The first layer of cowhide mats are high -grade mats. They are both fashionable and practical, and they are more and more popular with the public.Depending on the process, the first layer of cowhide mats are divided into two types: hard seats and soft seats, each with its own characteristics.I often suffer often, I do n’t know how to choose?

1: The tablet of the hard seat is as thin as the mirror, and the touch is smooth and delicate;

2: The hardcore coating layer is thin, strong, and cooler than soft seats;

3: It is inconvenient to storage;

4: The service life of the hard seat is the same as the soft seat, but because of the shallow paint, color changes may occur after a long period of use, but it does not affect the use;

5: The touch of the hard seat is not soft, it is more suitable for people who are afraid of heat, sweating, and more vigorous people;

6: The cost of the hard seat is relatively high.

Select the hard seats and soft seats according to the actual situation of each person.Because it is used in the bedroom and the goods are compared with three, they choose to produce large enterprises. It is best to pass the Chinese environmental logo product certification. Such quality and environmental protection and health are guaranteed.