“Kamen Knight Holy Blade” has reached the final stage, and the natural disaster’s body is already on the edge of collapse. At the last moment, Lian played against him and resolved the natural disaster by himself. In addition, New Sophia was born, but she was just an experience package, and was then swallowed by Karbidis. However, Karbadis is just a pawn of Stelus. After devouring Stelus, all the books of the five originally originally merged together, and then went offline. Stelli Us, who has the most powerful power, was born, and Fei Yu really faced the biggest crisis.


Lotus discovered a natural disaster


The past natural disasters could be resurrected, but this time, his strength was taken away by Karbudis, his body was damaged, and the magic reform driving book had irreversible damage. It is to treat physical injuries, and natural disasters have to take a lot of effort.

In fact, Lotus and natural disasters have long become friends, and swordsmen and Migo can also have friendship. After Lian knew his situation, he took the initiative to fight. However, in the process of fighting, Lian was suppressed and even felt too weak. However, at the juncture of life and death, the will of Lian Xiu’s life becomes stronger, and the battle is reversed.

In the end, Lotus defeated the natural disaster and sent the last journey of the natural disaster in his own way. In this natural disaster, he was also a friend of Lian Lian, leaving the Holy Sword to him after his death. In fact, Lian has become accustomed to the days when there are natural disasters, but unfortunately I couldn’t walk further together.


New Sophia

Gathering the power of the five origin, Steli Us created New Sophia. The shape is the same as Sophia, but the clothes are different. I thought this Sophia would have several episodes of the plot, but it was still too naive, and the plot was a bit fast.


Cattis has eaten a lot of magic reform driving books with humans as a carrier, and also devour the new Sophia. This appearance time is too short, that is, but Cattis’s experience package. What is the significance of creating her quickly? Just for experience?


The power of the person who integrates the origin

Karbidis is an undead, and no matter how he was defeated, he could be resurrected. This is the best Mago Dordo that Stile Us created. After continuous strengthening, it can even compete with Fei Yuzhen and God’s siblings. However, Stelius was not satisfied with such Karfusis, and even let him devour himself.

Sterlus was not to enhance the power of Katris, but to borrow his characteristics to integrate the books of the five originates. Cattis is just a tool Migko. After the appearance of Studi Us, Carlbidis’s body even exploded directly.

Subsequently, the new book was born, and Stelus became more evil. In the power of the origin of the origin, Stelius already has the power to destroy the world. The big boss has the most complete power at this time, how should Feiyu really deal with