Wearing it is never a trivial matter,


The first impression of wearing people is very advanced, but in daily life, most beautiful eyebrows are deep and floating in ordinary wear, and they do not show the charm of dressing.

And in all wearing and matching,

Daily wear

It is the most difficult to wear a sense of fashion, because it is too ordinary and too ordinary. Many times you want to show your own uniqueness, and you have to be regarded as a heterogeneous.

Sense of fashion

Doesn’t it look prominent?

In fact, the sense of fashion is not determined. It can be said to be in line with

Mainstream aesthetic

It can be called fashion wear, but it can be said to be said to be daily fashion wear


Very wide

, Not specifically a single style, so you can try to create daily fashion wear.


In this issue, we are classic


Daily item

Mainly, talk about how to build daily fashion wind wearing. The daily items are not “bad streets”.

High -level sense

Even Mencius was worn. Moreover, Mencius is also beautiful every day. Wearing a pink sweater is so girlish, and it looks sweet.

Daily item range

Daily items refer to our daily life

Common items

It can also be said to be a “bad street” item. If you talk about daily items in autumn and winter seasons, you can first think of sweaters, cotton jackets, etc., followed by coats, lamb wool jackets, and skirts.

The scope of daily items is also very extensive. As long as it is comfortable and common items, it can be called daily items. Therefore, when choosing daily fashion wear,

Don’t be too restrained


How to create daily single products into a sense of fashion

● The dazzling color is even more eye -catching


Different in the color selection of clothing

Too traditional

You can try more bright colors to be more eye -catching. At the same time, it will make you more outstanding in the crowd, but you don’t have to choose a large area of ​​choice


Bright color clothing

It looks too exaggerated.


You can choose the dazzling pink sweater, the red, green, white and black on the chest

Apple print decoration

It can also largely increase the eye -catching effect. And the outer layer is matched with black cotton clothes to increase color system

Bright and dark contrast

, It can show a sense of fashion, and it is more suitable for daily life.

● Create a sense of contrast upper and lower body

Most of the autumn and winter products are bloated

Swelling, heavy,

It is also easy to have a sense of dullness and fat when matching. Therefore, in the daily matching of autumn and winter, the overall effect must be paid more attention to show


Senior fashion,

Then the best contrasting sense of contrast to ensure that at least some can show the slender figure.

For example, the lower body is matched

Tight trousers

A distinctive contrast with the thickness of the upper body can show the slenderness of the figure. At the same time, choosing black with a thin effect can make the legs look more


● clothing fabric clothing is naturally more temperamental

In the choice of daily items, the fabrics of clothing need

Focus on inspections

Essence After all, it is a single product that is often worn. If it is uncomfortable to wear, it will greatly affect your mood, and the whole person looks

Lack of vitality

, Even cheap fabrics look very rustic.

In addition to showing a sense of fashion in autumn and winter,

Keep warm and comfortable

It is also essential, so consider more when choosing clothing. Mencius Yiyan Shooting is also quite advanced,

Pink sweater

It’s so tender, with black cotton clothes warm and advanced.


Different daily items wear demonstration

● Rice white lamb wool jacket

Lamb hair coat won many beautiful eyebrows with its own feel.


Rice white lamb hair jacket

It looks very advanced and fashionable. The medium -length version can also show the line of leg lines well. Simple matching white T -shirt can show the autumn and winter seasons


The lower body is matched with black

Show the slender legs and reduce the thickness of the upper body. Finally with brown canvas shoes to make the overall

Leisure and lazy temperament

Get a better display.

● Light brown knitted sweater

In the daily items of autumn and winter seasons,

Knit cardigan

It also occupies a large area of ​​the wardrobe. The light brown knitted cardigan has the warmth and stability of the autumn and winter seasons. At the same time, it is embellished on the cardigan

Rice white flower accessories

Decoration, adding the sweetness of clothing.


White T -shirt

Show a simple and clean atmosphere, with the pearl necklace to increase tenderness. The lower body is matched with brown irregular

Oblique skirt

, The elegant skirt can effectively weaken

The thick sense of thick, and finally with small white shoes, it can show a sense of fashion and sweetness.

● Two -dimensional wind skirt

The skirt is also a common lower body match in autumn and winter, but it is suitable

Autumn and winter season

The skirts wearing in China are still limited, so we can start with the design of the skirt.


Straight tube

The long skirt uses the black and white match to create the feeling of two -dimensional comic style, which looks even more

Eye -catching

Essence Coupled with the same white coat and

, To unify the overall style, it can show a sense of fashion.



Tight trousers

Knit cardigan

White T -shirt