With the rise of house prices, people will consider the problem of the area of ​​the house when buying a house, and now they are usually young and young, and they rarely live with their parents. In this way, it can avoid different normal living habits, quarrels and other issues that make each other’s feelings better.

The two people’s houses must satisfy their preferences during the decoration, and the space is more romantic. Public areas such as the living room. When decorating, the soft and comfortable double sofa cannot be less. Can meet the needs of the two.

1. The strongness of the skeleton


The quality and practicality of the purchased sofa are good, in fact, it has a lot to do with its skeleton.


When buying a sofa, you can lift the height of 10 cm on one side to see if the sofa will leave the ground. If the sofa is good and the skeleton is strong, the sofa material and skeleton are not well -built.

2. Filling quality

The sofa has fillers to make it comfortable and soft, and

The quantity and quality of the filling will also affect the life of use


Essence You can press the sofa with your hands to see if you can touch the wooden rack on the sofa. If there is this sofa, the filling density is not high, and its elasticity is not particularly good.

This kind of sofa is not only not elastic, but usually


If you use it, you will find that the cloth cover of the sofa is easily worn out


This is because of the lack of filling, not only can sitting feel uncomfortable, but also affects the life of the sofa.

Third, rebate


The elasticity of the sofa is good or not, it looks like its rebound force, good elasticity can make the comfort of the sofa better, and when we choose the sofa


Sit on the sofa when choosing a free landing body, see if people can be bounced more than twice


If it can, it means that the elasticity of the sofa is very good, and it will last longer.

Although this test can detect the elasticity of the sofa, it should not be checked frequently. It will put too much pressure on the skeleton skeleton, which causes damage to the skeleton to affect its normal use effect.

Fourth, detail processing


If you pay attention to these issues, you need to pay attention to these issues.


Notice some of its small details


The supporting pillow can look at the situation of the internal filling and other things. The bottom of the sofa is the most easily ignored. Pay attention to check whether it is done well.

The sofa is somewhat different from other homes, and there are many small places it noticed. Only by checking these details can we ensure that its practicality and functionality become stronger.

Five, sofa surface

The place where we are in the sofa most often are the position of the sofa surface. If

The purchased sofa is a inferior style

, It is not a special specification,

Severe points will cause people to have allergies and other reactions.

When buying a sofa, you can first touch it by hand to see if it will stimulate our skin, and then see if the color of the entire sofa is evenly scattered, whether the processing of the seam position is flat and firm, the fineness of the workmanship, etc. These problems, etc. These problems, etc. You must pay special attention.

The sofa will occupy a relatively large space in the living room, and the comfort of the living room has a lot to do with the badness of the sofa. Therefore, a high -quality sofa can make our lives more comfortable and comfortable. Life becomes more comfortable and romantic.

When preparing to buy a sofa, you must choose it yourself, and check it according to these issues. It is determined that there will be no problem with the sofa you buy. If there are any problems, it can be used by us as evidence to protect our rights better.


Many people will throw this certificate at will after buying something. No matter if there is a problem, no one will be responsible for this matter. It is only themselves that can only be pitted in the end, so this problem must be paid attention to.


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