Recently, Bei Victoria’s life seems to be moisturizing. With almost a few days, the media will have news about her and her family.


Victoria and Beckham danced


First, on December 21, Victoria and her husband Beckham were the 8 -year -old daughter “Little Seven” Harper, and the 14 -year -old youngest son Cruz held a baptism ceremony in the Holy Trinity Church in Chipinonon, England.

Then, after the baptism, Victoria and her husband Beckham hugged and danced at the party held for their daughters and sons.

Soon, on the Christmas day on December 25, Victoria was again Christmas with her husband Bakham, eldest son Brooklyn, second son Romeo, younger son Cruz, and his beloved daughter.

Bei Yan shared their Christmas photos to fans on social media without hesitation.

In one of the photos, the four favorite men in Victoria’s minds, her husband Beckham, the eldest son Brooklyn, the second son Romeo, and the younger son Cruz next to each other, sitting together on the stool in front of the fireplace at home Essence


The four of them were wearing the same pajamas, the upper body was a white T -shirt, and the lower body was red vertical stripe trousers.

But if you take a closer look, you can still find that this pajamas actually have a little special specialty, that is, in the position of their T -shirt left chest, the names of Dad, Rocklin, Romeo, and Cruz are embroidered, respectively. Represents Beckham and his three sons.

I have to say that the face value of these four men is really high, and even wearing pajamas, they still can’t hide their handsomeness.


Although the 44 -year -old Beckham is the oldest among the four men, but in him, he exudes a mature man with a little handsome man.

His three sons also inherited his strong and excellent genes of his and wife Victoria.

Among them, the 20 -year -old son Brooklyn and the 16 -year -old second son Romeo are most like Beckham, and the 14 -year -old son Cruz is the most like mother Victoria.

New members added at home


Recently, there is another new member of Baker Him and Victoria.

It turned out that during this Christmas, Mom Victoria and Dad Beckham also bought a pet dog for the four children at home as a Christmas gift.


For this new family member, the Beckham family apparently liked it very much, and gave it a name called “Sage”. Beckham even showed a picture of dogs on social media.

In one of the photos, the cute daughter Xiao Qi gently kissed the sage, and the wise man also enjoyed it very much. It is estimated that it also likes his new owner very much. In this post, Beckham wrote: “On this Christmas morning, our family welcomed the arrival of the sages.”


In another photo, in the sun, the “sage” lay on the grass, his eyes squinting at the camera.


Beckham also wrote naughty: “Sage, what are you looking at?”

Even Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn, couldn’t help sharing a photo of him holding “Sage” on social media.

In fact, the Beckham’s love for dogs has long been known by the public. It is reported that in addition to the “sages”, they also have a lot of dogs in their family, two of which are just coca, namely Fig and Olive.

On Christmas day, they were also dressed up, wearing red and white, snowflakes and elk patterns embroidered on it, with a Christmas atmosphere.