In order to create a healthy and orderly network environment and maintain the good ecology of watermelon videos, the watermelon video creation platform will continue to regulate the rectification for video violations. Violation of the release

“Watermelon Video Post Standards”

The content, the platform will remove the video content, deducting, banned, and even permanently banned step -type punishments.

The watermelon video creation platform has always carefully fulfilled the main responsibility, standardized the platform operation, and severely crack down on violations of copyright violations.

From November 1st to December 31st, 2021, the platform permanently banned the accounts that confirmed multiple infringements and harsh illegal circumstances through self-inspection and user reports.

The following is the recent publicity of the watermelon video creation platform for the rectification of copyright violations.

Part of the infringement case publicity

@User 6937653014970: “Crosstalk: Lao Guo thoroughly forced Xiaoyue. Singing Taiping lyrics, “

@User 9238005869098: “Crosstalk: Yu Qian, rich! Buy half of the fritters at a high price, I haven’t seen the whole root, so “that’s it”

@User 7297751684760: “[Forget Enhance ABO] Male Pets End under the Finale”

@User 4844425401758: “Episode 45 of Douro Continent”

@8787089581598: “Daughter is about to move away from independence, mother is reluctant, Dad is preparing to be beef hoof soup and small fish for daughter”

@653492802470: “Wang Ziwen talked about talk show with Li Xueqin’s posture, as soon as the niche story comes out, it’s instantly hi”

@User 2911175929736: “Mrs. Dutcho: Tilan Di Xu sweet crit!” “

@User 7284328250797: “The programmer is so cute 303 #sweet drama # #is too sweet”

@6H6: “Mrs. Dendalum 48” won’t, is the ending, the end is dead, left in the sea? “

@User 3130711488371: ” # #Ideal City Supporting Actor is too colorful finale”

Platform punishment account publicity

Account Name

Emerald appraiser A Fei

Lori’s cute master

Xiaoxuan Jade Culture

Le’an Chasing Drama Sauce

Wen Xuancui

Guo Yu Crosstalk

Ah Ming Emerald 784

Seven Sister Movies and Television

Emerald culture

Qing’an QA

Qihui Emerald Culture

A fat group

Love Emerald Jade Culture

Deyun Little Girl 1

Jiu Nian Emerald Culture

Jiaojiao Film and Television Editing

Bai Ge Emerald Ring Stone

Love Shenxiang Junior Dream

Old Chen Emerald Rite

Ansheng Film and Television

Lao Xu, the chief original stone appraiser

Deyun twenty years

Emerald high -end master

Xingchen chat hot drama

Emerald Culture Fuzi

Speedy entertainment

Yujian Emerald Culture



It is more annoying to develop on time

Mingxuan Emerald Culture

Ailus’s Xiao Xinxin


There is something to say about cross talk



Xiao Fei said car

Niuniu love cross talk

Lao Yang, a original stone appraiser

Lazy video

Emerald explanation ah Peng


Emerald Master Cake

Chris Iron Pillar

Grandma Brother Jade

Brother Qian Lao Guo Xiangyu

Explorer Li Yi

Red crab

Son said that emerald rough

Take you happy and happy

Rotten girl shouted wheat

Aliang with a wooden sword

Chief Original Stone Appraiser-Da Li

AK cross talk

Grand Master’s door says a car

Kaigo fishing

Xuanxuan Jewelry Emerald

Lao Guo teases you happy

Manyu Xuan Jade

A deer commentary

China -Burma Emerald Beard Brother

Kingsoft Night Talk

The love between Gangzi and Xiaoyu

Squid video

Hu Feiye

Emerald Xiangyu Shi Lao Yang


Cool Play Tide Chao

Wivalent and more milk tea UR


Jiege Auto Knowledge Sharing


Rainy Deyun Crosstalk Collection

Emerald Research Master Lao Yang

Orange sauce talk


Deyun radish head

Speed ​​frozen eel rice

On the way to dream

Aya Man Ye


Look at the horizon with me

Uncle Xia Kitchen

Cheng Jiayi

Lollipop animation

Survival Wild Coffee

Golden Mao Bingli and Belle

Southern God Love Editing

Brother Xiao Yang teases laughter

Grand Rites Jade Appraiser

Ten Jade Emerald

Xingfan Man Cut

Counterist Yulong

Emerald rough hair material

Drunk Hongyan Ancient Style Short Drama

Yiyan editing

The company’s play


Haru culture

Remember you y

Vortex of Love

Challenge the wilderness alone

Chinese and Myanmar Emerald Xiangyu Man

Occasionally hiding from Wuyun 20

Little Northeast in Africa

Xuanxuan Emerald Culture


Port Lao Nine Love Editing

Dazzling sunshine

Kunpeng Music

Zhang Dexian 5T7F


Xiaoyu Variety Huihui

Xiaoqiao A music

Snow and Snow Music Video

Little Seven Children

George editing capable

What a few do not eat

Little Jia TX

Tomato 747281180002126

Brother Wang

Emerald Grandma

Cuiyu Spinning Jewelry Pavilion

Momo Movies Editing 视

Long hair style house

UU is here

Gu Gu Ai Film and Television

Lao Guozong


Bo Jun Emerald Explanation

Warm oo

Deyun Ah Tiger

TS research

Chief Emerald Ah Hui

Deyun Boss


Bi Runyuan Emerald

User 3310862383740

Deyun Xiaole

Book as a friend v

Rice talk

Xiaoyu Ding

Watch a movie VVV

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 7

Yao Xiaoyu

Haxuan cultural beard

Emerald rough stone official pavilion

Gu Bei Cunning

Acting Master Brother

Brother Xiaoming


Emerald practical rich man

Emerald culture knowledge spread


Morning Manar

Emerald rough chief appraiser

Flame Plaza Dance 999

Dy film and television new vision

Emerald knowledge rich son

Emerald Lao Yang senior appraiser

Buick Morning

Grandlite Emerald Ring Stone

The latest information of the first -level construction engineer

Yuyuan Jewelry Culture


Emerald source


Bana Emerald Explanation

Lucky Elf AT


Deyun brother


Tongue cut 2021

A jade appraisal Amin

Deyun Xiaoyou


Return to Nanjing

Deyun Crosstalk Daquan

Zhuang Xiaozhou Watermelon Number

Erda Man Cut

Run away

Dapeng GG Zhu Wenpeng Beijing 833

Xiao Nan Ge Geng Guoman

Counter dialogue burden fighting

Xia Yulai

Tan Moumou editing

Xuanxuan Cultural Emerald

Deyun la la la la la la la

Cui Yunxuan Emerald

Stubborn little stone cut



Yunxuan Jade

Old fish love car v

Trend Korean drama

Deyun Novice

Jade traditional culture knowledge

Want Want Sports Sports

Funny video in the end of summer

Deyun Kawaii

Duckweed football

Hua Shi Xiao Huihui

Polycraront willow leaf IE

Deyun happy luck

yy editor 555

Freedry Valley

Xiuxiu Anime House

Emerald Lao Yang Appraiser

Five Teachers 5

Follow the encounter 98777

Do you know if you know how to know, don’t ask me

Fengmang Technology

Explorer Explorer

Crown love comic dialogue


Wilderness Girl King

Benben Great Film and Television

Fatty talks about cross talk

Why do you want to

Feather ABE

Rivers and lakes


Deyun Afei

Liu Xiaoxiao’s little universe

Also look at Xiaotao of the world

Fairy Lin

Dust 2021

Panda salmon

ok Optics Valley Film and Television Editing

Qian Shen loves to sleep

Listen to entertain

Battle Live Propaganda Office

Kaka Movies 66

Amusement cross talk drama

Happy every day

Xia Yishan

Peerless pig head

What you see is just what I give you

Begonia fans

Xiao Fei Ge Gliming Fish Daily

Huahua CWY

Gongzhang Master Hong

How many funny vlogs

Palace museum

Film and Television Short Drama

What is the official

Primitive survival life

Sports Tumukk

Xiaoming Collection

Deyun Lao Zhu

Zheng Zhijia


User 1528111447157

Super want to see

Old Wu Jewelry

Flush Video

Ge Xiaojie

Surname Su Ming Mo Bai

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 9


Civilized animation

The statement Anan said

Emerald Jewelry Store-Laulin 23

Swallow return

Dalian’s small seal

Wonderful talk about cross talk

Yuxuan Emerald Knowledge.

Mingmingzi Small Theater

Xiaofeng Ai Editing FLJ

Sister Deyunju

Xiaoya Emerald 53

Xiao Dai Wow Film

Strong film and television

Abyss Demon

Emerald rough inheritance

Xiaoyu Carry

User 1873173712739143

Emerald sculptor A Peng

Emerald explanation knowledge son

Metal music world

User 756947802326

Mingxuan Shijia Culture

Jade Culture Knowledge Rich Tzu


Watch a short drama

Border Emerald Traditional Culture

Xuanmo Emerald Culture Communication

Polton Love inventory

Have a driving

Yuyuan Emerald Jewelry

Little Q Baking Room

Chen Yukan Variety Show

Radish silk

Border Emerald Culture Knowledge

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 1

Westha Entertainment said

Poorchef net red snacks

Kobayashi Emerald

Lin family emerald jewelry bank 4

Yuwen love inventory

Food delicious pursuit

Gongzi Jade Pavilion

Big Eye Kan Variety Show

Poorchef Food


Lin family emerald jewelry shop 19

Jiu Tai Ai inventory

Xiaoyaner Movie

Flower Broken Shadow

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 2

Hami love inventory

Love Dominic 9Y5

Chief Emerald Culture

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 3

Qinger love inventory

Returning to the Wind 666

Quick Shen Yun

Kobe Emerald Culture

Judasha Entertainment said


Emerald cultural knowledge explanation

Xiaoya Jade 3

Her’er love inventory

Qiuqiu Summer

Jade Jade Culture Knowledge

Zhenshang Variety

Star Entertainment

Emerald Culture Family Inheritance

British Luxiansen

Luquan variety show

Jiao Ansheng Vlog

Haxuan Emerald Son

Xiaoya Emerald 123

Variety loss

Xiaoqing Shopping Academy

Lao Xu Fei Culture

Jade Judge Brother Brother

River variety show

Xiaoqing’s fans

Millennium Emerald 3

Rogue player rich boy


Little fish editing J

A jade explanation

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 17

Small white comedy

Football journey

Ah Zhiyu Culture Inheritance

IQ reasoning small animation

Little cousin variety show

Dandan Film and Television Daquan

Know the Emerald Gery Brother

Tanquan House trumpet

Varling spoon for variety shows

Puff Huahua Saying Drama

Department of Jade

Ah Zhiyu Culture

Shahai Entertainment said

Mom Film and Television

Emerald culture ah Zhipengpeng

Mi Bao Emerald Culture

He Jing variety show

Aisi jadeite

Yun Biyu Emerald Culture

Walk with me or turn around

GG film and television

Kobe Emerald

Jade traditional culture and art

Gray Wolf Love Inventory

Let’s look at the animation together

Duanmu Emerald Legend

Feelings Emerald Culture

Rui Rui Variety

A pineapple, film and television editing

Mo Xi Emerald Culture

Roubao Film and Television

Entertainment Corgi

Simple to watch the drama

Anime Xiao Gold

Variety Detective

Man 997

Ah Ming Emerald Culture

Ruiba Entertainment said

Serious Orange 6H6

Warm you with a happy face

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 11

Oda Editing Jun

Xiaoxin P Shopping Hall

Master of Light Crispy

Fu Gongzi Emerald Culture

Warm heart and cool memories

Douhua watching film and television

Ulawau beep

Emerald Hushe people ah

Orange Babao Rice

Sixth day of the lunar month

Lao Guo Xiangyu Hall

Dedicated to the wilderness

Niu Aifang’s little spring flowers

Monkey Brother Dudu

Xiaoyueyue accompany you a bowl

Cool Mei Kanbao Island

Tianyuan Operating Officer

Yuzhong Chenxing

Deyun Shenxian partner

Adventurer Aho

Dangguan every day

Village vlog

Master Gangsi

Emerald Culture Awei

Rural Girl in Vietnam


Pengpeng funny comic sketch collection

Xuanyuan Jewelry

Daping Business Thinking

Deyun Xiaosheng 1

Come and laugh

CF is called soul school chief

Ordinary little people

Eggs and Eggs Share

Qianyao Zhenbai


Storm and rain all the way to g

Little Wubeliman

Appear in the sky


Tang Xiaoshan Film and Television Editing

Lao Guo comes memories

Kiwi performance

Unblocked lock

Sister Mengmeng talks about

Little Counter

Workers Welfare Society

喵 喵 喵

Dalin Didiha

Classic cross talk forever

Floating Like Dream 5M2D


Deyun Crosstalk Dahui

柒 逗 逗

Mother -in -law is also a mother

Xiaoxin mixed mobile phone photography

Tao Tuyuan Creative Mudman

Can’t look at the comic dialogue

Emerald jade culture inheritance

儿 儿

Creative Creative Mudie

Liu Zhi Supermarket

Wen Run Emerald Culture Heritage

Film and Television Thirteen Fragrance

Little Deer Editing My


Emerald culture

Di Di chatting film and television

Little Snow Popular Film and Television

My name

Captain 28 Captain King loves funny

Qin Daxian Film V V

Has Hyun Jade

Rich emerald culture ah

Sisters survive in the wild

Junling Film and Television

“Ganzu Emerald Hall”

Star camel

Put Longheyi Qingchen

Entertainment Society

Myanmar emerald rough ~

Standard emeralds


Meticulous film and television

Chen Gongzi Emerald Rings

Emerald culture inheritance

Vietnam Jungle Brother

Secretly repair Luo Yingshi

Big Li Brother Emerald Appraisal

Grand Duke’s actual combat emerald

Survival cooking skills

Zimin Ai Ai Drama

Emerald Jewelry Sharing

Moon Shadow Emerald

Series editing

Brother Zhao’s film and television world

Yanxi drama

Mingxuan Culture

Beauty Healthcare Health Ceremony

Braised eggs love to eat meat

Dongge Film Editing 2

Actual Master Fu Gongzi

Police time L

Embroidered Esther

Orange drama

Emerald actual combat family rich son

Grandma of China and Myanmar Emerald


Emerald Lao Yang Knowledge

She likes

Feeling emerald culture

Garden editing

Emotional chat

One -meter movie

Integrity Jade Jewelry Pavilion

Supporting role in life 91N

100 million points of film and television

Ajie can’t fight king

Emerald appraiser Ahui

Wenwen Watch Movies and Television

Taking a photo editing

Emerald sculptor ah Peng

Emerald Culture Beard

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Golden Mao Bingli and Belle


Challenge the wilderness alone

Xuanxuan Emerald Culture


What a few do not eat

Emerald Grandma

Warm oo

Haxuan cultural beard

Acting Master Brother

Emerald practical rich man

Cui Yunxuan Emerald

Huahua CWY

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 9

Lin family emerald jewelry shop 19

Kobe Emerald Culture

Mi Bao Emerald Culture