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Ni Ni wear

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Jaeger -LeCoultre one duetto double -sided flip series watch

Ascend to Jiaren Maya

Ni Ni’s softness and the elegant atmosphere of Jaeger -LeCoultre complement each other

Show extraordinary feminine temperament

Use decorative art to give the ultimate soft feminine charm

Exquisite, concise and stylish design

Achieved shining between the wrist

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Rich red and elegant golden color

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Just like the two sides of the feminine temperament

Passionate, shiny, velvet -like visual effects,

Jaeger -LeCoultre One Duetto’s double -sided rolling series has an extraordinary charming texture.

The watch’s strong dark red flashes with a slightly moist satin light,

Can be matched with all skin tone.

This jewelry watch follows Duetto’s double -sided design concept,

There is a row of bright cut diamonds at the ends of the case.

Two groups of pointers on both sides of the watch,

Driven by Jaeger -LeCoultre 844 movement.

The front is equipped with a silver dial with a radioactive -shaped rose decorative pattern,

Simple and exquisite and gorgeous,

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Very suitable for daily wear.

Blue Prince Concubine pointer

Eliminate with the carefully designed Arabic numerals,

The proportion of layout is exquisite and harmonious.

The back dial on the back is very suitable for the dinner,

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Burgundy red paint dials are fascinating sparkling waves,

The gold -plated label and the sun radiological pattern complement each other.

Reverso One Duetto Jewelry double -sided flip series

Jewelry watch rose gold model,

Its appearance is extremely elegant,

Exploring charming feminine charm.

This work is inspired by the 1920 and 1930s

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

The purest decorative art style,

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

The classic Reverso flip series watches are available at this time.

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Rose gold bracelet consists of a geometric shape chain,

Inlaid with gorgeous diamonds,

The design is unique,

Demonstrate the extraordinary skills of the jewelry craft master.

Jaeger -LeCoultre’s jewelry craftsman designed a unique bracelet for him,

The chain section cleverly interweaves each other,

The touch is soft and can fit the wrist perfectly;

Add a slightly concave case to ensure comfortable wear.

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

The master of jewelry craftsmanship shows excellent craftsmanship,

One by one for the chain inlaid gemstone for the rose gold bracelet,

The detailed details are complemented by the back dial.

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

The diamond pattern on the rose gold dial is full of beauty,

Against the brilliant cut diamonds that have been carefully inlaid,

More charming charm.

The front dial uses Bali pearl mother shellfish,

Elegant atmosphere.

Arabic numerals are made like hand -painted, with an elegant outline.

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

The gold -plated lines cleverly outline the corner of the surface plate,

Highlight the pure geometric beauty of simple lines.

The crown adopts a diamond design,

Showing the clever light and shadow effect, ingenious.

The decorative carvings on the upper and lower sides of the dial are decorated with bright cutting diamonds,

The gorgeous glory of high -end jewelry art.

This watch is equipped with the Jaeger -LeCoultre 844 manual chain mechanical movement,

At the same time, the time to drive the dial on both sides,

It shows the superb craftsmanship of brand watchmakers.

A distinctive diamond pattern can be seen on the back dial, which is eye -catching.

This watch is full of personality and elegance,

Become one of the exquisite and elegant works of the Reverso flip watch series.

Borrower Reverso ONE flip series watch,

Jaeger -LeCoultre master interprets the simple beauty of decorative art,

It also echo the new image and status of women in this era.

Facing this iconic watch series,

While Jaeger -LeCoultre is increasingly creative,

Keep the design characteristics of this classic watch,

Show the superb high -end watchmaking technology.

Whether it is enthusiastic red or elegant gold,

Jaeger -Leving Reverso ONE Flip Series Watch

积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

It can always be suitable for the extraordinary feminine temperament.


积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

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积家Reverso One翻转系列腕表,女性气质的一体两面

Jaeger -LeCoultre one duetto double -sided flip series watch

Jaeger -LeCoultre one duetto double -sided flip series watch