01 Print chiffon shirt


Print chiffon shirt, the shape of the retro flower, the design of simple atmosphere without losing elegance, the atmospheric and unrestrainedly blended with who a casual laziness, the collar is a small lapel design of the season, the collapse of the season, falling shoulder sleeves, falling shoulder sleeves The thin shoulder effect of the design is very good, thin and fashionable, exuding women’s elegant literary temperament.

02 Fun Sleeve Chiffon Shirt

The new horn sleeve chiffon shirt in summer uses bright silk ticked chiffon fabrics. It feels smooth, has a good feeling, smooth feel, skin -friendly, light and transparent, and people feel elegant and romantic. The sense of small fresh girl immediately showed out.


03 Decoration chiffon shirt on the fungus

Fresh and literary fungus decorative chiffon shirts, the stars are sweet and cute, with colorful galaxy colors, the front of the V -neck ruffled edge of the front placket, the visual is thinner, and it can easily create a small V face and the swan neck. Feeling, full of sweet girlishness.


04 Printing lotus chiffon shirt

Summer new floral ruffled chiffon shirts, the color use is very outstanding, which fully shows the enthusiasm and romance of summer, enthusiastic printing, and can also interpret the bright holiday style, feathering printing elements, as abstract as an oil painting, retro as retro, retro And art, showing the elegant and intellectual temperament of women.


05 Lotus chiffon shirt

这款荷叶边雪纺衫,洁白无瑕的白色,就像夏日里的白云,看着就让人情愉悦,胸前的荷叶边设计,极具时尚感,而且告诉你一个小秘密,它It can make your chest look more plump and gather, it is a very hot chiffon shirt.

06 Retro embroidery chiffon shirt


The small V -neck buckle design of this chiffon shirt has shaped the perfect neck curve, beautiful and sexy, and the retro embroidery craftsmanship, unique and delicate, light pink color is like the color that is diluted by the sunset, romantic, literary and artistic The overall visual sense is elegant and chic.

07 wave dot chiffon shirt

Summer new wave dot chiffon shirt, wave dot element is a durable trend, and will never feel old -fashioned. Very immortal lotus leaf design, fresh and elegant light -colored series, white and lady, upper Panasonic collected The plate design fully highlights the small waist, and the slimness is thin, which interprets the tenderness and romance of French girls.

08 court wind chiffon shirt

In summer, two -piece palace wind chiffon shirts, suspenders and perspective elements, interpretation of women’s low -key sexy, only the design has pinch, lotus leaf edges, and ribbons. This is the representative element of Victorian era. The two different styles of sweetness fully show the elegance and fashion of women.

09 Printing Shoulder Chiffon Shirt

Printing shoulder chiffon shirt is a very popular fashion item in summer. It is reduced and thin, and the exquisite collar design perfectly modifies the beauty of the clavicle, exquisite and three -dimensional. Yellow is the representative color of summer. Color, wearing it is a sweet girl full of sunlight.


10 long -sleeved perspective chiffon shirt

There are still many girls in long -sleeved in summer. The perspective design fabric is comfortable and cool, and it is quite sexy. Black perspective has a sense of intangible temptation. Long sleeves also have a sunscreen effect. It looks more grade, exuding women’s noble and elegant.