Number 1 on the blind date

There is no one on the road of life, at least one blind date. And I have more, so I have to describe these blind dates one by one, and then summarize, and finally know why I get married so late.

The first blind date was introduced by his father’s colleagues, opening a car repair plant. I just graduated at that time and shy, only said, wow, blind date, and then blushed.

The meeting was at the house of his father and colleague. I arrived first. My father’s colleague was here to call his uncle and his wife at home, and prepared a lot of food for us and placed on the coffee table. The boy came in a while.

相亲路上number 1 戴黑手套的男孩

He sat on the sofa opposite me.

Uncle and his father were friends, he started greeting his father, and then started talking about the factory.

相亲路上number 1 戴黑手套的男孩

The boy was sitting there, responding to the uncle’s question expressionlessly, asking a word, and answering, there was no following. And he has always had a low head to me, with a dark glove on one hand.

In this way, we sat awkwardly, and my uncle and uncle talked to him after chatting with him, and introduced me to the other party. The boy still lowered his head, and his eyes seemed to have been staring at his black gloves. I don’t know why he was wearing a black glove.

There is no topic in the end.

I had no conversation with him, and then he left.

相亲路上number 1 戴黑手套的男孩

My uncle sent me home, and when I went home to see me in the mirror, my face seemed to be a red apple.

This is my first blind date.