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In some excessive eyes in studying, living and work, I have stained myopia when they don’t pay attention, making glasses standard for many friends. However, it is really not cheap with glasses. If you just buy a pair of domestic lenses, you have to have several Grandpa Mao, let alone the lens of the imported brand. Hundreds of hundreds, the weight is directly to four digits. For many friends, this pair of glasses are well matched, and the monthly living expenses are uncomfortable. It is really uncomfortable. Let ’s talk about the experience and online mirror experience of personal mirroring and online mirror in this article.

1. Over the years with mirror experience

When I was in junior high school, learning was relatively simple. Because I didn’t work hard to read books, my vision maintained was great. Even the medical examination for several years was 5.2 vision. After the high school, I spent more time studying books, and gradually began to have myopia. In the second year of high school, I couldn’t see the blackboard even in the seat, which seriously affected the academic performance. Then I was equipped with a pair of glasses shops near the school with a pair of pairs At that time, the vision was 200 degrees and 225 degrees. There was no astigmatism. The resin frame and the lens of the brand did not know what brand of lenses. It took 599 meters to barely support the high school period.

After going to college, I changed the second glasses, the glasses shop at the entrance of the university, which is said to be engaged in activities. Later, I found that it was the kind of marketing activity that was from the end of the year to the end of the year. I do n’t know what brand of lenses. After using it for a week, I found that the frame was painted and rusted, which really stunned me.

After that, the glasses began to match the online lens. Choose the entry -level Daming and Kimmy brands, plus a pair of pure titanium mirror frames, which only costs two or three hundred. It is really cost -effective. At one time, paint or rust will not occur, at most a bit of oil.


2. Comparison of online and offline prices

Compared with the price of physical stores, the price of online mirrors has been relatively transparent, which is much saved than physical stores, but still needs to carefully buy online channels, like the same brand of lenses. Alibaba, there is a big gap in the price.

For example, Mingyue’s entry -level 1.56 non -spherical lens is priced at nearly 300 in Tmall flagship stores. It costs at least 500+ with a pair of glasses, and it is definitely needed an additional 20%of the offline.

The same product is purchased in Alibaba, but the lens only requires 55, plus mirror frames, processing costs, etc., with only 200+ glasses, saving at least half.


Look at another well -known brand depending on the road. The price of Tmall’s house is 500+ pairs, plus a pure titanium frame, which requires nearly 800. For most myopia friends, this price is really the price. It’s not cheap.

If in Alibaba, the same brand and model lenses need only 240 pairs, and a pair of pure titanium frames can be equipped with the same paragraph about 400, which is directly saved by half, compared to offline provinces, provinces offline province Absolutely more.

Under the same quality, it can save more Grandpa Mao to earn it. Is it not fragrant to eat a meal directly?

Seeing this, many friends should no longer wait to understand how to match the online mirror, so let’s talk about the online mirror method that does not step on the pit.

Third, the most complete online mirror process sharing


Step 1: Do your vision examination offline

Do not find a glasses shop to do a free inspection. On the one hand, free unit inspections are likely not to be in place. Only the simplest inspection will be issued. On the other hand, there is no free lunch in the world. Generally, you enter the store. Generally, you enter the store. As long as you ca n’t wipe your face, you will be able to match the mirror in this shop, then it is definitely impossible to run by a store.

It is strongly recommended to choose paid vision check!

For the first choice, if you dare not go to the hospital for examination in this situation, you can consider going to a specialized hospital or a relatively large visual optical center. The price is about 30, you can get a more accurate diagnosis and have a diagnostic report.


Step 2: Understand the optometry report

Various local optometry reports are different. The optometry report of the ophthalmology hospital or optometry center seems to be clearer. For example, this is a report from the optometry test at the ophthalmology hospital before, including basic refractive test results, results judgment, mirror formula, matching, matching Mirror suggestions and other contents are more detailed than ordinary hospital optometry reports.


It should be noted that, a more professional optometry institution, the optical testist will give advice to the mirror according to the visual situation of the glasses of different degrees of glasses. The result is the same. In order to avoid the adaptation of the eye incompatibility caused by excessive correction, the recommended mirror is generally slightly lower than the detected myopia eye.


You only need to submit this mirror prescription to the store, mainly including the four contents of the ball mirror, column mirror, axis position and pupil distance.

There are also friends who go to the hospital for optometry. Some hospitals or institutions’ optometry diagnosis reports are more difficult to understand. Similarly, we only need to understand the corresponding spherical mirrors, column mirrors, axis positions and pupil distances. The shop is finished. Of course, compared the previous reports, it can be found that if the mirror is based on the results of this optometry, the mirror is equivalent to correction to 1.2 degree, and the pre -adaptation time of glasses will be longer.


Step 3: Choose the right lens

Choose lenses mainly in two large directions, one is a brand of lenses, and the other is the refractive index of the lens.

At present, the well -known lenses brands include high -end Zeiss, Haoya, Nikon, and Yiyan Road.

However, even if the price of these brands on the Internet is relatively expensive, there are insufficient budgets to start with the people and some domestic brands, such as Daming, Kimmy, Mingyue, Wanxin and so on.

According to the different refractive indexes of the lens, there can be 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74 and other multiple refractive indexes. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens, and the higher the number of glasses that can be configured. The refractive index is enough.

In addition, the frame does not need to be described, and the whole titanium or TR90 can start with dozens of pieces. In the budget range, choose one of your own favorite! Intersection Intersection Intersection


Step 4: Choose a reliable online shop to start

Danyang and Shenzhen are industrialized in domestic glasses. Both places and their accessories are very mature, so the price is very low. It should be noted that Shenzhen is mainly based on foreign trade, so the most cost -effective is Danyang. In these two areas, you can choose a certified processing power merchant.

1. Yitu Xuan Glasses Factory, Situ Town, Danyang City

Through Alibaba Glasses Power Supplier Certification, SGS In -depth Verification Factory Certification, CCC Certification, ISO9000 Certification, etc.

The main mid -range brands are Kimi and Daming, and high -end brands are also available for sale.


There are also many styles and types of frames. There are retro and fashionable styles, and there are also Schilohua frame.

Frames can be selected all -titanium, TR90, resin, etc.


2. Lao Iron Glasses Commercial Bank of Danyang Development Zone

Through Alibaba Power Merchant Certification, it belongs to a merchant that is processed with glasses lenses and frames.


The main products include the Kimmy U series, the Kangbeit, the dependent road diamond crystal series, and Zeiss Zhirui.

The style of the frame is also richer, and there are many frames that can be selected for the frame with Internet celebrities.


3. Jinan Hengdei Watch Glasses Co., Ltd. Jimo Branch

Alibaba has been in business for 14 years, and has many years of reputation.

Mainly operates a series of lens products such as Kami U series, depending on road membrane rock, depending on the road diamond crystal, Nidek, Zeiss Diamond Cube and other series of lenses.

4. Shenzhen Youwanton Glasses Co., Ltd.


Through Alibaba Power Merchant Certification, online and offline dual -channel physical store brand chain brands.


Mainly operates high -end brands such as Nikon, Zeiss, Hirang, and Yiyou Road, which is more suitable for budgets with ample budgets.


There are also many brands to choose from, including Zeiss, Siber, Xia Meng, Seiko, Lavis and other brands.

The frame style is novel and stylish, with rich styles, and each price is available.


Step 5: Differential lenses are true and false

The most afraid of various products on the Internet is to encounter fake goods, especially custom products such as glasses. It is also related to the health of our eyes. It is also necessary to pay attention. Don’t forget to verify the authenticity of the lens. Here we share your way to distinguish between true and false.

1. The lens’s qi and anti -counterfeiting


Now most of the glasses are equipped with qi and anti -counterfeiting. In the lens, you can see the brand’s English logo on the lens.

Sometimes it may cause the LOGO to disappear after the lens processing, but the probability of this situation is very small.

2. Code official verification


There is an unwritten rule on the online mirror, that is, the package of the lens will be issued with the courier. It can be verified by the anti -counterfeiting QR code or serial number on the packaging. The combination of the two can basically judge the authenticity of the lens.


3. Preventive blue light verification

For lenses with anti -blue light, you can verify the anti -blue light. The blue light lights to the surface of the blue light test card through the lens. After a few minutes, compare the lens to the area where the lens can be penetrated, and you can see if the lens has the effect of anti -blue light.

Step 6: Daily maintenance and cleaning of glasses


With a pair of glasses, you usually accompany yourself for more than a year. It will inevitably stain the flowers during the use process. Here we share some personal daily maintenance experience.

1. Do not wipe the lens with glasses cloth

Glasses cloth, especially the old glasses cloth, as long as it has been used, it will inevitably be stained with small dust particles on the glasses cloth during use. These grains are difficult to find out, but as long as you use the glasses cloth to wipe the lenses, it will definitely be on the lens over time, and it will definitely be on the lens. A variety of fine scratches appear on the top to affect the life of the glasses.


2. The use of detergent cleaning has a wonderful effect


After the glasses are dirty, apply an appropriate amount of detergent to dry and dry it. Pay attention to the use of neutral detergent to avoid corrosion of the lens and frame. The use of detergent cleaning can also have a certain effect of anti -fog and non -gray in a short period of time. It is not necessary to clean it like using glasses cloth. Worried that often cleaning will bring scratches on the lens.

3. Ultrasonic cleansing deeper glasses washing glasses


The glasses have been used for a long time, and a lot of dirty things will be produced at the gap of the frame. The detergent is hand -cleaned for daily cleaning. It is best to wash the stains in the gap. It is best to use the ultrasonic cleaning device. When regular cleaning, add an appropriate amount of detergent to water to clean the effect.



The above is the experience of personal online mirror experience. After watching the friends, don’t forget to like it, collector and follow the three consecutive companies! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

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