turn on the flashlight. Friends who often use this method can on the screen on the screen Turn one by 1,

In fact, Huawei mobile phone has a quick start method without unlocking, you can directly adjust it out


We only need to light up the screen, then slide up from the bottom of the screen. At this time, you can see some fast functions here, such as the flashlight, let’s click it to turn on, and then turn it off. The screen slides up from the bottom, calls out the fast bar, and then click the blue flashlight icon to close it.

Is it more faster than we usually start? The method of turning off the flashlight is much faster, and it is also very good to operate.

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