To apply for a food business license, we must first understand what the food business license is. In the past, many people engaged in food -related industries knew the three documents of food circulation license, food hygiene licenses, and catering service licenses. Now there are no three three three certificates. Since October 1, 2015, the State Food and Drug Administration has implemented the “Measures for Food Management Management” to combine these three meters into food business licenses.

Related industries engaged in food sales, catering services, etc. only need to apply for food business licenses to operate normally. Food business licenses usually have two types of individuals or companies. Take Zhengzhou as an example. Generally, individual households are handled by Henan Province. The food store registration certificate, unless the area is relatively large is a food business license, the company applies for food business licenses.

Food business license

What information do I need to apply for food business licenses?

The application form of food business license, copy of the copy of the business license, copy of the legal person ID and photocopy, the location diagram of the operating place, the plane layout of the facility of the operating site, the operation process document, the list of food safety systems and other materials, nor in different areas are not in different regions. Similarly, if you entrust others to handle, you need to prepare a authorized attorney.

How much does it cost to apply for a food business license? how long it takes?

Do not charge any fees for the food certificate for the medicine to apply for the medicine. Different jurisdictions have different review time, and the time for issuance is not the same.

If you don’t want to run for yourself, you can find the agency company to help prepare the materials for the legs. The cost is generally around one or two thousand according to your venue facilities.

Henan Province Food Small Business Store Registration Certificate

What do you need to apply for a food business license?

1. Pre -packaged food sales (snacks, drinks and beverages). Since July 2021, the sales of pre -packaged food have been canceled and no need to handle it.

2. Sales of bulk food

3. Special food sales (milk powder, health food, special medical use formula food sales)


4. The catering industry (hot food, cold food, raw food, pastry, etc.)


5. Homemade beverage production and sale

6. unit cafeteria