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Northeast Network December 7 News

(Gao Xin reporter Huo Yanhan) “As long as there are rice, don’t squeeze them into people; as long as there are onions, don’t rush to the market; only oil, the supermarket will not show up …” Early in the morning, Bei’an City City City City City City City City The big horn in the village of Jianhua Village, Erjing Town rang.


Big speaker at the head of Jianhua Village, Eryai Town, Bei’an City

At the end of the year, the customs of “killing the year” in the countryside can easily cause people to gather. Bei’an City conducts the epidemic prevention and control and propaganda through a combination of “online+offline”. The way of qi transmits the concept of epidemic prevention and control to the villagers. “Our people’s food is also finished, stop in the cat winter at home, don’t shake it anymore. Eat it at home, don’t invite you … “In Dongsheng Township, the village cadres handed over to promote the small horn on the road of the villages.

It is reported that Bei’an has installed smart cloud broadcasts in 340 villages and municipal agricultural and forestry ranch this year, making full coverage and no dead ends in the region. Through the “Village and Village” widely and timely publicity, the “last meter line” of the epidemic prevention and control publicity, publicity, and serving the masses will be opened. In addition, the townships in Bei’an also promoted the knowledge of epidemic prevention to the villagers in the area through various channels such as grid staff management mechanism and online epidemic prevention knowledge training, enhance the awareness of safety prevention prevention of all villagers, and ensure that there is no dead end of the “epidemic” line propaganda.

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