How do you drink water at home and unit? The answer is nothing more than the following:

Drink bottled water;

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Drink barrel water (water dispenser);

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Boil tap water to drink;

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Boil the water and drink (water purifier).

The kitchen water purifier can solve the problem of water water, but it cannot completely solve the problem of drinking water, because there is a habit of drinking hot water in the Chinese drinking habits, that is, there are two major elements of water drinking problems, water and heating.

01 How do you drink water?

bottled water,

There is a certain cost. If it is a person, if it is used by the family, unless you are a local tyrant, you think that a single dog is a single dog: buy 5L farmer mountain springs yourself every day. The cost is 2.8 yuan, which is slightly higher than the barrel water, it is convenient and clean, but it cannot be heated! For family, don’t think too much, not cost -effective.

Barrel water,

That is, the traditional water dispenser, the cost is available, but it is not very high. The biggest problem is that there is a problem of secondary pollution. I don’t know how many people have never cleaned it up after using the water dispenser. What about a large amount? 1. It is cheap, mentioned earlier; 2. Convenient, drink cold water, hot water directly.

Boil tap water,

Don’t question the quality of our tap water. There is nothing much problem with boiling drinking.

Sturge in water, drink,

More and more people do it like this, because it is much better than the tap water, the water quality is better, and the taste is good. However, if you want to burn, the water purifier is not available. Is it still troublesome?

If the barrel water can be cleaned a little, if the water purifier can be heated, yes, it is the birth of the water purifier on the stage. It integrates the water purification and heating. The reason, but most people are still watching, because they do not know whether these products have experienced and have any flaws.

There are several such products at hand, and the price section is also in the mainstream of about 1,500 yuan to meet consumer expectations, so such a Heng review is born.

02 Three athletes debut

The three products are from Laica, Yunmi, and Biyunquan. This Leica is not the one who is a camera. The Leica is a brand from Italy, and Yunmi and Biyunquan are from China.

From left to right: Laika, Yunmi, Biyunquan

Models and product brands are not very important, so participate in the following forms. Let’s start with the most sensitive price.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?


Based on the latest price calculation, the three products are around 1,500 yuan, and the price of less than 2,000 yuan is not compared with the kitchen machine. Among them, the 1799 yuan of Biyunquan is the exclusive price of JD PLUS members, Yunmi and Yunmi and the Lyca is also 1599 yuan, and the price difference in the competition can no longer count.

Daily replacement cost:

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

In addition to the 2 -year use cycle, Bi Yunquan provides a 2 -year set of filter element options. The average daily use cost is 1.22 yuan, and Yunmi and Lycra are both below 1 yuan. The most expensive Biyunquan spent about 98.5 yuan more than the cheapest Yunmi.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Yunmi e -commerce page is very friendly

Here I like Yunmi’s e -commerce design. It does not need to convert the consumer how much money it takes to replace the filter. Instead, it is marked directly on the e -commerce page. The water purifier company can learn from it. The water purifier is a waste machine.


The three models are not large. Among them, Leica’s smallest, the most saving desktop space, and the comparison of basic parameters here, more important technical parts will be released immediately.

03 filtering technology and heating

In this part, we need to interpret the filtering technology and heating of the product. The two -in -one products are definitely more convenient for consumers, and the use path of each consumer will not be much different. Inside, then drink hot water, our technology and heating analysis will be judged in accordance with this needs.

Filtering method:

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Lyca’s concerns are different from Yunmi and Biyunquan. The ultrafiltration element is used to exchange the filter element. The latter -level filter element is also used in Laika’s cleaning kettle. The filter element is common. This filtering method is slightly worse in accuracy, and the accuracy of 0.01 microns is difficult to filter out the scale. In terms of the treatment of scale, Lycra uses the principle of exchange. The accuracy is its disadvantage. However, the situation of Chinese tap water is a bit complicated. I wonder if Laica can justify itself in the later test.

Leica filter element structure special

Yunmi and Biyunquan use RO filtering, which is consistent with the principle of filtering the kitchen machine we tried to use, that is, we hardly worry about the filtration effect. technology.

Yunmi filter element

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Biyunquan filter element

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

There is no emphasis on how many levels of filtration here is because in the RO filtering, basically the front PP, activated carbon, pre -filtering, RO filtration, activated carbon improvement taste. These steps, too many research and descriptions do not make much sense, and will confuse consumption consumption If you are audio -visual, you just remember RO.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Heating gear:

The heating gear is the characteristics of the machine. Of course, the difficulty here is not heating, but precise temperature control. Basically, the maternal and baby labels will be used to prepare a set of rhetoric and gear settings for milk powder, including tea drinking, coffee, and so on. It is true that this will increase the taste, and the experience is good, but everything must be based on the premise of temperature control enough, otherwise the function can only be used as a gimmick.

Most people who use the water dispenser will not feel inconvenient without temperature control, because we can be cold+thermal blending, and there are two ports of the water dispenser, and there is only one outlet on the stage. Just need it, otherwise it is not very convenient to blend, and the milk powder function is indeed just needed, so in the later tests, we will also test it for the temperature control level of milk powder temperature water temperature control.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Yunmi is not the same as others, yes yes

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?


The other two have the preset temperature control, about 20 ° C, don’t worry too much. Of course, it is good to adjust it by ° C. If not, those gears are enough.


In the filtering accuracy, Laika may have a test loss, because the following tests are more “violent”, and in terms of temperature control, everyone has stood on a horizontal line. Yunmi has a good adjustment step by step, but it is convenient to be convenient. Essence Before the test, if you choose, remove the appearance factors, Yunmi is more advantageous. If Rica can perform well in the filter test, we also recommend it. Of course, Biyunquan is just a little more expensive.

04 Before the test starts

In the test, we will first output feelings and evaluations for everyone from the use experience, and then we heal speed, heating accuracy, beer purification test, noise test, water output speed test, and TDS test, from purification and heating capabilities In several aspects of temperature control capabilities and noise performance, several products are comprehensively evaluated.

Water tank volume,

This is the pain point that we can think of directly. Because the waste water tank is with the water tank, the volume can be smaller than the water tank itself. We don’t need to change the barrel water on the water dispenser for a long time. If the desktop water purifier needs to add water frequently, the experience will definitely discount, and the larger the water tank will be better. Yunmi is a 6L water tank, and the remaining two are 4L.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Yunmi water tank 6L

Biyunquan Water Tank 4L

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?


Biyunquan’s panel display is the most complete, and the experience is good, and the gear switching is convenient. For TDS, it can be displayed in fact, at least it can reassure consumers; it is also displayed in Yunmi Although Yunmi can adjust the temperature step by step, it still designs a separate button for the commonly used gears. This is more scientific. Lyca, Italians still like minimalist styles, temperature+water settings, plus a few plus several, plus a few more. Switch the button, it is enough, but it is not gorgeous.

Biyunquan’s sense of control is very good

Biyunquan’s operation feels very good, I like the display of the full information; the design of Yunmi is more fashionable, and the useful key positions are all on the app. If you like it It’s satisfactory.

05 Who can turn beer into water

Since the last time the beer purification test was conducted, this project could not be extracted. It was more real in response to the project of testing accuracy. Therefore, our tests also started from accuracy dimensions and starting from the favorite beer purification.

Rica: After the test, the filter element was fully rinsed to keep the filter element in a good state. After pouring in beer, waiting for purification.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Leica pour in beer

After purification, the color fades

From the naked eye, the beer test did not completely purify, but the color became a lot faded. Our previous worries were verified. Although many pollutants could be removed, Lycra did not work if we had the ability to purify.

Results of alcohol instruments

This is the alcoholic instrument for drunk driving. Drink a bite of purified beer to blow. You can obviously see the readings, so Laika’s beer purification test failed.

Yunmi: RO should be good for the purification effect of alcohol. We first verify it with Yunmi.

Purified beer

Number of instruments

If we expected, there is a complete purification ability for beer cloud rice, and the number of displayed instruments blowing also confirms our ideas. The ultra -high precision of RO can purify almost all pollutants. Plan, Yunmi pass.

Biyunquan: Theoretically, it should be consistent with the test results of Yunmi, as long as RO has this ability.

Pour in beer

The water out of the purification is transparent

Number is still 0

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Therefore, as long as the RO machine sees reverse osmosis, then there is no need to worry too much about the purification effect, that is, the differentiation of the RO machine is definitely not purified. Optimization of other experience directions is the focus of success in the RO machine market.

06 Heating accuracy, water outlet speed test

Very good, the water output speed of these three machines is almost within 1S

I wanted to reflect differentiation, but we did not find differentiation.

The next test is specially created for the platform. Whether the water is hot enough and whether the temperature control function that vigorously promotes it is easy to use, it is in this campaign. When the heating accuracy is tested here, we will choose

90 ℃/40 ℃ gear is performed

One corresponds to the high temperature close to boiling water, and the other is the temperature of milk powder.

Then we will also test the water out of the water in the process in the process, so as to

300ml is a unit quantity



Leica does not have a 90 -degree gear, so we measured the 99 ° C gear, and 40 ° C is a gear that is closer to the temperature of the milk powder.

99 ℃ measured 83.1 ℃

The difference is almost 16 ℃

, So if you are going to use it for instant noodles, or coffee and tea, then such temperature will not make you satisfactory, and the error is still relatively large.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

40 ° C actual measurement 50.1 ℃

I don’t understand a bit. If the high temperature gear is a problem, then the actual measurement of 40 ° C has reached again

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

50.1 ℃


Leica’s temperature control is not very accurate, and the gap will be above 10 ° C.

, But it is okay to flush milk powder at 50 ° C.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

It takes 48.32S water to make 300ml

Under the premise of 99 ° C, 300ml requires 48.32s to make water.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?


The two gears of 91 ° C and 40 ° C were selected. Because it can be adjusted without gear transmission, the advantages are played in the test.

91 ℃ measured 89.9 ℃

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Differential 2.1 ℃

There are still differences, but compared to Lycra, there are really too many, and the error belongs to a controllable range.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

40 ℃ measured 38.7 ℃

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Then, the water out of Yunmi is basically accurate, but it will lose a bit of calories during the process of picking up the water. The higher the temperature, the absolute value of the absolute value.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

The measured error of 1.3 ℃ is really accurate.

35.35s water 300ml

Under the premise of 100 ° C, 300ml requires 35.35s to make water, which is faster than Laika.

Biyunquan: The temperature of the water found 85 ° C and 45 ° C gear.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

85 ℃ measured 80.1 ℃

Not bad,

The error is at 4.9 ℃

Because we also said that there will be losses in the process of picking up the water. It is much better than Laika. High -temperature stalls are a acceptable result, because the heating of our usual water dispenser can only reach about 85 ° C, and it also Can’t boil.

45 ° C measured at 43 ° C

Sure enough, testing is more accurate at low temperature,

2 ℃ error

The results are still very good, and Yunmi is on a horizontal line, so it seems that this maternal and infant milk function is good.

It’s only slower than Yunmi

98 ℃ gear 300ml of water out of water needed

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?


1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

The performance of Yunmi and Biyunquan is very similar. Biyunquan is just a loss, and it can be ignored in daily use.

07 noise and TDS

The next test is also close to the end, and we also do some conventional tests. One is noise, because when the water is made and heated, there is actually noise on the stage. There is a reason to put the noise test at the end, because there will be no sound when used, and there will be no great impact, because it is not sustainable.


Remarks here.

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Environmental noise

The TDS test is to compare the purified TDS with the TDS value of the tap water, which is a proof of a conventional test of the purification ability.

Noise test:

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Leica noise: 63.6db

Yunmi noise: 60.9db

Biyunquan Noise: 62DB

The gap is not very large,

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Go to 60db

It may be a bit noisy when making water,

Yunmi has the lowest noise


Leica’s noise is the highest

Lycra’s performance has not been very good, it has continued here.

TDS before and after tap water purification: The TDS of the purifier tap water is about 240.

Raka tap water purification: 148

After purification of Yunmi tap water: 13

After purification of Biyunquan tap water: 26

Judging from the test results, Yunmi’s water purification effect is the best, which not only ensures the safety of drinking water, but also prevents the machine’s heat from scaling.

08 The same budget, I suggest you buy this

All evaluation items have been completed, then we give the final suggestions.

If there is the same budget,

It is strongly recommended to choose Yunmi or Biyunquan

From the perspective of testing,

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

Yunmi’s performance is the best, and in each test item, it will be better than Biyunquan

Although the gap is not large, we have also said that we have also said that the optimization of experience and details is very critical. Yunmi just proves this.

Yunmi and Biyunquan are good choices

1500元台上净水器横评 啤酒能被净化成纯水吗?

I do n’t recommend buying Laika’s models, because we are not Europe. The quality of water from the faucet will definitely be uneven, especially in areas with poor water quality in the north, let alone find the reason to choose Leica.

The same budget, the difference between the difference between the difference, why not choose it better?